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Learn Data Analytics in Madrid

Become a data analyst at Ironhack Madrid in nine weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time).

Data Analytics bootcamp (Full-time)

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Develop the skills you need to launch a fulfilling career in Data Analytics with our 24-week part-time course or our fulltime nine-week bootcamp.

Data Analytics bootcamp (Full-time)

Learn Data Analytics in only nine weeks!

9 weeks7.000 €Mon-Fri9:00 - 18:00
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Data Analytics Part-time course

Learn Data Analytics in only 24 weeks!

24 weeks7.500 €Mon-Wed 18:30 - 21:30Sat. 10:00 - 17:00
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What you will learn during the Data Analytics bootcamp in Madrid


During your first 60 hours as an official Ironhack Data Analytics student you will be laying the foundation for success in Madrid. During the prework phase you will:

1. learn the fundamentals of command line, Git, Python, MySQL and statistical analysis

2. familiarize yourself with the basics of programming and statistics and

3. connect with your peers and expert academic staff by utilizing our Slack channel.

Once you’ve completed the prep materials and synced up with your class, you’ll be ready to dive into the course!

Module 1: Introduction to and Python

The first two weeks will introduce you and your classmates to the world of data analytics. Then you will establish your development environment for the classroom as you settle into our tight-knit data community.

Topics include:

- Introductions to data wrangling/cleaning.

- APIs and web scraping.

- Intermediate levels of Git, SQL and Python.

Week three calls for your first project as an apprentice data analyst! Apply your new Python skills by conducting data analysis with real datasets.

Module 2: Advanced

In weeks four and five you’ll take a deeper look into the mathematics behind data analytics.

Topics include:

- Utilizing Python to understand inferential statistics and probability.

- Incorporating Python into the fundamentals of business intelligence.

- Learning story-telling techniques in order to visualize your data and insights in presentations.

Week six will mark the start of your second project: a complete data analysis. This will be constructed from data that you will have processed, cleaned and visualized from real datasets!

Module 3: Get a handle on the fundamentals of machine learning

The final module will introduce you to the fundamentals of machine learning in weeks seven and eight. We’ll start things off by teaching you to understand the machine workflow, and the lessons will only expand from there.

Topics include:

- Both supervised and unsupervised learning.

- The essentials of popular machine learning algorithms.

- Building, training and evaluating models with the Scikit-Learn machine learning library.

For the last week of this module and course, you will face your final and most challenging task: building an end-to-end machine learning project. You will need to process a dataset, extract features, train a model, and use that model to make predictions on new data. When your project is complete, you will compete alongside your fellow students in our Hackshow.

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Why should you study Data Analytics in Madrid

Big Data growthSpain’s capital is home to many of the country’s nearly 500 data analytics companies, a number that’s only increasing. And this uptick of Big Data startups has been supported by numerous Spanish accelerators, which is, in turn, bolstering the development of large-scale companies. With all of this growth, Big Data is generating deep connections within Madrid’s economy and culture and paving the way for a new wave of data analysts.
Tons of Data and AI eventsMadrid hosts a wide range of conferences and events on Big Data and AI all year round. One of the most significant is Big Things, a conference focused on raising awareness of data’s role in business in Spain today. And perhaps equally impressive is the Global AI / MR Bootcamp, a free one-day event organized by the local community about everything related to the development of Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality solutions.
New talent needed!Big Data experts are currently the second most requested professional in Spain, and the first in a list of positions that is most difficult to fill – due to a lack of trained personnel. In October 2017, it was estimated that 350,000 data positions need to be filled, and the minimum estimated demand for data analysts in Spain is currently 250,000. You can be one of the data analysts that fill that gap!

Upcoming Data Analytics cohorts in Madrid

Here are the upcoming dates for our bootcamps in Madrid. Reserve your spot today!

Career Week
The Career Week happens for every cohort on week 10. During this week we guide students through the whole job-hunting process: from networking to personal and technical interviews, pitching, negotiating offers etc.
Don’t see any suitable dates? Check our part-time courses!
Covid-19 update

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have migrated all ongoing and upcoming classes to a remote learning environment. Learn more about Our response to COVID-19


Our courses fill up fast. Secure your spot at Ironhack by making an advance deposit when you are accepted into the program. Deposit amount: 750€

Application process for the Data Analytics courses in Madrid


Apply online

Apply to the course that is best for you.

