Ironhack Remote Student Guide : Everything you need to know about our virtual campus

Ironhack remote web dev student guide

We know learning online brings a lot of questions: Will I be able to keep up the pace being at home? Will I finish the course? Will Ironhack be worth it? We know learning online is not easy, but Ironhack’s live remote programs have very little in common with the traditional online courses. How would you feel if you could have all the benefits of an in-person course (the teachers, the classmates, hands on projects, etc.) plus the benefit of being wherever you want to be, every single day? Our Education Team has spent years developing and refining our virtual classroom, and today we want to show you how with this Remote Student Guide!

If you are familiar with our bootcamp programs, you can be sure that Ironhack Remote is nothing but a live-online bootcamp. What you’ll find is a community-driven and collaborative experience for everyone. And like in any other class, you’ll be able to raise your hand, ask questions and collaborate with other students to solve real world tech problems. This experience will help you change careers and turbocharge your current professional trajectory from the comfort of your wherever you want to be.

The Remote Student Guide will guide you through some of the most common asked questions of what it takes to be an Ironhacker. Download the guide to learn….

  1. What is an immersive Bootcamp
  2. What you can plan to learn and achieve within Ironhack
  3. How the application process works
  4. CareerHack : How we’re going to help you get a job
  5. The Ironhack lifestyle
  6. Student reviews 

Ironhack Remote isn’t a typical online class. It’s accountability, community, and mentorship at the highest level from the comfort of your wherever you want to be. We are radically altering the career trajectory of our graduates by providing a world-class remote educational experience, tailored mentorship, and a global network of teammates and alumni! 

Don’t just take our word for it...

“It is one of the best decisions that I have made to date. I enrolled with the intent to further my skills as a developer and put myself in a better position to enter the market as a professional but I walked away with so much more. Everyone is extremely hands on and will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is one that promotes your success.”

Daniel Soraluz - Web Development Full-Time

Find out what it’s like to join our Remote program and become an Ironhack! Download the guide here: 

DOwload the guide

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