Inside Cabify – Our alumni experience

At Ironhack, we like to interview career professionals in order to bring our audience real industry insight. This time we decided not to reach out to a professional or company directly, but instead we went to visit some of our former students at their new jobs to hear about their experiences first hand.


We spoke to Rafa and Lara, Ironhack alumni from the October 2015 Web Development bootcamp. They’re both working at Cabify, a chauffeur service app, so we went to visit their offices, meet the development team and hear about their journey.

We talked about everything; their beginnings in architecture and physics, going through countless different jobs, how they found Ironhack, what they’re doing now and facing adversity throughout the bootcamp. Our goal is for all Ironhack students, past and present, to feel identified and inspired to face one of the biggest challenges they’ll have at hand: our bootcamp.
It’s not an interview. It’s a conversation between #Ironhackers. Enjoy!

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