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Ready to change your career and your life? Ironhack is a global Tech School with campuses in Europe, North America and South America, as well as remote programs. Through our immersive technology bootcamps and courses, we’ve helped 8,000+ students around the world to write their life stories. Find out more or apply now.

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Why Ironhack?

Ironhack was founded to disrupt the way we learn about technology and to empower students from around the world to find meaningful careers in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. We do this by offering immersive, outcomes-driven bootcamps that equip you with the hard skills you need to get things done from day one.

You can choose to study full-time over the course of 9 weeks or part-time over the course of 24 weeks, during which you’ll work on real-world projects, get career guidance from experienced teachers and connect with our global community of over 8,000 students. And while passion and a drive to succeed are mandatory, previous experience in your field of choice isn’t. So, no matter who you are or what your background is, everyone can write their story with an Ironhack bootcamp.

We’ve graduated more than +10,000 students from +70 nationalities in 10 campus worldwide. We’ve also partnered with +300 companies to employ our students. We’ll help you achieve your goals.

Top tech companies hire Ironhackers

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Sailing into a new career in UX/UI

When faced with the choice between coding or design, Sofia opted for a unique solution – she did both! Having successfully completed our Web Development and UX/UI Design bootcamps, Sofia now uses her skills to navigate her way to success as a Content Producer & UX Strategist at Royal Caribbean Cruises.

From restaurant manager to Web Developer

Having worked his way up from a dishwasher to a restaurant manager, Josh decided it was time to turn the page on his career and try something new. After researching his options, he chose to join our Web Development bootcamp. Now, when he’s not mentoring students, he’s our resident TA in Miami and works as a freelance web-developer.

Coding her way from Madrid to Silicon Valley

When Madrid native, Marta, read about Ironhack’s Web Development bootcamp, she said it was ‘love at first sight’. Since completing her course, we’re pleased to report that the love is still alive and well! Marta now co-owns her own Silicon Valley start-up, Mindly, and is looking forward to seeing where her skills take her next.

Your career, your story, your choice
Web Development
UX/UI Design
Where your passion for technology and design combine! Learn the basics of design thinking, interaction design, and state-of-the-art design tools such as Figma and Sketch. You’ll be introduced to HTML and CSS, as well as the fundamentals of user research, prototyping and user testing to create engaging and scalable user experiences.
Data analytics
There’s a world of opportunity to be found in big data. Learn how to find, clean, process and analyse data – and bring it to life through visualization and storytelling techniques, using Tableau. We’ll also teach you about APIs and web-scraping, the fundamentals of machine-learning, and how to use Git, SQL and Python.
Secure your future with a career in Cybersecurity. Learn about OS, malware, ethical hacking and risk analysis in order to better understand and identify cyber threats in today’s world. You’ll be taught how to build a security program, use cyber-forensic methodologies, prevent Cyber Attacks and so much more.

Not just a bootcamp, the best bootcamp


On more than 2000 reviews in Switchup & Coursereport

“During the course, I found out my passion for data visualization. The teachers helped and supported me to follow this path within this area and today, less than 1 month after completing the course, I received my first job offer at Data Viz.”

Cinthya Langue Blois

Power BI Junior Consultant | Data Analytics 2020

“Ironhack provided me with more than enough guidance and resources to accomplish my goal of landing a job and making a complete career change.”

Michael Moyers

Product Designer | UX/UI Design 2020

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Study 9 weeks full-time, or 24 weeks part-time and let’s start writing your story!

Here’s the process: 01 Apply online, 02 Personal interview, 03 Technical assessment, 04 Deposit and prework and 05 Coursework begins!

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On more than 2000 reviews in Switchup & Coursereport

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