Web Development Bootcamp Miami

In-person intensive 8 week course

  • 400+ hours of full-time instruction
  • Work with different technologies including Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3
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What should you expect?

Become a web developer in 8 weeks

Work-ready skill set: learn the basics of html, css and javascript to backend clean coding with git, ruby on rails, mvc and more

Agile management: best way to build and deliver things done in an easy and agile way, from testing to deployment

Final project: apply all your set of new skills and knowledge in order to build a real product and present it at the demo day

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The Game Plan

What you’ll be learning each week.

  • Week 1

    The basics
    Responsive design
    Browser development tools
  • Week 2

    Start coding!
  • Git, Github, Gist
    Intro programming and algorithms
    Coding in Ruby on Rails
    First test spec
  • Week 3

    Clean code
  • Designing web apps and clean code
    Data and relationships with Rails
    Using MVC with Rails
  • Week 4

    The agile way
  • Agile management
    Writing tests
    Forms and gems
    Deployment of the app
  • Week 5

    Javascript time
  • Client Side Javascript
    Integrating common APIs
    Advanced frontend with SASS and HAML
  • Week 6

    Getting serious
  • Monitoring, performance, real stats
    Advanced Ruby on Rails
    Applying caching
    Securing things
  • Week 7 & 8

    The end
  • Advanced Workshops
    Final Project
    Demo Day

Our flexible plans

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The Ironhackers,
our valued teachers

Skilled professionals that provide for you the guidance and support to reach your goals

Get a kick-ass job through our partners

Great developers deserve great opportunities

After the 8 weeks, we’ll set up interviews with top startups and tech employers. During the program we’ll coach you on how to navigate the interview process so that you nail it when you show up for that interview.

If you want to start your own company, we have you covered as well! Our Ironhackers have started dozens of companies and will serve as mentors in those key initial phases.

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