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The last couple of years highlighted our ability to adapt, and changed the way we carried out our daily lives. Ironhack prides itself on teaching the skills that provide solutions to these changes, and we continue to offer our exciting range of Part-Time and Full-Time courses. With our ongoing commitment to inclusion, we are also proud to introduce our Deferred Payment Plan. Let us guide you through our extensive network of alumni and hiring partners in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Why now, why Amsterdam?

Job Opportunities

The pandemic created a new job landscape: areas such as tourism, retail and leisure have been affected and people are looking for new opportunities. The tech industry is full of opportunities, and Amsterdam is host to many companies such as Booking, TomTom and WeTransfer. According to a report published by McKinsey, automation will grow after 2020 and many people will need to re-skill in order to fill the skills gap that currently exists in tech. Make the change today!

Accelerated start-up hub

In 2021, Amsterdam was the 12th fastest-growing hub in Europe for startup investment. The pandemic has accelerated opportunities in the digital economy like never seen before. Amsterdam’s startup environment has also benefited from the recent introduction of a new residence permit, which makes it easier for startups to hire staff from non-EU countries.

Cosmopolitan city

Amsterdam's vibrant cultural scene, open minded people and green spaces have always attracted international students and workers from around the world. Add that to a booming tech scene, and you have a unique environment in which to kickstart an exciting career in tech and develop your own global network.

Financing options in Amsterdam

Life after COVID-19 is not the same: new job opportunities have been created and most people need support to get the skills they need to take advantage of these new opportunities. In an effort to make learning the skills needed in tech more accessible to everyone, Ironhack recently launched Deferred Tuition, where you only need to pay 15% tuition to enrol in one of our courses, and pay the rest once you land a job, or 8 months after graduation. Now really is the time!

Our Courses

Web Development

Code meaningful applications from scratch by becoming a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn Front-end design and Back-end architecture fundamentals, using top-notch technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and J...View more information

UX/UI design

Help best design digital worlds by becoming a UX/UI Designer. Learn user-centered design by applying the Design Thinking process and validate your ideas through user research, prototyping, user testin...View more information

Data analytics

Help make sense of a complex world by becoming a Data Analyst. Learn to cultivate tools & languages such as Python, SQL and Tableau, in extracting and interpreting valuable and meaningful insights fro...View more information


Help protect our increasing shift towards digitalization, by becoming a Cybersecurity Professional. Learn about Operating Systems, Network Admin, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking, Risk analysis and m...View more information

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Our Ironhack Amsterdam Team

Manon started working at Ironhack in September 2017 to launch our campus in Mexico City. After the launch phase, she transitioned into Growth and has managed to position Ironhack as the top educational brand in the Mexican market, establishing key partnerships and developing the marketing strategy. She is now back in France and leading the Ironhack Paris campus.

Manon Pellat Bravo

General Manager

Paris & Amsterdam

An educational expert, Ariana just discovered her passion for the digital industry. After 8 years experience in the abroad studies, this experience has allowed her to get to know different cultures and work methodologies. She has all the information about our Bootcamps and she can provide the guidance you need to take your career to the next level.

Ariana Quintana

Admissions Manager

A jack of all trades, master of none, Rapha is an advocate of agile practices and is enthusiastic about management and teamwork principles. He has worked in different sectors and roles and has settled in as a program manager, with over five years in the role. He believes that by combining collaboration, communication and transparency, anything is achievable. He is assisted by his dog, the campus happiness manager.

Rapha Montenegro

Program Manager

Born and raised in Barcelona. She, just like you, made a career change. Carla switched from Tourism to Human Resources in the IT sector, that means you already have something in common. She believes in positivity as a tool for success and in a smile as an accelerator of results so yes, you will see her laugh very often and trust in your capacities all the time.

Carla Martín

Talent & Partnership Associate

Jurgen turns coffee into code, but watch out during the first week of class because he might still be sporting his vacation mustache! He loves people and worships computers — which makes teaching web development a perfect match. He’s worked at a senior level as a front-end developer and enjoys sharing what he has learned during already more than six bootcamps.

Jurgen Tonneyck

Lead Teacher, Web Development

Jan is excited to teach you about wrangling and analyzing data. He has always enjoyed working with data, be it modeling, understanding or extracting information. When he’s not working with data, he enjoys making music, drawing and playing tennis. Jan loves understanding how stuff works, and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. But most of all, he enjoys helping people learn new skills and grow professionally.

Jan Molendijk

Lead Teacher, Data Analytics

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