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    What Is a Tech Lead?

    Juliette Erath - 2023-06-17

    Interested in being your software team’s go-to for technical questions? Dream of becoming a leader in your department? Excited about utilizing new technologies to guide innovation within your department? If these all sound familiar, then tech lead could be the perfect role for you. In this article, we’ll break down the responsibilities and requirements of a tech lead to figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

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    11 Great Jobs in Tech for Creative People

    Juliette Erath - 2023-07-08

    For those who enjoy innovation, a career in technology might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to develop products for companies or design new-age video consoles, there are many roles for creative people in technology–even ones that don’t involve math or extreme computer knowledge! In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best creative jobs for those who want to pursue a career in tech, but aren’t totally sold on the technical side.

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    What Does a Career in Web3 Look Like?

    Ironhack - 2022-11-11

    The internet is evolving, and fast. On the web as we currently know it, information is stored on servers, which we can read on our computers. Today, we're moving towards a new type of internet called Web3; where data is decentralized and stored in many different places.

  • 7 minutes

    Google Bard: What it Means for You

    Ironhack - 2023-06-02

    Everyone’s heard of ChatGPT, but that’s certainly not the only option when it comes to free, publicly-available, generative large language models . If you work in tech, we think you should heavily consider using Google Bard, especially now that they’ve updated the platform to be able to generate code. But, that’s not the only thing it can do—the Google Bard AI directly integrates with many other Google services, allowing you to directly export code to Colab, export a summary to Docs, or even send a request to gmail.

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    ChatGPT: What's with All the Noise? 

    Ironhack - 2023-02-02

    Samantha . This is the name of the artificial intelligence that Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with in the movie “Her”. He does precisely that because of his own solitude, but also because the software has been configured to be frighteningly human. Doesn't that sound familiar?

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    Campus Spotlight: Paris

    Juliette Erath - 2023-04-20

    Paris: the City of Light, capital of fashion, city of love. All these nicknames can’t even begin to fully represent this city of a thousand faces.

  • What is UX Design? The Evolution of Web Design

    Ironhack - 2020-06-01

    Design is a pretty vague term. When someone says they’re a designer, it can mean anything from industrial design for cars to designers who work with clothing and print media. However, in the last decade, the tech industry has seen the emergence of a new type of designer: the UX Designer. This new job title can be confusing to grasp, so let’s take a dive to get a better understanding.

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    The Gender Gap in Tech…Let’s Talk About It

    Juliette Erath - 2023-03-09

    You’ll often see us talking about how great the tech industry is ( naturally ), and we truly believe it is. It’s a place where we see all kinds of people build the careers of their dreams, no matter their background, socio-economic status, demographic, or even personality type.

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    State of Tech in 2023: Ironhack Launches Global Reports

    Ironhack - 2023-03-16

    It’s not easy to keep up with the tech industry. Understatement of the century.

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    ChatGPT for Web Developers

    Juliette Erath - 2023-02-21

    We’re sure you’ve heard of ChatGPT by now and there’s a reason why: this artificial intelligence powered chatbot was created by OpenAI and based on the Generative Pretrained Transformer language model, using deep learning techniques to provide users with human-like answers to the text they enter. Launched in late November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, prompting lots of conversations about the future of similar AI-powered tools.

  • Is a coding bootcamp worth it?

    Ironhack - 2021-10-13

    As our world becomes more intertwined with technology, many people are considering a career change to the tech sector because of its in-demand job market. For many, being in technology is an enticing field because you can start without previous experience and it’s a flexible market where diverse experiences and skills are valued. However, for those thinking of changing careers, enrolling in a university to complete a degree related to a computer science, software development, UI/UX design or any other tech field might not be an option. Taking the traditional university route into tech can be cumbersome for some people who don’t have the time or financial means. As an alternative option many people wonder if joining a coding bootcamp is worth their time to transition careers. Regardless of where you are in your research, it's important to consider all your options.