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Join our Cybersecurity immersive bootcamp and get the hands-on skills you need to land a job in the growing tech industry. Learn network traffic, prevention systems, compliance, and much more. 12 weeks full time or 24 weeks part time, online. Download the syllabus, meet our teachers, and check our financing options. See all the information here!

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Our course formats

Develop the skills you need to launch a fulfilling career in Cybersecurity with our fulltime 12 week bootcamp.

Cybersecurity bootcamp (Full time)


12 weeks | 1 hands-on project per module, +360 hours of work

Mon to Fri 9:00 - 18:00


In Person

30 May - 19 Aug

| In Portuguese

Cybersecurity Part-time course


24 weeks | 1 hands-on project per module, +360 hours of work

Mon & Wed 18:30 - 21:30, Sat. 10:00 - 17:00


In Person

30 May - 11 Nov

| In Portuguese

All our courses include

  • Careerhack, 1 extra week for the Ironhack's Career Services program. It's designed to help Ironhackers identify their ideal outcome, and reach it as fast as possible.

  • Multiple payment options available to make the tuition not a blocker to start your new career.

Course Information

Your path to a new cybersecurity career


Online Prework

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Remote Prework

Remote Prework

Before you become an official student, you will be given 20 hours of online learning material. This pre-work will familiarize you with what a computer is, how operating systems work, and what networks are. This knowledge will get you ready for learning Cybersecurity and prepared to thrive in our fast-paced learning process during the bootcamp.

Want to learn more about Ironhack and our Cybersecurity bootcamp in Sao Paulo before applying?

Career Services

Careerhack: Ironhack's Career Services

A Proven Methodology

Careerhack is Ironhack's Career Services program. It's designed to help Ironhackers identify their ideal outcome, and reach it as fast as possible. We've helped thousands of students land their dream job in tech. Discover how we will help you!

Ironhack Career Week

Our students work at companies like:

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Upcoming Cybersecurity cohorts in Sao Paulo

Here are the upcoming dates for our part-time courses in Sao Paulo. Reserve your spot today.

We currently don't offer this course in this location. Check out other locations or courses!

Covid-19 update

Don't let Covid stop your goals. We are now running hybrid classes: learn from home or on campus. Learn more


Our courses fill up fast. Secure your spot at Ironhack by making an advance deposit when you are accepted into the program. Deposit amount: R$ 500

Our financing options at Ironhack

Do you need help with the payment? Our financing options help you find the support you need so you can focus on your career and developing new skills.


Loan to be paid over 12 months with 0% interest. With Provi it is possible to choose from several payment plans for a loan. In 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with 0% interest, or with an interest of 1.19% and 1.49% for 18 and 24 months respectively.

up to 12 months, 0% interest


Payment in 18 installments with no interests and no upfront payment. There is also the option of choosing 21 or 24 installments with 0.99% interest and 1.49% each. For the full-time format the payment starts 30 days after the Bootcamp is finished. For the the part-time format the payment starts 30 days after the Bootcamp begins.

18 months, no interest

Pay up front

Direct payment to Ironhack with a discount! For the full-time format the payment is upfront or with 3 installments. For the part-time the payment can be upfront or with 6 installments.

Direct payment with a discount

Ironhack’s income share agreements

Pay nothing until you land a job! We are committed to your success, which is why we have teamed up with StudentFinance to offer you the new income sharing agreements. This pay-for-success financing model gives you access to education funding in exchange for a fixed percentage of your post-graduation income over a set period of time. You won’t pay anything until you land a job, and your rate will be based on what you make! Keep in mind that this financing option has a limited number of spots per course and it's only available once you've completed the admissions process. Conditions for this option are based on your motivation as well as the results of your technical assessment.

Application process for the Cybersecurity courses in Sao Paulo


Apply online

Apply to the Cybersecurity course that is best for you.

