UX/UI Design Basics: Learn From Anywhere!

Learn new tech skills on the go, try out our masterclasses and start building your career

So, you’re thinking about learning UX/UI Design. Perhaps you’re just looking to pick up some new skills to help your day job, or maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur with dreams of building something for yourself. Or maybe you’re on the outside looking in, imagining what an amazing career in the tech industry might look like.

Going back to college or university to start learning UX/UI Design might sound like overkill- especially when you can pick up new skills anytime, from any place. What better way to spend the summer than Learning From Anywhere?

We’ve picked some of our best online masterclasses in UX/UI Design so you can have a taste of bootcamp life, and get yourself ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We’ve also selected some great beginner resources to help you get started.

Looking for something different? Whether you’re building apps in Bali or studying data from the comfort of your own sofa, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy and get your mind moving. Check out the rest of the Learn From Anywhere series:

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UX/UI Design Basics: The Masterclasses

Grab yourself a coffee (iced, if you’re somewhere tropical) and dive into these beginner masterclasses. Give yourself the full bootcamp experience from the comfort of home or…wherever you are!

UI Design Crash Course with Figma

Figma is a collaborative prototyping tool that helps generate user interfaces in an efficient way. You’ll learn about the basics of this amazing design tool, and apply what you’ve learnt by building a real project!

Make sure you have Figma installed so you can practice and learn by doing. It’s free!

Looking at the Future - What Designers Need to Know

Technology is evolving. Are you ready for it? This webinar walks you through the future of design, with a particular focus on AR/VR, automation, and voice design. Future-proof your career in UX/UI Design!

An Introduction to The Design Thinking Process

Design thinking is a human-centered, iterative process that designers use to understand users, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems. This webinar will introduce you to the design thinking process and show you why it’s so important.

UX/UI Design 101: Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is building a visual representation of your customers’ interactions with your brand. In this webinar we’ll explore this design concept from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and you’ll learn what to keep in mind when applying it, along with best tips.

Build Your First App Prototype With Figma

Figma is a collaborative prototyping tool that helps generate user interfaces in an efficient way. You’ll learn about the basics of this amazing design tool, and apply what you’ve learnt by building your first prototype!

UX/UI Design Basics: Further Reading

Don’t stop now! Your brain is buzzing and hungry for knowledge. Check out these great resources to keep you inspired and keep you learning.

Learn UX/UI Design From Anywhere With A Remote Bootcamp!

These masterclasses are just a taste of what you can get done with Web Development. If there’s nothing that fuels your fire more than learning new skills, and you’re excited about becoming a part of the tech industry, check out our remote UX/UI Design bootcamp

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