The opinions of our Part-time students on our transition to remote learning (part II)

As we informed you a few days ago, the progress of the Covid-19 has forced us to adopt measures to guarantee the safety of our bootcamp and part-time students. Although Ironhack continues to believe in a practical, intensive, in-person and employability-oriented education for our students, we believe that every crisis offers a unique opportunity to pivot, challenge the established and change.

Ironhack_Remote students

For this reason, we have worked against the clock to adapt our courses and bootcamps to a remote virtual methodology that allows us to maintain the quality and standards of our courses, while maintaining the recommendations of the health authorities.

Given the change in our classrooms, we wanted to know the opinion of our part-time students to know how they are adapting to the change:

“Despite this unusual context, I enjoy following the classes remotely. I had to reorganize my apartment into a suitable working space, but it’s nice to be at home. I use two computers and sometimes my TV to see and follow better. The tool that was provided (ZOOM) is amazing, it allows us to alternate between lectures and group work by offering a possibility to create different ‘rooms’.”

Laurène Gbaka, UX/UI Design Part Time, Paris

“I am really enjoying the part-time online course and despite everything, it is easier to fit it remotely and to fit in with the rest of my house / life. This does not mean that you do not want to meet my fellow students, but you have found an optimal solution that continues to maintain the atmosphere and enthusiasm that is perceived in the school. For my part, I always try to look on the bright side of things: I can’t be physically at ironhack, but I can take classes without having to travel the city between work and school.”
Claudia Antonacci, UX/UI Design Part-Time, Barcelona

Thanks to the positive feedback we have received on all our campuses, we have recently launched our new live remote courses to keep building our global community of Ironhackers. Click on the following link to learn more about Ironhack Remote.

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