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Hire Tech Talent

We partner with organizations to overcome the toughest hiring challenges. Our unique approach includes customized hire-train-deploy programs, access to our proprietary talent pool, and tailored training to develop your employees.

Ironhack talent for companies

About Ironhack

Ironhack is a global EdTech startup that has been disrupting education since 2013, with 14 campuses and a growing community across the world. Trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, startups, and agencies, we help companies hire and develop corporate talent and elevate the diversity of their workforces. We don't just help you fill your vacancies at scale, we also help you identify which skills and applicant profiles you need to drive your mission forward.







Trusted by hundreds of companies

Our Enterprise offerings


Get customized support in attracting diverse talent, training them on the skills needed by your organization, and developing them through our Hire-Train-Deploy programs.

How it works:


Identify needs

We work with you to detail your hiring needs in terms of skills, location, background DEI, etc


Search & hire

We identify and hire emerging talent that matches your target profile. We qualify for potential, passion, and skills to succeed in your organization.



We train talent in a 9-week full-time curriculum customized to your needs.



We deploy talent onsite with you as contractors for 12 to 24 months and support with ongoing learning & development at a fixed monthly rate.



At the end of the program, you convert to hire talent at no extra cost.

Benefits of the program

  • Achieve your hiring goals by finding talent in the location you need and increasing diversity in your organization.
  • Control cost. Only pay for talent once deployed and working for you
  • Build a workforce to meet your digital roadmap through our customized training programs
  • Plan ahead, with emerging talent cohorts available all year long
  • Improve retention, thanks to our dedicated program (ongoing development, mentorship, performance-linked pay rises)

Our students know...

Web Development

UX/UI Design

Data Analytics






...and much more!

Access a diverse tech talent pool

Join our network of over 800 international partners. We'll match your job vacancies with recommended candidates from our pool of graduates.


Recent graduates in our international talent pool


Job vacancies posted by our partners


Partner-hosted recruiting events

Tailored training for your employees

Enhance your workforce's capabilities and minimize turnover by investing in upskilling and reskilling. Foster employee growth through internal career paths, enabling their professional development and empowerment. Investing in career development not only saves costs by reducing recruitment and onboarding needs but also cultivates a team that shares your company's vision and values.

How it works:


Identify needs

We run a discovery session to understand what knowledge areas will add the most value to your teams.


Tailored programing

We create a training program customized to the specific needs of your organization


Personalized Training

Our instructors deliver custom training, performance assessments, and feedback collection to monitor success

Why reskill your employees?

  • Unlock the potential of your employees through custom training to build the skills needed by your organization
  • Build an effective and cohesive workforce, regardless of varying levels of experience or backgrounds.
  • Enable internal development and role transitions

Why should we partner up?

  • Accelerate onboarding

    Fast-track access to top tech talent through scalable onboarding programs. We attract, select, and train the right profiles.

  • Empower your teams

    Build your workforce with digital and technical skills to accelerate the digital transformation in your business.

  • Create diverse teams

    Boost your organization's DE&I by closing gender gaps, integrating underrepresented minorities, and reducing unemployment. Create an innovative, productive, and inclusive workplace culture.

  • Receive tailored education

    Develop programs with business impact, increasing employee engagement, retention, and productivity