What led you to enroll at Ironhack?

I had started a personal project in Germany, where I was living at the time. It was an events platform dedicated to concerts. I started with absolutely no knowledge of programming. I began playing around with basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript - copying code snippets here and there and following all the online tutorials I could find.

So, for approximately two years, I spent my days running back and forth from work to home. Once I got home, I would continue working on the platform and going through tutorials. After a while, I realized that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to learn web development properly, and I didn’t want to spend three or five years doing it, and I wanted to get my hands dirty during the learning process.

Ironhack is said to be intimidating for some prospective students. Was it your case?

Yes. My biggest fear about the bootcamp was that it would be too intense, and whether or not I would be able to keep up with the pace - especially because I came from a very different background and had no programming experience.

So, how was the Ironhack experience for you?

The course was indeed intensive; but that was what I was looking for! One of the best things about the experience was that I never felt alone. We had the TAs and teachers helping us, but most importantly, we had each other as students.

All projects, with the exception of the final one, were done in pairs, so if anyone was ever feeling down or lost, the other one would pull them back up. I still program with many of my former classmates now, even though we might be in different countries or even continents in some cases!

Did you encounter any difficulties with learning during the bootcamp?

Some concepts just need a little extra time for them to click. What I realized during the course was that the point was not so much to learn how to use the new tools (CSS, Git, Ruby), but more about changing the way we think.

What kept you motivated to complete the course?

I was already very motivated from the beginning; you need to be, in order to even consider going to Ironhack. Staying motivated during the course was easy. The things we were doing were really exciting and we all connected really well with each other, so it was a fun experience.

Web Development Bootcamp

What did you do right after graduation, and what were your plans for applying your new skills?

I took a well-deserved, one-week vacation, then after that I continued applying the things I had learned and started looking at other technologies that I had heard about during my stay in Barcelona but had not yet played around with, like node.js.

Darío Cavanillas

What are you up to now?

I am doing an internship at a digital production company in Amsterdam. I get to collaborate on real and exciting projects with very well known clients. In the project that I’m currently involved in, I’m using something called Leap Motion, which is really fun!

What are the first steps you’d recommend to anybody who wants to learn to code?

I would totally recommend doing the online tutorials that can be found for free on the internet. They are not perfect, and be careful because they can sometimes give you a false sense of accomplishment, but they are great way to get you started.

Why would you recommend Ironhack over other similar learning programs?

I think programs like Ironhack are great because they respond to a need, and they adapt to change in a way traditional education has not been able to. In my case, I was deeply motivated to learn web development, but I didn’t want to spend the next few years on a course.

I would recommend Ironhack to anyone who is really motivated and has made a real decision to learn how to program, and to learn fast! I would especially recommend it to anyone interested in not only learning some tools, but submerging themselves in the whole philosophy of programming. Things like clean code, test-driven development and pair-programming among many other concepts are very difficult to learn if they aren’t learnt by doing.

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