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We sat in interviews after the course during the Hiring Week.

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Where our students are working

Agustín de la Villa

Account Strategist MAD, Oct'13

José María Muñoz

Node JS Developer MAD, Ene'16

Juan Antona

Frontend & UX Developer MAD, Apr'15

Pol Quintana

iOS Developer BCN, Oct'14

Lara Hoya

Junior Developer MAD, Oct'15

Markus Leyendecker

Global Venture Mng. BCN, Aug'15

Marcos Palacios

iOS Jr. Developer BCN, May'15

Benjamin Tarenne

RoR Jr. Developer BCN, Aug'15

Andrew Ettinger

Intern MIA, Jun'15

Ricard Solé

Junior Software Eng. BCN Jul'14

María Bernis

Mobile Developer BCN, Oct'14

Sheonna Harris

Full Stack Developer MIA, Jan'15

Javier Díaz

Interaction Designer MAD, Feb'14

Tatiana Frank

Web Developer Intern MIA, Mar'15

Eduardo Rivera

RoR Developer MAD, Oct'14

Marcos Sorribas

iOS Developer MAD, Jun'14

Luigi Vargas

RoR Developer MAD, Feb'14

William Love

RoR Developer MIA, Mar'15

José Osorno

RoR Developer BCN, Jan'15

Daniel Castillo

Front End Developer MAD, Oct'13

Kaysser Kayyali

iOS Developer MIA, Jun'15

Pablo Thuillier

iOS Developer MAD, Jun'14

Arslaan Hamza

Junior Full Stack BCN, Jul'14

Daniel Cusan

Web Developer MAD, Oct'13

Ignacio Palacios

RoR Developer MAD, Apr'15

Pablo Gutiérrez

Software Developer MAD, Oct'14

Rubén Moya

RoR Developer MAD, Oct'15

Priscilla Rodríguez

RoR Developer MIA, Mar'15