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What better way to learn about the Ironhack experience than to hear from those who have already lived it

Alumni Testimonials

Each Ironhack student has a unique story to share.

Andrew Ettinger

Product Hunt, United States

I decided to get ahead of this curve before I’m 35 years old and a computer replaces my job and yours.

Web Development Bootcamp


Anais Engelmajer

EveryMundo, United States

Which was the best part of the experience? The people. The community that Ironhack creates was the best part.

Web Development Bootcamp


Gorka Magaña

Upclose, Madrid

I spent years working as a front-end web developer but never thought about learning iOS programming.

iOS Development Full-Time


Ricard Sole Casas

Xing, Barcelona

One of the most positive things I experienced at Ironhack was seeing how other people learn and program.

Web Development Bootcamp


Karolin Siebert

Intellisense.io, Barcelona

Society, Science, Tech and the world in general are changing so fast, that it’s nearly impossible for universities to react accordingly.

Web Development Bootcamp


Dario Cavanillas

Rocket Science St, Amsterdam

My biggest fear about the bootcamp was that it would be too intense, and whether or not I would be able to keep up - especially because I came from a very different background and had no programming experience.

Web Development Bootcamp


Rafael Paradela

47 Degrees, Cadiz

After making sure that this course was the best option for me in terms of structure, content and style of teaching, I applied to Ironhack.

iOS Development Bootcamp


Cat Burston


I thought maybe web development or software development would be the way to go and, in the end, I found Ironhack!

Web Development Bootcamp


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What our students have built

Here are examples of final projects our students have built upon graduation from the web development course.

Web Development Bootcamp
Madrid, Spain


Borja García de Vinuesa

Find your next book, movie or TV series thanks to influencers recommendations.

Web Development Bootcamp
Madrid, Spain


Helio Alejandro Domínguez

If Big Data is what you really like, with CrowdCrafting you can collaborate on projects analyzing data.

Web Development Bootcamp
Barcelona, Spain


Baptiste Brassart

OwnTheSpot.TV is a website created by skateboarders for skateboarders. Users can submit their Instagram videos and then vote for the best clips.

Web Development Bootcamp
Miami, USA


Faraz Patankar

TurfSurf is a platform for users to instantly create or join soccer matches in their city. When looking for a game to join, users can browse all available games in the city and send a request to join one or host one.