UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Learn UX Design in 9 weeks, Full-Time

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9 Weeks, Full-Time

Monday to Friday
9:00 - 18:00

Industry Professionals

Learn UX design from experienced instructors who do it for a living

Hands-on Projects

Learn by building projects every week. No more boring lectures

Ironhack Community

Network & connect with other professionals in the community

Land a job

Launch your new career in UX Design through Ironhack career services

Who is it for?

  • Career in UX/UI Design

    Make a switch into one of the hottest and most upcoming careers. UX is becoming an important role in every customer focused company.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Design and gather valuable user feedback through high fidelity prototypes for your idea before building an MVP.

  • Professional development

    Individuals such as product managers, working in non-programming roles in companies with a heavy focus on digital products.

  • Web/Mobile Developers

    Compliment your programming skills. Learn to design captivating user experiences before jumping into code.

Course Syllabus - Full Stack Design

User Research

Students will be introduced to Design Thinking and User-Centered Design (UCD) framework. The first module of the course will focus on the importance of market/design research and the process of organizing the information into logical user flows.

Rapid Prototyping

In this module, Students will learn to articulate design ideas through sketches, wireframes and interactive prototypes using industry standard design principles. Students will gain hands-on experience using tools including Sketch, Balsamiq and InVision.

User Testing & Refining

In the final module of the course, students will learn to use modern testing frameworks and continually refine designs based on user data. The module will end with final considerations for the development phase of the designs with developers and other stakeholders.

Front-End Web Development

In this module, students will learn to take their designs a step further through rapid prototyping using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Students will also be introduced to front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

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Course Structure

Week 1

Week 2-3

Week 4-5

Week 6-7

Week 8-9

Week 1

Week one will begin with an introduction to the field of UX Design including responsibilities, deliverables and various roles within the profession. Students will then learn UX design principles, methods and processes used to solve business problems. The week will end with an introduction to User Centered Design (UCD) and its use within UX Design.

Week 2-3

Weeks 2-3 will begin with a structured dive into Market & Design Research. Students will learn User Research methods and combine them with business/user requirements to create User Personas. Students will also be introduced to low fidelity sketching techniques as part of the research phase. The weeks will end with an introduction to Information Architecture (IA) principles and its role in creating Hierarchy, Navigation and User/Task Flows.

Week 4-5

During weeks 4-5, students will be introduced to Interaction (IxD), User Interface (UI) & Visual Design. The week will start with a dive into IxD Principles including Material Design by Google. Students will then learn UI Design elements, patterns and frameworks including Bootstrap, followed by Visual Design principles. The weeks will end with hands-on experience with wireframing and prototyping (for web/mobile) using a wide variety of tools including Balsamiq, Sketch, Omnigraffle, Axure and InVision.

Week 6-7

Weeks 6-7 will focus on the importance of Usability and User Testing frameworks. Students will learn how to recruit users to conduct tests at different stages of the design process including Heuristic Evaluations. Students will then be introduced to convergence and multi-platform experiences. The weeks will end with Experience Mapping and learning to create Customer/User Journeys.

Week 8-9

The final weeks will focus on rapid Web Prototyping, Development Handoff, UX Design team structures and UX Careers. Students will get a quick introduction to Front End Web Development using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Students will then learn to create UI Libraries & Specs Sheets for the development team. Finally, career week will begin with resume, portfolio and interview preparation. The week/course will end with UX project pitches and presentations during demo day. Students will be introduced to Ironhack partner companies for interviews following the course.

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Coffee and Design

Fill up your coffee cup, we start the day with energy. In the morning you will learn new concepts.


We have ten minutes to get some fresh air, have some coffee and relax before continuing.

Let's keep learning!

To face the afternoon exercise without too many obstacles, you still have some theory to learn.


This is time to recharge your mind... and your stomach! There are plenty of amazing lunch joints near our campuses.

Group project

You will get the opportunity to work in an exercise with a classmate. Teachers and assistants will be in the classroom to help you.

Daily exercise

We give you an exercise to work at your own pace and go deeper into the morning theory. You will always have teachers and assistants to help you.

Extra time/Events

Immerse yourself in events like meetups, networking sessions and workshops with the guest speakers. This is also the time to catch up on a class work or hack on a project.

Tuition & Upcoming Cohorts

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10-Oct - 09-Dec
in Spanish
Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
6.500 €
16-Jan - 17-Mar
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Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
6.500 €
24-Oct - 23-Dec
in English
Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
6.500 €
16-Jan - 17-Mar
in English
Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
6.500 €
10-Oct - 09-Dec
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Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
$ 10,000
16-Jan - 17-Mar
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Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 18:00
$ 10,000

Financial options

Need payment assistance? Our financing options make it easy for you to pay in installments and focus on your goals instead of worrying about financial barriers. Get more information here.


Our courses fill up fast. In order to secure a spot, we require an upfront deposit due upon acceptance into the course. Deposit amount:  750€$1,000


Here are some of the questions we’re frequently asked about learn ux design or learn ui design in our ux design courses.

  • What’s the relevance of learning UX/UI Design? +

    Our interaction with digital screens has increased exponentially over the past decade. Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Uber and AirBnB have become a daily part of people’s lives. All these apps have UX/UI Design at the core of the development process. Building a digital product without UX/UI Design is like building a house without a blueprint. Structurally the house may be great, but without the other components such as floor plan, and interior design, it's pretty much useless. The field of UX/UI is also growing rapidly. There’s never been a better time to become a designer. Take a look at our comprehensive blog post here.

  • Do I need any prior design experience or a design portfolio? +

    If you do have prior design experience, kudos! However, prior experience is not a requirement for admission to this course. That being said, what we do look for are good interpersonal skills. A great UX/UI Designer is a good listener, empathizer and communicator. Soft skills are critical; a designer who cannot work with others will not be able to bring his or her user empathy to solving the difficult, technical solutions for a product.

  • Can’t I just learn all this online? +

    It’s possible. However, for most of us, learning without proper mentorship, support and guidance can be difficult and demotivating. In fact, most of our students have tried self-study first but have realized it wasn’t the right path for them. With the resources, teachers, and peers that Ironhack provides, we’re confident that you’ll have all the tools necessary to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals!

  • Will I be able to get a job as a UX/UI Designer after the course? +

    Of course! The amount of effort you put into the course will directly translate to a job. This course ends with career week where students will have the opportunity to create/edit UX/UI Design focused resumes & portfolios. Students will then go through mock interviews before being connected with Ironhack partner companies looking for design talent.

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