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Learn UX/UI Design in Mexico City

Become a UX/UI designer at Ironhack Mexico City in nine weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time).

UX/UI Design bootcamp (Full-time)

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Develop the skills you need to launch a fulfilling career in UX/UI Design with our 24-week part-time course or our fulltime nine-week bootcamp.

UX/UI Design bootcamp (Full-time)

Learn UX/UI Design in only nine weeks!

9 weeks$90,000 MXNMon-Fri9:00 - 18:00
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UX/UI Design Part-time course

Learn UX/UI Design in only 24 weeks!

24 weeks$103,000 MXNMon-Wed 19:00 - 22:00Sat. 10:00 - 17:00
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What you will learn during the UX/UI Design bootcamp in Mexico City


In the first 40 hours of your UX/UI design training, you’ll learn the basics of design thinking, interaction design and state-of-the-art design software. Once you’ve received instructions for setting up your tools, you’ll complete specially designed exercises to:

1. create your first usability evaluations and site redesign

2. develop your design sensitivity through fascinating activities

3. perform basic HTML and CSS practice work that is essential for the bootcamp’s design implementation section.

Once you’ve wrapped up these online prep materials, you’ll be all set to start the course off right!

Module 1: Understand user experience

During weeks one and two, you will learn the fundamental UX/UI industry frameworks: design thinking, agile methodologies and lean structuring. Then hone your UX research methods, interaction design principles and information architecture.

Topics include:

- Applying design thinking in conjunction with lean structures and agile methods.

- Learning user-centered design and conducting research on the needs of your users and businesses.

- Sharpening your skills in interaction design and information architecture.

- Building your first interactive prototypes for testing.

In week three your first project begins! Manage your first product design project with agile methodology to discover your users and then plan a product roadmap to solve their problems. Finish up with guerrilla testing and presentations to enhance your public speaking skills.

Module 2: Learn to design user interfaces

In weeks four and five you will uncover the fundamentals of branding and design for UI close-loop design. Then implement this knowledge to generate engaging, elegant and scalable user interfaces.

Topics include:

- Generating original ideas for digital products and bringing them to production.

- Mastering design systems in order to create a fully animated interactive prototype.

- Testing your prototype to balance market demands and desirability.

Week six calls for your second project: creating a state-of-the-art website design with engaging animations and a refined style! Document the entire process to ensure a smooth hand-off to “Development.” Then, after completing your project, you will present it to the “shareholders.”

Module 3: Design implementation

The final module begins in weeks seven and eight, where you’ll start implementing your designs in real life. Build your first responsive one-page website by utilizing the developers’ best practices you’ve learned.

Topics include:

- Designing your site for production.

- Considering technological constraints from the very beginning.

- Preparing all of the correct assets.

- Learning essential soft skills, such as portfolio fine-tuning and client connections.

Your final, and by far most challenging project takes place during the last week of the module and the course. Develop a digital product for a problem of your choosing. When you finish your project, you will compete alongside your classmates in our live Hackshow. Do you have what it takes to win?

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Why should you study UX/UI Design in Mexico City

Design renaissanceMexico City, a city in renaissance, has found its future in tech. However, the world is still bidding on what will be the biggest defining feature of Mexico City’s tech landscape. But looking at the city’s artistic culture and history the answer is clear—design. The World Design Organization named Mexico City the World Design Capital of 2018. According to Euromonitor International, the online market in Mexico is expected to be worth around $14 billion by 2022. This means a massive amount of UX and UI design will need to be configured for the market, opening up hundreds of positions for designers in the city.
Continuous tech investmentThe financial structures of Mexico City continue to bring in investors, companies and top talent. Since 2014, Mexico’s government has invested over $600M to startups, entrepreneurs and tech companies. According to their data, this has generated more than 6,000 companies and 73,000 jobs. In turn, Mexico is one of Latin America’s most affordable countries, with rent prices in Mexico City standing 83% lower than San Francisco. Altogether, the ecosystem is ripe for new talent to find their way.
Innovative community eventsMexico’s capital has seen a massive expansion in its tech sector, and with that comes an equally impressive influx of events and communities to support the entrepreneurs and designers within it. One of the best is UXnights, an organization of UX professionals that share their knowledge and experience. Their events showcase projects from varying sectors that have applied UX/UI principles. Their focus is revealing the challenges and professional practice behind the work, not just the theory and best practices.

Upcoming UX/UI Design cohorts in Mexico City

Here are the upcoming dates for our bootcamps in Mexico City. Reserve your spot today!

