What brought you to study at Ironhack?

I was looking to learn how to develop applications for iOS devices. I spent years working as a front-end web developer but never thought about learning iOS programming.

I remember it was a friend who recommended me Ironhack. I visited their website to see what this all was about. By then, I did not know yet this teaching methodology (intensive bootcamp) was available to developers. Ironhack was the first school of this kind I heard about and its philosophy fitted well with mine.

Which were your main motivations during the Bootcamp?

What really motivated me was that I love making interfaces with which users interact, interfaces with a specific purpose, and what better than a mobile phone, a tactile and very very personal device, to create such an experience. So, when I saw at the end of a more structured learning at Ironhack the students had the opportunity to design and develop an app individually during the last two weeks, I found myself going ahead.

What's the best thing of the Ironhack experience?

The best Ironhack's feature is it has a lot of good features actually. Yes, you'll learn a lot, but you can guide it wherever you want to, either in the context of a job or as an entrepreneur, or whatever you want to do.

iOS Bootcamp for Developers

What did you do immediately after the Ironhack's Bootcamp?

I thought about moving to the UK, but Upclose (the company I currently work in) contacted me at the Bootcamp's end and before I could even start looking for a job. I liked the project and the offer so I accepted.

Gorka Magaña

Who would you recommend to start a Bootcamp?

I recommend the iOS bootcamp to anyone who understands the meaning of the following concepts: code and platform. Those are a big part of the structure on which everything else is built in iOS, so on that basis I think this bootcamp is a great option.

Definitely I recommend this kind of program to those who have real interest in learning to code and who want to build good quality products in a platform with so much potential as iOS.

Would you like to continue?

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