As an experienced and well-educated entrepreneur, what led you to enroll with Ironhack?

I signed up for Ironhack not because I wanted to become a developer, but because I just wanted to be the best I could possibly be at what I do.

I’ve been involved in digital startups for the past few years now and, working in the sector, you inevitably get the opportunity to do a lot of product-related work.

In my case, I had the feeling that I was lacking the appropriate level of knowledge to execute product-related projects to a high level. That’s how I ended up joining the web development bootcamp.

How did you hear about the bootcamp?

I would say that about 80% of it was via a referral from a friend who was in a similar situation and was considering joining Ironhack. Additionally, I had previously searched for coding bootcamps in Spain and Ironhack seemed to be the best option.

Did you have any concerns before joining the bootcamp?

I had spoken with people who had already been through the bootcamps before, and the feedback I received was very positive, so I wasn’t too concerned about it at all. I was expecting it to be very good, and it was.

Did you encounter any difficulties or challenges in your learning?

The bootcamp is quite challenging intellectually, especially for somebody without any kind of technical background. Having said that, it’s absolutely possible to do well if you apply the right amount of effort. Another important factor to succeeding in this bootcamp is completing the ‘pre-work’ exercises; these are exercises and study materials assigned to students a few weeks prior to starting the bootcamp.

What kept you motivated during the bootcamp/what were your main motivations?

For me, learning itself is very exciting, especially when you like what you’re learning. I discovered that I like programming more than I thought, so I was simply enjoying the process of learning something new.

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Since graduating from Ironhack, you’ve built two exciting digital products. Could you talk a little bit about them?

Actually, I’ve created three digital products to date. The first is called jobartis ( It’s based in Angola, and it’s essentially a job board, similar to Monster. I actually started this project prior to enrolling at Ironhack, and it was my first time getting involved with both front and back-end codng. I’m still involved, but nowadays my role is mainly that of a founder and not so much in the day-to-day running of things.

The second project is called ePolitic ( It’s a bit like LinkedIn for politicians, and was actually created as my final project for the Ironhack bootcamp. I built the whole thing from scratch.

The final project is something that I have been working on for the past four months now; it’s a recommendation platform for books and movies called Gemfeed ( Again, I built the whole thing: the front-end, back-end- the whole lot. I also put together a team to run it, and there are three of us working on it now.

Xavier Vicuña

Is it also true that you’ve taken on some Ironhack students?

Yes, the whole team is comprised of Ironhackers! The average level of ability in Ironhack students and alumni is above what I have seen in my previous years working in startups.

Ironhack students may not generally be senior-level developers, but they have a strong passion for programming and an overall excellent level of ability.

Do you have any plans to collaborate with Ironhack in the future?

If I’m invited to do so, I’ll be more than glad to. I recently gave a talk there myself where I spoke about my personal experience and people seemed to like it, so, who knows? Maybe I’ll do something like that again in the future.

What are the first steps you’d recommend to anybody who wants to learn to code?

I would say you should definitely go through a bootcamp. I personally wouldn’t waste my time learning on my own. Obviously it’s a bit more of a financial investment. It’s not free, but it is totally worth the money. What you learn in those two months equals what you would learn on your own in maybe six months or more.

Why would you recommend Ironhack over other similar learning programs?

It’s difficult to compare Ironhack with other bootcamp programs because I haven’t been to any others, but what I can say is that I’m very satisfied with what I got from my Ironhack experience.

The other thing is that, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t anything too similar around right now, at least not in Spain. As I say, I’m very happy with the programming knowledge I gained through Ironhack’s bootcamp and would definitely recommend it to anybody looking to learn how to code.

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