Career Week
The Career Week happens for every cohort on week 10. During this week we guide students through the whole job-hunting process: from networking to personal and technical interviews, pitching, negotiating offers etc.
Don’t see any suitable dates? Check our part-time courses!
Covid-19 update

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have migrated all ongoing and upcoming classes to a remote learning environment. Learn more about Our response to COVID-19


Our courses fill up fast. Secure your spot at Ironhack by making an advance deposit when you are accepted into the program. Deposit amount: 750€

Application process for the UX/UI Design courses in Mexico City


Apply online

Apply to the course that is best for you.

Personal interview

Our admissions team at Ironhack will contact you to schedule a personal interview and make sure that we can help you meet your goals in .

Technical assessment

After the personal interview, you will need to pass a technical assessment to show that you are ready for our fast-paced learning environment.

Deposit and prework

Once you have completed the technical assessment and paid the deposit, you will be granted access to the prework. The prework is fundamental to the program, and you must complete it before starting the course in .

The course begins

Once you have completed the prework for at Ironhack , you will be ready to begin learning!

Our financing options at Ironhack Mexico City

Do you need help with the payment? Our financing options help you find the support you need so you can focus on your career and developing new skills.


Get preapproval in 15 minutes to finance up to 100% of your bootcamp, and pay it off in up to 36 monthly payments! Even if you don’t meet the requirements, a family member can co-sign your application.

Accede Educación

Take advantage of educational loans that you can pay off over 36 months, and after a three-month grace period.

Income share agreements

Dive into your Ironhack experience with no up-front cost until you land your dream job! Our income share agreements guarantee that you will only begin paying your tuition once you’ve secured a role making at least $Mex 20,000 per month.

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What sets Mexico City apart?

Mexico City, the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere, is a titan of commerce, culture, and history.
While its immense beauty and opportunities can be breathtaking, you’ll have no trouble finding an affordable lifestyle, the most authentic Mexican cuisine, and a superb mix of ancient and ultra-modern cultures.
Our campus is centrally located in the Roma Norte district. Just a short walk from your study space you’ll find world-class shopping, stunning architecture, art museums, symphonies and universities. And if you take a quick trip across town, you’ll end up at the foot of Aztec monuments, Spanish castles or the Estadio Azteca.

UX/UI Design Instructors at Ironhack Mexico City

Ironhack UX/UI Design instructor Adrian Kane
Adrian Kane

Adrian is enthusiastic and passionate about the development of digital business strategies. In his 19 years of experience in the field of UX in Mexico, he has developed a focus on creating a more human vision of processes aimed at improving the experiences of people through design.


Ironhack UX/UI Design instructor Ana Cristina Otero
Ana Cristina Otero

Ana Cristina is an economist and a strategic design professional. She has co-founded her own design agency, Ozmo, and is the lead strategist at GBM, Mexico’s premier stock exchange. Ana Cristina understands the core need to design digital products and services and believes that teaching UX is the most important way to have a real impact in the industry.

Course Information

A typical day at Ironhack Mexico City

In the bootcamp you will study from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The schedule may be subject to changes depending on the chosen campus.

Monday to Friday


Start your day energized

Start things off energized with a fresh cup of coffee before we review and discuss yesterday’s exercises. Learn to manage your time and stay productive through the key strategies of Agile and Kanban.


Lecture block 1

Discover some fresh ideas in the first lecture block! During the project weeks, you will use this time working on developing a UX/UI project all on your own, where you’ll apply the design concepts you’ve learned in previous lectures.


Group exercise and feedback sessions

Develop a project based on a brief in small groups. Implement all of the design concepts you learned in the previous lecture block, then receive feedback from your group. The lead Teacher and teaching assistants will assess and give advice on how to move your work forward.



Time for a well-earned break! Our campus is centrally located, so there’s a multitude of great food options nearby.


Lecture block 2

Continue working on your UX/UI project and designs. Afternoon lectures build upon what you’ve learned so far with yet another set of design skills and UX/UI techniques.


Individual project

Create your own UX/UI project! First find a problem and then solve it by designing an original app through which you can apply the UX/UI course’s concepts. When each project day comes to an end, you can showcase your achievements to the class. This is a key part of the course, as every designer is, in essence, a communicator!


After-course events

is a remarkable city for designers! Lose yourself in meetups, networking sessions and workshops, or remain on campus to catch up on your work.

Projects built by students

MPULSE, the music fans’ website
MPULSE, the music fans’ website

MPULSE implements lean UX and design thinking to create the ultimate place for music fans to follow their favorite bands.

Laura Amber, UX/UI design
Blinder, a new dating experience
Blinder, a new dating experience

Blinder is a dating app that finds matches based on hobbies, tastes, etc., rather than simply using photos.

Chris Peterson, UX/UI design
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