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The last couple of years highlighted our ability to adapt, and changed the way we carried out our daily lives. Ironhack prides itself on teaching the skills that provide solutions to these changes, and we continue to offer our exciting range of Part-Time and Full-Time courses. With our ongoing commitment to inclusion, we are also proud to introduce our Deferred Payment Plan. Let us guide you through our extensive network of alumni and hiring partners in Barcelona and the rest of the world.

Why now, why Barcelona?

New job landscape

The number of jobs in tech grew during the last two years due to the pandemic, while many jobs, especially in hospitality and tourism, declined. The digital transformation is becoming real: according to a study published in May 2021, the city needs around 10,000 digital employees per year. Now is the perfect time to change your life and transition into tech!

Tech start-up ecosystem

Barcelona hosts the annual Mobile World Congress, one of the largest tech events in the world, and which attracts some of the biggest companies and tech gurus. Some of the most famous Barcelona based start-ups are Glovo, Typeform and Wallapop. This start-up scene grows every year and one of the most famous spots for tech startups is 22@ District, home of our Barcelona campus! (And just a few blocks from the beach!). Start your journey into tech and never miss an opportunity!

Cosmopolitan lifestyle

Barcelona is a vibrant multicultural city, with easy access to beautiful beaches, Tibidabo Mountain, and an exciting nightlife! And sure, there’s FC Barcelona :). As an international or local student, you will always find a way to connect with others to strengthen your network and make friends for life!

Financing options in Barcelona

Life after COVID-19 is not the same: new job opportunities have been created and most people need support to get the skills they need to take advantage of these new opportunities. Ironhack wants to make learning tech more accessible to everyone, so we recently launched Deferred Tuition, where you only need to pay 15% tuition to enrol in one of our courses, and pay the rest once you land a job or 8 months after graduation. Find out more about it here, along with some of our other financing options.

Our Courses

Web Development

Code meaningful applications from scratch by becoming a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn Front-end design and Back-end architecture fundamentals, using top-notch technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and J...View more information

UX/UI design

Help best design digital worlds by becoming a UX/UI Designer. Learn user-centered design by applying the Design Thinking process and validate your ideas through user research, prototyping, user testin...View more information

Data analytics

Help make sense of a complex world by becoming a Data Analyst. Learn to cultivate tools & languages such as Python, SQL and Tableau, in extracting and interpreting valuable and meaningful insights fro...View more information


Help protect our increasing shift towards digitalization, by becoming a Cybersecurity Professional. Learn about Operating Systems, Network Admin, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking, Risk analysis and m...View more information

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Our Ironhack Barcelona Team

Tiago is passionate about people and networking. Positive, energetic, human, he is also a runner who loves any challenge.

Tiago Santos

General Manager


Luan has been working in the education industry since 2012 and has work experience from Brazil, US, and Spain.Working in education gives him the chance to feed his own curiosity and work with like-minded people. But most important of all, it is still giving him an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Luan Oliveira

Admissions Manager

Following a career change, Vicky has discovered her passion for the digital industry. Her experience in the UK and in Argentina, her homeland, has allowed her to get to know different cultures and work methodologies. With more than 4 years of experience in the education sector and being aware of the importance of continuous training, she enjoys helping people transform their professional careers.

Victoria Fernández

Admissions Manager

With a background as a psychologist and UX/UI Designer, Héctor is attracted to jobs in which he can have a positive impact in people’s lives. He feels very strongly about the power of education and hard work. In his free time you will find Héctor reading comics or eating peanut butter.

Hector Rebollo

Program Manager

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I (try to) live my life with a grateful attitude. Throughout my entire career I’ve helped companies find and hire talented digital candidates and I strongly believe in the potential of everyone if the right opportunity is given. Today, as Partnerships Manager, my main focus is to connect Ironhack Talent with Digital Companies looking for Junior Talent.

Sara Mondragon

Talent & Partnership Manager

Born in Naples, Marco is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in automation and alternative energy. He has more than 12 years of experience in the sector as a professional and has taught at the Universitá La Sapienza in Rome for a doctorate. In his career Marco has worked with various programming languages ranging from Fortran and C ++ for technical applications, to Python and Javascript for app development. Attracted by Barcelona, he joined Ironhack as a Lead Teacher for the Web Development bootcamp. When he is not in front of the computer, you will find Marco in the kitchen or in the sea.

Marco Santonastasi

Lead Teacher, Web Development

Edu is a Visual Designer with a Masters Degree in Interaction Design and a Ph.D in Engineering. He has more than 15 years of experience working on different experience design projects both for public and private organizations. His main area of interest is the iterative design process based on research. He has been a teacher for 10 years now, has designed and managed courses and academic projects for different universities, and has given talks and conferences in various cities around the world.

Edu Huerta

Lead Teacher, UX/UI Design

Nevan is an interaction designer, typographer, and teacher. He has developed digital products for New York University, Swiss Red Cross, Hoefler&Co., Buzzfeed, and Northeastern University. He writes occasionally at notated.org.

Nevan Scott

Lead Teacher, UX/UI Design

Sian is a trainer specialising in data visualisation and analytical project implementations with a passion for data storytelling. Sian began teaching with Ironhack Berlin in September 2020, but after most of the year spent teaching remotely she moved to Barcelona to lead the data course. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, yoga, swimming, podcasts and she is also a learning to play the saxophone.

Sian Davies

Lead Teacher, Data Analytics

Passionate about photography and landscapes, Laura changed her audiovisual career for marketing. She joined Ironhack to give visibility to the school and bring out the best version of Barcelona’s campus. What does she like the most at Ironhack? Good vibes with her colleagues. 

Laura Molas

Growth Manager

With more than 3 years of experience in talent acquisition, my main focus is to optimize the opportunities that our network of partners share with us, connecting students with the offers that best match their skills and motivations.

María Bastardo

Partnership Associate

With experience accompanying people in their professional change processes, I have gone through the legal, account management and sales departments. I believe that society changes and improves through education, that is why I am passionate about working in this sector. Graduated in law and masters in innovation and entrepreneurship and a bootcamp in digital management of human resources.

Clara Fernández

Career Coach

A world explorer, Anna is enthusiastic about the best education formats and business models. She has joined Ironhack to support future students in boosting or transforming their careers. After starting her professional career in China and launching a start-up in Shanghai, she has been working in the education industry for five years.

Anna Vilardell

Regional Sales Manager

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