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April 2, 2024 - 7 minutes

10 Best Tech Companies To Work For And Why

A look into what it's like to work for the companies making the biggest impact in the world of tech.

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


It's a dream for many people to work in a renowned tech company. Thousands of tech enthusiasts seek to get their foot in these companies as they are known to offer excellent perks and professional growth opportunities. Equally, their reach attracts talent from different parts of the world.

You don’t need a full Computer Science degree to get hired by these companies, though. Bootcamp alumni have a unique combination of skills and assets and the value they bring into the workplace increases exponentially for years– which is why companies are now turning their attention towards bootcamps.

While tech companies have very different products and look for a variety of profiles, some paths in technology and computer science are growing in demand. Let’s look at some of the top tech companies that invest in talent in the competitive tech world.


Renowned among digital marketing companies, HubSpot offers a wholesome platform of sales, marketing, customer service, and CRM software to cater to small and large businesses alike. HubSpot values its employees' input the same way they value their customers.

Many employees express the company's willingness to assist and work with skilled people while also providing opportunities for career growth. If you can comfortably work under strict deadlines and high expectations, HubSpot is an excellent organization to help you achieve your career goals.

Great for: startup-lovers with an interest or experience in digital marketing.


All employees who show dedication and hard work to advance their careers in tech will receive abundant rewards securing employment at NVIDIA. Influencing changes in the tech world and working on trailblazing technology are some of the reasons most people desire to work at NVIDIA. Plus, most employees enjoy the work environment and the organization’s strong emphasis on performing tasks as a team.

At NVIDIA, you may need to put in some extra hours, especially when you join the company and seek to advance. There’s high competition, and it therefore helps when you show initiative and commitment in the respective roles.

Great for: lovers of all things visual, especially in the gaming and CGI spaces.


Companies like Salesforce provide businesses with marketing tools and customer management strategies. Employees appreciate its culture of excellent benefits, programs, and events that make their contributions valued.

The only downside is that programs and events don't always make employees feel valued. Some employees complain of long work hours regardless of position within the company.

Great for: data-nerds, who believe in empowering teams through data and smoother workflows.


While there are emerging competitors in the market, DocuSign is a trusted company that allows you to sign documents electronically. DocuSign has a notable competitive edge since they manage to offer benefits to employees.

More employees appreciate the positive morale and work/balance that’s the foundation of the company's culture. With a high Glassdoor rating, the company invests in all its employees to succeed long term. However, some employees state that DocuSign has a confusing onboarding process where management makes hasty changes.

Great for: people who highly value a company that invests and believes in its employees.


Shopify is a dedicated company that helps businesses sell multiple products online. It has a good Glassdoor rating compared to other tech companies as a loyal employer. Overall, the company has a commendable employee culture, and they provide good benefits and promote employee events.

Even so, some employees feel the company needs to value their input and involve them more in decision-making.

Great for: those looking to break into the exciting world of eCommerce, it doesn’t get better than Shopify!


Google is the most sought-after firm by jobseekers. The search company continues to excel in providing better employee benefits. Working in a tech giant like Google gives you a chance to interact with the brightest talent pool in the world. And to stand apart from the competitors, Google offers attractive benefits to employees that most companies won't match owing to their vast budget.

The only challenge of working at Google is having incredibly high expectations concerning loyalty and performance. Other challenges include the unfair competitive hierarchy that limits advancement potential.

Great for: impact-chasers who want the work they do to improve the lives of millions (literally!).


As the leading social media company, Facebook/Meta aims to create a healthy work environment by treating its employees as assets. Aside from having a superior facility design, the organization has attractive perks for its employees—from 401 contributions to pizza parties.

That said, you might have to sacrifice your time as most company positions entail long working hours and a competitive atmosphere.

Great for: problem-solvers and future-thinkers, who aren’t afraid to tackle world-changing topics like data use and the future of the Metaverse.


LinkedIn has become a valuable tool to connect colleagues professionally, providing businesses with a unique social media podium. The company is making great strides in keeping employees valued and appreciated with a commendable rating.

LinkedIn is the best company in the tech world due to its leadership role. Plus, employees state that the company promotes a healthy work culture. Additionally, employees receive many attractive benefits and team-building events that foster teamwork.

Great for: anyone passionate about building the future of work, in all of its new forms!


Adobe is famous for its collaborative design interface that allows for superb graphics. The company treats its staff well. The organization offers competitive benefits and focuses on cultivating a healthy work culture based on rewarding commitment and loyalty.

However, some employees feel that the company has a lot of bureaucracy that hinders meaningful progress. Advancement openings seem to target the selected few, and employees can sometimes feel like they’re stuck in one position for an extended period.

Great for: creatives and visionaries who get excited about what people can make when you hand them the right tools.


Working for Microsoft is a great achievement as the tech firm is renowned worldwide. It creates most of the computer operating systems that exist today. Microsoft stays dedicated to manufacturing innovative products to solve the industry’s pain points.

Employee retention is essential to maintain that edge, where the comprehensive benefits package fosters innovation. Employees also enjoy working in a competitive environment with the most skilled personnel globally.

Great for: anyone with a deep love of tech, and the impact this tech giant has had on the industry– and anyone who is even more excited about the future it could build…

How To Land Your First Tech Job

Working for a prominent company is an achievable, yet challenging goal, if you’re trying to break into the tech industry. But you can land a job in tech even if you’re new to the field.

Multiply your odds by getting an education that will help shape your profile into one that tech recruiters are looking for. Bootcamps are about so much more than just learning the core technical skills you need; they show that you’re a dedicated, self-motivated learner with a diverse professional background, which is precisely what tech industry hiring managers are looking for.

Piqued your interest? Take a look at our bootcamps and kickstart your career in tech!

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