Personal interview

Our admissions team at Ironhack Sao Paulo will contact you to schedule a personal interview and make sure that we can help you meet your goals in Cybersecurity.

Technical assessment

After the personal interview, you will need to pass a Cybersecurity technical assessment to show that you are ready for our fast-paced learning environment.

Deposit and prework

Once you have completed the technical assessment and paid the deposit, you will be granted access to the prework. The prework is fundamental to the Cybersecurity program, and you must complete it before starting the course in Sao Paulo.

The course begins

Once you have completed the prework for at Ironhack , you will be ready to begin learning!
Course Information

A typical day at Ironhack Sao Paulo

The day begins with a lecture and demonstration from the Lead Teacher, who is a cyber security expert. Once the lecture and demonstration is complete, students will spend the remainder of the class working through the material in the LMS (Learning Management System) with the help and support of TAs and fellow students. The LMS material is dynamic, hands-on and enaging. Each day will be a little different and full of practical challenges. There are videos, quizzes, games, and simulations in which they will learn to hack and defend real Linux and Windows systems.

Why should you study Cybersecurity in Sao Paulo

Increasing Cybercrime and a growing Cybersecurity IndustrySituated on the southeastern coast of Brazil, Sao Paulo is one of South America's largest cities and is a cybercrime hotspot. It is expected that the city will experience a loss of over $100 billion by 2023 due to a high volume of cybercrime gangs in the region. As a result, the cybersecurity industry in Sao Paulo is developing rapidly and the city offers an excellent digital landscape in which to learn about the logistics and practice of cybersecurity.
Sao Paulo's Tech SceneIf you are wondering why you should study at a Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Sao Paulo?, the city's vibrant tech scene should top the list. It is home to a thriving start-up scene. This makes it a great place to create contacts in the industry and explore cybersecurity in general. Career opportunities are plentiful in Sao Paulo, plus, it is a vibrant and thriving metropolis. Sao Paulo has a lot to offer to anyone living and studying there. Excellent nightlife, interesting museums, and the superb outdoor urban space in Parque Ibirapuera ensure that it's an engaging place to visit.
Brazil's Best Cybersecurity ConferencesSao Paulo hosts some of Brazil's biggest and best cybersecurity conferences. Events like Cybersecurity Summit Brasil, Security Conference Brazil, and ISC Brasil are all superb events for making contacts and learning about developments in the cybersecurity industry, in particular, those that focus on data protection and fighting cybercrime. The AIBC Americas Conferences also takes place in Sao Paulo. It attracts some of the biggest names in Artificial Intelligence, emerging technologies, and blockchain. It features speakers and workshops and is an excellent place to learn about the latest developments in the cybersecurity field.
Cybersecurity bootcamps in Sao PauloOnce you graduate from this cybersecurity bootcamp in Sao Paulo, you'll be ready to face some of the biggest threats to the digital economy. Financial institutions and e-commerce companies are faced with huge threats in the modern age and have started investing heavily in data protection and digital security. Cybersecurity jobs in Sao Paulo are in high demand should you wish to extend your stay after completing a course in Brazil's largest and most dynamic city.

What sets Sao Paulo apart?

South America’s largest city, and one of the largest in the world, welcomes you with endless opportunities to explore and celebrate this next phase of your life.
Our campus is nestled in beside São Paulo’s biggest financial and cultural centers. After your studies are over, you can immerse yourself in tech networking events, or walk the avenues to discover South America’s greatest nightlife.
Nearly everything you might desire is right at your fingertips: awe-inspiring nature, authentic markets, unbeatable nightlife and unforgettable museums. But more astounding than anything else are the Brazilian people themselves. Lose yourself in a truly international culture and lifestyle that accepts one and all.

More Questions?

We are committed to helping you start your career in tech. Our financing options range from traditional loans to pay-for-success models so you can choose the option that best fits your needs. Simply get in touch with our admissions team and they will give you more information about the available options.

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