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Learn Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity at Ironhack Barcelona. Study near the sea and in one of the most incredible technology hubs in Europe.

Ironhack Barcelona

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Located in Poblenou, a few blocks from the beach, Ironhack Barcelona is in the heart of the 22@ District, the focus of startups in Barcelona. Our tech school is surrounded by the best innovative companies, a great gastronomy and the best socio-cultural life in the city.

Upcoming Bootcamps in Barcelona

These cohorts are starting soon! Apply fast to start your Ironhack journey.

  • Banco Sabadell allows you to finance the course through a loan of up to 24 months with a 0% interest rate.

  • Who is it for? European and International students admitted into one of Ironhack’s campuses.

    What is it? Pay as you learn, spreading your payments out over up to 24 months, with a certain amount of your bootcamp financed by Quotanda.

    Who is eligible? Quotanda will evaluate your application and perform a credit check to make sure you qualify for and can repay the payment plan

  • Fundación ONCE provides individual training scholarships for students with disabilities within the framework of the Digital. The scholarship can finance up to 70% of the cost of the course, Ironhack finances another 10% and the remaining 20% is financed by the student.

  • What is it? Income Sharing Agreement. They take care of your tuition payment, and you will only need to repay the money once you start working. You will have to pay a small percentage of your salary to repay the debt.

    Who is eligible? Spanish residents.

Ironhackers now work in:

Our bootcamp graduates are soon hired as Software Engineers, Product Managers, Front End, Back End Developers, UX Designers, Data Analysts, and in Cybersecurity departments. They are hired by big companies and startups all over the world. We make sure our alumni learn the most popular and latest technologies to develop their career in tech.

Breaking into Tech the Ironhack Way

Why choose a career in tech? Easy! Tech is everywhere, and job opportunities aren't just limited to Silicon Valley or the behemouth global corporations that seem to power everything we do online. Every single industry uses tech in one way or another. This means that tech skills are always in demand, creating a world of opportunities. It's also exciting, with new innovations around every corner. Solve the problems that matter most, and have fun doing it.

Your bootcamp is your key to unlocking this brilliant new career path. In as little as 9 weeks we can show you how to transform what you already know, and teach you the must-have skills for landing your next role. This gets you out in the talent pool and ready to get hired as soon as possible, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can change your life. But you won't be alone. Along with your fellow Ironhackers you'll get our expert Career Advisor, helping you visualize your dream job and setting you up for success in interviews. And once you've landed your new role, you'll still be part of a network of tech lovers and career changers. Once an Ironhacker, always an Ironhacker.