What led to you to enroll in Ironhack?

I remember reading about Ironhack on a blog. I was already subscribed to another online programming course run by a company in Valencia. However, the experience wasn’t as great because I felt the teachers were not invested in how much I actually learned, for example

I was also busy with work at the time and had other things going on. So, at the time, it felt like the only way to learn was to go to Madrid, spend time in a classroom with other learners and with teachers who actually work in the tech industry.

I attended the iOS bootcamp because it was one of the few technologies that, at the time, I didn’t have much experience in; I thought it would be really cool to learn it. After deciding that it was the best option for me in terms of the course structure, content, and teaching style, I applied to Ironhack. Thankfully, I was accepted into the course and I was off to Madrid.

Did you have any concerns before starting the course?

“At the time, I wanted to be sure that there were going to be career opportunities for me after the course. After seeing what Ironhack had to offer, I decided it was a good option.

How were you reassured?

I wrote to Ironhack before the course to ask exactly which teachers would be leading the course. When they told me some of the names, I recognized them, and knew that it would be very interesting. When I saw the curriculum, I felt the same way.

I liked the intensity of the learning: two months of it, every day. I like that way of learning; it really suits me. The first week was especially intensive because we needed to learn all of the fundamentals, but I felt like the teacher knew a lot about the materials. This is when I thought “OK, this isn’t going to be easy, but I feel excited about that!”

Did you encounter any difficulties in learning during the Bootcamp?

The iOS bootcamp is not a trivial course; the concepts can be difficult to pick up straight away. Having said that, I really liked the fact that, even though we had to learn a lot, we also had a lot of time to practice that knowledge. We spent a lot of time on practical projects, both in the classroom and at home.

What else kept you motivated to complete the course?

Knowing that I was studying and learning a skill that was (and still is) in particularly high demand here in Spain was great motivation for me. Right now, iOS development – especially for national corporations – is a very much desired skill.

iOS Bootcamp for Developers

What did you do right after bootcamp, and what were your plans for applying your new skills?

I had already decided that I wanted to change my career and, two weeks before the end of the course, I was due to start work with another company. My Ironhack experience was key to that.

In my case, I received an offer from my current company just two weeks before the end of the course. I had to work a few days in my new role as part of the induction process.

I knew of them before the course, and they knew of me! They had been looking for a Scala developer and were interested in the fact that I was going to learn iOS development.

During the bootcamp, I’d forward them projects I’d been working on. My profile began to become more and more interesting to them and eventually, they offered me a job. The first thing I did after my time at Ironhack was to come back to Cadiz and start work.

Rafael Paradela

Why would you recommend Ironhack over other similar learning programs?

Although it’s a new learning model, I think they’ve found a great teaching philosophy very quickly. The way that the Ironhack team was always looking for feedback from us – the students – about how the course was going was fantastic. When any of us had an issue, they would always do their best to improve things. Also, I think that career opportunities like the one I got during my time there aren’t very common, so it is great in that sense too.

Would you like to continue?

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