Ironhack MIA becomes Ironhack US to expand your tech bootcamp opportunities 

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You know what they say… New year, new me?

And with 2022 here, we come with new beginnings. We are excited to announce that Ironhack is expanding our remote hybrid immersive courses across the US. We’re expanding our presence further to continue changing lives and helping people build a fulfilling career in tech.

You’ll notice that our social media handles have all been renamed from IronhackMIA to IronhackUS. This will allow us to keep an inclusive community and hub for those taking part in Ironhack from all over the United States.  

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s the power of working and learning from anywhere in the world. At the same time, collaborating and building communities makes us stronger and more resilient. We believe the future of learning is all about combining both with technical skills. Our expansion will cover remote and hybrid programs focused on full-stack web development, UI/UX design, and Data Analytics in new US cities. With this expansion the Ironhack team looks forward to enriching local tech communities and becoming the best coding bootcamp in these new cities (announcement coming soon!).

If you’re wondering which program is for you here are all the details: 

Ironhack Miami - This location is perfect for those located close to campus and looking to take part in in-person immersive bootcamps. Classes will be in person every day out of our US hub in the heart of Miami Tech. Mingle with like minded students and spend time networking and collaborating with our co-working space neighbors.

Ironhack Remote - A fully remote online program where zoom is your virtual classroom. This allows you to take Ironhack from anywhere in the world to become that digital nomad you’ve always dreamed of. Ironhack remote online courses consist of live instruction all from the comfort of wherever you need to be. 

Ironhack Hybrid - Why not have the best of both worlds! Take Ironhack Remote-Live courses while having a dedicated hub in your city. Students will be able to collaborate in a co-working space multiple times throughout the cohort. The goal is to empower you to work together while providing you the community to grow your network, get immersed in the tech scene, and build your tech career

As we expand our coding bootcamp programs to new cities, you will find our emphasis on virtual collaboration as well as meetups with bootcamp graduates, speaker series with tech industry professionals, one-on-one time with our career services team, and much more. This gives us the ability to not only support students but also future employers and tech companies looking to hire local talent and give back to their community. Investing in local communities is key to upskilling and building a talent pipeline that empowers communities. 

Ironhack Miami will always be our flagship US campus. We love this beautiful city that created the blueprints for the future of Ironhack campuses. Rest assured, we will continue to operate in person coding bootcamp cohorts and community events out of our home at 

At Ironhack, our goal is to be one of the most student success driven tech bootcamps at scale. We do this every day by putting our students first in everything we do. 

So, stay tuned for the next Ironhack campus announcement. It might just be in your city! 

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