Personal interview

Our admissions team at Ironhack will contact you to schedule a personal interview and make sure that we can help you meet your goals in .

Technical assessment

After the personal interview, you will need to pass a technical assessment to show that you are ready for our fast-paced learning environment.

Deposit and prework

Once you have completed the technical assessment and paid the deposit, you will be granted access to the prework. The prework is fundamental to the program, and you must complete it before starting the course in .

The course begins

Once you have completed the prework for at Ironhack , you will be ready to begin learning!

Our financing options at Ironhack Madrid

Do you need help with the payment? Our financing options help you find the support you need so you can focus on your career and developing new skills.

Banco Sabadell

Are you a Spanish national looking to fund your Ironhack experience? Banco Sabadell has two lucrative financing options for you.


Don’t pay a cent for your Ironhack experience until after you’ve graduated! Quotanda will help you customize your loan to your specific financial needs.

Ironhack’s income share agreements

Pay nothing until you land a job! We’re committed to your success, which is why we’ve created this pay-for-success financing model that guarantees you won’t pay a cent until you’ve landed a job. And even then, your rate will be based on your income!

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Ironhack Women Scholarship
Scholarship for women

The tech community suffers from a gender gap, which is why we are proud to promote women in tech with an upfront scholarship of 10% off for any of our Web Development and Data Analytics courses.

What sets Madrid apart?

Madrid’s burgeoning tech scene has only enhanced its world-renowned nightlife, but not at the cost of its history. If you need a breather from Madrid’s unbeatable bars and clubs, try out the Golden Triangle of Art – the Prado, Reina Sofia museum, and The Royal Academy of Fine Art.
And when you’re ready to eat, loosen your belt for all the internationally recognized taverns and restaurants. In fact, the gastronomy scene is nearly as explosive as tech, with a new influx of experimental restaurants in the city center.
Madrid’s many distinctive neighborhoods offer completely different experiences, from the funky Malasaña, to the chic Salamanca. And once you’ve had enough of the city, some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches are only a couple hours away, and the surrounding mountains will make you feel like you are standing in a postcard.

Data Analytics Instructors at Ironhack Madrid

Ironhack Data Analytics instructor Marc Pomar
Marc Pomar

Marc was born in Ibiza and has a degree in telecoms engineering from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. He started his career as a web developer, then worked at some small companies and in the start-up scene in Barcelona. His work as a freelancer for small companies was the inspiration for what has become, a cloud application platform company based in Madrid. Marc has been a lead teacher of the data analytics and web development bootcamps at Ironhack Madrid since 2017.

Course Information

A typical day at Ironhack Madrid

In the bootcamp you will study from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The schedule may be subject to changes depending on the chosen campus.

Monday to Friday


Start your day energized

Pour yourself some coffee to get your day going, as class begins with a review of yesterday’s exercises. You’ll also learn to manage a healthy workflow by incorporating the key strategies of Agile and Kanban.


Lecture block 1

Your first block of lectures begins, where you’ll dive deep and learn some of the intricacies of !


Data lab 1

Apply the concepts you’ve learned in the previous lecture to a new tutorial or challenge. Time to roll up your sleeves and code!



Take a well-earned break and recharge! Our campus is centrally located, so good eats are always easy to find.


Lecture block 2

Afternoon lectures commence, continuing your development of even more skills and techniques.


Data lab 2

Time to solve a project by yourself! This will be a hands-on exercise calling for you to apply your knowledge in real-world practice.


After-course events

Once the day’s coursework has ended, explore and find innumerable opportunities to meet and network with other data professionals. Meetups, networking sessions and workshops are just down the street, or you can stick around campus to catch up on classwork.

Projects built by students

Is your electricity consumption 20–20–20?
Is your electricity consumption 20–20–20?

20% increase of energy efficiency, 20% decrease in CO2 emissions, and 20% of energy production from renewable sources, all by 2020: a challenging goal to meet. Ingrid was inspired to analyze Spain’s electricity consumption in order to determine whether or not we are on the path toward a more sustainable rate of electricity consumption. She found some particularly interesting patterns that we are following as users!

Ingrid Munné, data analytics
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