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January 18, 2023 - 5 minutes

The Best Tech Conferences to Attend in 2023

There’s always new technology out there, ready to transform the tech sector. Don’t miss out. 

Juliette Erath - Tech Writer


Everyone’s heard of tech conferences and the truth is they’re valuable resources for those looking to network, learn, travel, and stay up to date with the industry. Not convinced? We’re confident we can show you why: 

  • You can learn: conferences are full of information, introducing you to the industry’s latest trends, things happening in other sectors, and what is expected from the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge. 

  • You can make new connections: tech conferences are absolutely exploding with likeminded, ready to connect individuals. There’s truly no better way to meet new people and look for support; make sure you talk to as many people as possible and keep note of who could be a good resource later on. 

  • You can find new partnerships, jobs, or employees: are you looking for your next opportunity? Or maybe for a business partner in a new startup? Or even looking to bring new, talented tech professionals to your team? Tech conferences are bursting with people who are eager to work together. 

  • You can introduce your ideas: tech conferences boast a wide variety of topics and this is your time to shine. If you see a roundtable discussion that’s interesting to you, make sure you attend. Then contribute what you know to the conversation.

  • You can get ideas from others: sometimes you get stuck and can’t move past a problem or issue. Conferences are a great time to share your work with others and receive helpful feedback and critiques from industry experts. 

We’ve convinced you, right? We knew it! Check out these tech conferences in 2023, sorted by region, and start planning your next trip. 

Tech Conferences in 2023 

Tech Conferences in Europe 

Business & Data Intelligence Minds - Berlin, Germany

From 26 to 28 February, Berlin will host a conference focusing on technology and business intelligence, bringing together thought leaders in the sector to transform the way we handle data.  

Mobile World Congress - Barcelona, Spain 

Get your bags packed for Barcelona! From 27 February to 2 March, Barcelona will host the Mobile World Conference, focusing on robotics, blockchain, and more. This year, this famous conference will host CEOs of the following companies: Lockheed Martin, Orange, Telefónica, and the Ericsson Group. 

South Summit - Madrid, Spain

Ready to learn about the new technologies that are driving the sector? From 7 to 9 June, head to the Spanish capital to take on the theme Today 2030, explore the future of technology, and study sustainable practices in the industry. 

London Tech Week - London, UK

Join the 10th London Tech Week and spend a week in this capital city surrounded by entrepreneurs looking to break into tech. Just like Madrid’s event, this conference will focus on the future and how technology is transforming both business and society. Interested? Head to London from 12 to 16 June 2023. 

Viva Tech - Paris, France 

Europe’s biggest tech conference is coming to Paris from 14 to 17 June! Leaders from companies like LinkedIn, Snap INC, Binance, and Ethereum will be joining the more than 300,000 attendees (virtual and in-person!) as they take part in fun technology challenges and share innovative ideas with those in attendance. 

The Next Web Conference - Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re ready to get into tech, you have a date in Amsterdam from 15 to 16 June. The Next Web Conference is the place to be if you’re looking to kickstart your career; recruiters from Meta, Google, HSBC, and more are there to meet candidates, host panels, offer workshops and much more. Are you in? 

Web Summit - Lisbon, Portugal 

Can’t make room for a conference until later in the year? No problem! From 13 to 16 November, Lisbon will host what the New York Times called “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s highest priests.” Companies like Apple, Mars, Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify, and many more will come together to share innovation in digital transformation and learn from one another. 

Tech Conferences in North America 

Tampa Cybersecurity Conference - Tampa, Florida

Interested in the cybersecurity industry and finding out what’s been going on? Or do you want to hear from industry experts? Head to Tampa on 2 March to stay up to date with the latest in the sector. 

TECHSPO - New York City, USA

Join big names like ABC and CNN in NYC from 20 to 21 April as the latest trends in technology come to the Big Apple. The world’s biggest companies will be showcasing their newest innovations: are you going to miss it?! 

eMerge Americas 2023 - Miami, Florida

This international conference is bringing together leaders from across the globe to discuss how technology is changing our lives and how we can benefit from these changes. We’ll see you in Miami from 20 - 21 April! 

Tech Conferences in South America 

The Green Expo - Mexico City, Mexico

For the 30th year, Mexico City’s The Green Expo will welcome international brands looking to present their innovative technology solutions for the environmental, energy, and renewable energy sectors. Want to be part of the change? From 5 to 7 September, you have a date in Mexico City.

DigiMarCon Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil

Looking to network, learn from experts, and check out what’s happening in other sectors? DigiMarCon Brazil is the perfect place to learn about the latest technologies in a wide range of industries and discover how technology can help advance practically any area. São Paulo is waiting for you from 6 - 7 November. 

Remote Tech Conferences

Can’t make it to one of the above conferences? Many have remote attendance options, but if that FOMO gets too strong, check out one of these completely remote conferences in 2023: 

Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 - Online

From 9 to 12 May, check out the world’s largest conference for women in tech and learn from industry experts. It will include breakout sessions, panels, keynote speakers, workshops, networking, and much more. 

The Product Conference - Online 

This virtual conference for software product managers on 18 May will dive into the world of software building, helping you get a better understanding of market needs and make connections with professionals from around the world. 

Whew, we have quite the year ahead of us! If you’re looking to make 2023 your year and truly dive into tech, you know what to do.

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