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All our courses include

Career Services program

We help you identify your ideal outcome, and reach it as fast as possible.

Multiple payment options

Different options available to make the tuition not a blocker to start your new career.

Course Information

Your path to a new cybersecurity career


Online Prework

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Remote Prework

Remote Prework

Before you become an official student, you will be given 20 hours of online learning material. This pre-work will familiarize you with what a computer is, how operating systems work, and what networks are. This knowledge will get you ready for learning Cybersecurity and prepared to thrive in our fast-paced learning process during the bootcamp.

Want to learn more about Ironhack and our Cybersecurity bootcamp in Lisbon before applying?

Career Services

Careerhack: Ironhack's Career Services

A Proven Methodology

Careerhack is Ironhack's Career Services program. It's designed to help Ironhackers identify their ideal outcome, and reach it as fast as possible. We've helped thousands of students land their dream job in tech. Discover how we will help you!

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Our financing options at Ironhack

Do you need help with the payment? Our financing options help you find the support you need so you can focus on your career and developing new skills.

Pay in installments

The perfect option for those who don’t want to take a loan but pay in smaller installments.
You can pay straight to Ironhack in 3 monthly instalments (full-time course) or in 6 monthly instalments (part-time course) without any additional charges nor interest involved

Flexible payment with Ironhack

Skills Fund

Are you a U.S. citizen studying at Ironhack Lisbon? Fund your tuition and living expenses with the Skills Fund! Through their online application process, you can customize the financial package that best fits your needs.


Quotanda is on a mission to democratize education access. This is why you can get their student-friendly loans as an international Ironhacker. Finance your studies at Ironhack through their easy-to-use online application and approval process.

Chancen EG

German students can study at Ironhack Lisbon and have their tuition covered by CHANCEN EG. They pay back only a percentage their your income once they’ve started working your dream job.

For German students in Lisbon

Income Share Agreement - Fundação José Neves

Financing option for students over 18 years old with a Portuguese Citizenship Card. Valid for: Full time Web Development and Data Analytics Bootcamp

Start paying only when you get a job!

Application process for the Cybersecurity courses in Lisbon


Apply online

Apply to the Cybersecurity course that is best for you.

Personal interview

Our admissions team at Ironhack Lisbon will contact you to schedule a personal interview and make sure that we can help you meet your goals in Cybersecurity.

Technical assessment

After the personal interview, you will need to pass a Cybersecurity technical assessment to show that you are ready for our fast-paced learning environment.

Deposit and prework

Once you have completed the technical assessment and paid the deposit, you will be granted access to the prework. The prework is fundamental to the Cybersecurity program, and you must complete it before starting the course in Lisbon.

The course begins

Once you have completed the prework for at Ironhack , you will be ready to begin learning!
Course Information

A typical day at Ironhack Lisbon

The day begins with a lecture and demonstration from the Lead Teacher, who is a cyber security expert. Once the lecture and demonstration is complete, students will spend the remainder of the class working through the material in the LMS (Learning Management System) with the help and support of TAs and fellow students. The LMS material is dynamic, hands-on and enaging. Each day will be a little different and full of practical challenges. There are videos, quizzes, games, and simulations in which they will learn to hack and defend real Linux and Windows systems.

Why should you study Cybersecurity in Lisbon

Lisbon's Rising Tech SceneLisbon's tech and start-up scene is on the rise and its IT industry is expanding rapidly - so much so, that Lisbon has been referred to as the "California of Europe". This makes it a great hub to visit for anyone who is considering branching out into a career in tech or cybersecurity. Couple this with sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and a low cost of living, and it pretty much answers the question, "Why should you study a Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Lisbon?".
Regular Cybersecurity ConferencesWith a rise in start-ups, tech companies, and digital expansion, it comes a sharp increase in the activity around cybersecurity. Over the last couple of years, Lisbon has hosted a multitude of cybersecurity conferences such as the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART), which took place there in February 2021, as well as the European Security Conference (July 2020), and Portugal's annual C-Days Cybersecurity Summit, which was last held in Lisbon in October 2020. The latter event takes place each year. Attending events like these is a great way to make contacts in the field and learn about the latest updates in the cybersecurity industry.
A Growing Number of Start-Ups in LisbonAside from being one of Europe's hottest tech hubs, Lisbon is a city that celebrates creativity and entrepreneurship. This is reflected in the sheer number of start-ups that have been founded or relocated there. Tech start-ups list reasons such as finding great talent to work with, strong interest from international investors, and a booming high-tech scene among the reasons for basing themselves there. Lisbon attracts a lot of people with digital talent, making it a great place to learn about the industry and the types of companies that may require cybersecurity expertise, whether now or in the future.
Low Cost of Living for Students and ProfessionalsLisbon remains one of Europe's more affordable cities and this makes it very attractive for many students and professionals. Inexpensive, delicious food and beer, plus accommodation that is much more affordable than in other cities, make Lisbon a great place to live, study, or spend a summer. Affordability is among the many reasons studying Cybersecurity in Lisbon is a great choice.

What sets Lisbon apart?

Lisbon, “The California of Europe,” stands as one of Europe’s major hubs for finance, media, entertainment, commerce, the arts and international trade. Not only is Lisbon host to a booming tech scene, but also a continually affordable cost of living, sublime weather and beaches, and numerous culinary and natural wonders.
This perfect combination of commerce, culture and comfort has attracted a new wave of digital nomads and tech workers. The city welcomes newcomers with open arms. However, this isn’t at the expense of the local culture, as Lisbon’s traditional foods, arts and historical neighborhoods remain well-established.

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We are committed to helping you start your career in tech. Our financing options range from traditional loans to pay-for-success models so you can choose the option that best fits your needs. Simply get in touch with our admissions team and they will give you more information about the available options.

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