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September 1, 2023 - 4 minutes

Different Ways to Finance Your Ironhack Bootcamp

Discover the most popular ways to finance your Ironhack bootcamp.

Jonna Berg - Growth Marketing Intern

Are you interested in switching careers to specialize in technology and discover more about yourself? With an Ironhack Bootcamp, it’s possible to do just that without going back to university for four years. Our Web Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design and Cybersecurity Bootcamps are available for full time (9 weeks) and part time (24 weeks) and can be financed via subsidies, loans, or payment plans. 

We’re proud to partner with some awesome organizations that help finance our Amsterdam bootcamps. Let’s dive into them!


TechMeUp is a tech fund that strives to help people dive into the tech industry, providing them with financial assistance to finance their bootcamp or course. To do this, they issue interest-free loans from €2,500, €5,000 and €7,500, meant for training fees and/or the living allowance. Students begin paying the money back only once they have a job. 

  • Eligibility: TechMeUp financing is available for Dutch students over the age of 18. 

  • Application process: Applications are reviewed every two weeks. Motivation and need-based selection plays an important role in the process.

Regional Mobility Team (RMT)

Are you in danger of losing your job or have you lost your job? Are you on welfare or not entitled to benefits? Are you an employer or entrepreneur and looking for support guiding staff to other job opportunities? Throughout the Netherlands, you can turn to one of the 35 Regional Mobility Teams (RMTs) to help with job search assistance, career advice, practical training, and more. 

These RMTs are an initiative of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment and Education, Culture and Science, municipalities, UWV, SBB, MBO Council, trade unions and employer organizations. Eligible applicants can apply for up to €5,000 to cover the costs of an Ironhack course.

  • Eligibility: Candidates with a B2 level of the Dutch Language are preferred.

  • Application process: The RMT checks your financial status to prove your eligibility and will be in touch quickly if approved.


In partnership with Pledg, our students can pay their tuition in 3, 6, or 10 monthly installments for both our full time or part time bootcamps. 

After payment of the deposit and any third-party financing, the net tuition can be divided into monthly automatic payments via credit or debit card on the Pledg platform.

For the three month installment plan, there is a 1.05% fee; for the six and ten month installment payments, the fees are 2.65% and 4.7%, respectively, of the total balance applied to the first payment. 


Financing is available for 100% of your course fee and loans are extended for up to 72 months with Finance4Learning. When you borrow €1,000, your monthly payment is around €16.50, which includes an average interest of approximately €2.60 and penalty-free early repayment is always possible. To qualify, students must be Dutch residents, have a Dutch bank account, and meet certain lending criteria. Finance4Learning is backed by Banco Santander and the European Investment Fund

  • Eligibility: Financing is available for Dutch residents only.


Quotanda is a lending as a service (LaaS) platform that helps schools, banks, and organizations manage affordable student financing programs globally. For Ironhackers, financing through Quotanda means paying at 0% APR once you've started your course (with a payment extension for either 12 or 18 months). This option has a €400 admin fee from Quotanda that is added to the financing total for your convenience. Quotanda requires a co-signer or guarantor that can usually be a relative. Ideally, candidates for this option are based in the EU, but they have had clients from other countries.

Why Pay in Installments?

Paying in installments offers a range of benefits that can greatly assist individuals in effectively managing their finances. This approach allows people to spread out the cost of a larger expense over a period of time, making it more affordable and manageable, particularly when faced with unexpected or sudden expenses. 

  • By breaking down the total amount into smaller, regular payments, individuals can better align their budget and cash flow with their financial responsibilities. 

  • This method also reduces the immediate financial strain, allowing individuals to allocate their funds to other essential needs or savings goals. 

  • Moreover, paying in installments often comes with flexibility in terms of repayment duration and options, catering to various financial situations and preferences. 

Choosing the right installment duration requires considering one's financial capacity, the urgency of the purchase, and the associated interest rates to strike a balance between manageable payments and minimizing the overall cost of the purchase.

Overall, this approach empowers individuals to make purchases or investments without causing undue financial stress, promoting more responsible spending and financial stability.

There are a lot of opportunities for someone who wants to start one of our bootcamps. Discover which bootcamp suits you best and don’t hesitate to apply and dive into a career that you love!

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