What led you to enroll and come from Berlin to study at Ironhack?

I always found it hard to get exactly the kind of education I needed -- even when I started my studies in 2004. Society, Science, Tech and the world in general are changing so fast, that it’s nearly impossible for universities to react accordingly, so I kind of put together my own degree over the years.

I always wanted to do scientific visualization, and worked in the greater field of infographics for several years. I realized during that time, that I couldn’t get around coding my charts. Learning to code autodidactic is possible, but not exactly my style; I like to ask questions to actual people, and I did just that -- big time-- during Ironhack.

Did you have any difficulties with learning during the Bootcamp, and (if so) how did you get over them?

My only difficulties were my swollen eyes in the morning; I was so excited to learn about everything and glad to be able to learn, that I could hardly sleep at night. I sometimes would wake up at 6 in the morning to read about the things we had done the previous day.

So, I found the main difficulty to be my physical limitations. Of course, one tends to get less alert over time with too little sleep. The breakthrough for me came when a very friendly classmate told me that 6 coffees a day is too many! After that, I reduced the caffeine intake dramatically.

Overall, how did you find the experience?

It was a great idea for me, personally- I actually started bothering all my friends to learn to code after the bootcamp!

What sort of things kept you motivated during your time at Ironhack?

Without a doubt, becoming a tight-knit group with my classmates, supporting each other, the group dynamics, and the pair programming!

How did being at Ironhack help you advance your career in data visualization/ UX?

Ironhack provided me with a “quality certificate” signaling employers I that have strong foundations as software engineer and that I could learn the things needed in my Datavis role. I still have a lot to learn, but this is the proven official start.

Also, intellisense.io, the startup I am working at now already employed 2 other Ironhackers (Ironhack alumni) before me so I guess that helped as well!

Web Development Bootcamp

What would you say are the initial steps for somebody who wants to learn to code?

Mostly, losing the fear of seeing terrible amounts of code. On some days during the course, I felt like it’s not about understand it all, and more about getting used to the idea that there’s a system behind it; that there’s a reason, and I can understand it if I want to. For example, as a total beginner, the file structure of a Rails App freaked me out in the beginning. I thought “Wow, somebody took their time and put these files in order!”

Karolin Siebert

How useful could learning to code be for people interested in other fields such as design, entrepreneurship or marketing?

I don’t believe in the idea of someone telling you that learning to code is good for your career and because of that, you’d do it. You have to know why and what you want to do with it. Otherwise, you’re not going to have enough drive or patience for the course; and this patience has to continue after the course. Another good side-effect, is that even in my previous fields of work, I’ve improved due to my new, more structured way of working. Coding provides you with a whole different way of thinking and a new approach to solving problems that can affect other fields positively!

Who would you recommend the Ironhack bootcamp to/for?

I would definetely recommend it to people that are obsessed with the idea of learning to code for a good reason.

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