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July 7, 2021

The Ironhack podcast: Conversations about EdTech and career development

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The Ironhack Podcast, hosted by Tim Stephens and Dan Parry, brings a unique perspective into the tech world. If you are interested in finding out how people transform their lives through technology and education, this podcast is for you.

Through interviews with experts and amateurs in tech, The Ironhack Podcast makes technology accessible to everyone and brings amazing stories about empowerment, learning, and transformation. 

In 2020, Tim and Dan left their jobs and studied an Ironhack's Web Development bootcamp, after which they started their own podcast - just because it was fun and they wanted to create a cool community through it. They are now working as developers in Berlin and they have continued producing this podcast about education, tech, and personal development, with the support and guidance of Ironhack.

The Ironhack Podcast: Chapters #16 to #37

#37 - From coffee to coding w/Jessica Greene

Jessica shares her journey from coffee roasting to coding at the eco-friendly search engine - Ecosia. We also talk about how to navigate pay negotiations and the great work done by groups like  PyLadies to help address diversity in tech. 

#36 - The self taught dev w/Roman Frolov

From teaching himself code while working in a bar to senior software engineer. Roman shares his inspirational story of self-learning and hard work to make himself a career in tech. 

#35 - What is web3? w/Arseny Akinfiev

From international politics to self-taught web3 tech lead, Asrney walks us through his journey to where he is today and explains how web3 is shaping the future of tech.

#34 - What's your favourite JS library w/Yoseob Shin

Our old classmate Yo joins us to share his opinion on today's JS library landscape. Tim and I ramble on about AI in video games,   if you need math to be a good developer and we do our best impressions.

#33 - What's next for a career in UX? w/Milan Vukelić

Milan shares what made his time as Ironahck Berlin's lead UX /UI teacher so memorable and what makes the Ironahck community so special. We also take a dive into what UX/UI is and how to take hte next steps in your design career after graduating!

#32 - The journey to a new life w/Juan Cuadra

Since graduating in 2017, Juan has built a successful career in tech - Today he shares his journey from Nicaragua to Barcelona and back again. Along with some advise to anyone following in Juan's footsteps, we talk game development, VR and Ironhack projects... 

#31 - Becoming a portfolio professional w/Ben Legg

CEO & Co-founder of the Portfolio-Collective Ben Legg talks us through what it means to build a portfolio career and how to identify your monetizable skills. In the age of the digital nomad and freelancing tech wizards, a portfolio career has never made more sense.

#30 - How tech helped us w/Marina Pereda

Lockdown was a tricky time for us all but technology was there help us through. This week Dan is joined by our very own Marina Pereda to share some stories of lockdown and why its a better time than ever to start your journey at Ironhack!

#29 - From Cloud enthusiast to cloud native. Malt cloud panel discossion

Tim joins Malts Head of Data, Olivier Girardot, for a deep dive into tech trends of 2021. 

#28 - The Biggest Bluff with Daniela Castro

#27 - A secure future with Cybint and Ironhack

A deeper dive into the new learning platform used for and the outcomes it has delivered for alumni so far. Sandra Boskovic , Ironhack's very own curriculum engineer tells us what is so special about the Cybint learning platform and shares some of the top job titles .

#26 - An introduction to Cyber Security

Pauline Didier, the teaching facilitator at our Berlin campus, give us the run down on how the course is structured, the skills it teaches students and what it takes to make it to graduation.

#25 - Discovering Data with Phine & Lilla

Taking the bootcamp doesn't always mean moving to a new career, the skills can be used to move you forward in your current field or just make you a better team member! In this episode we talk to two of Ironhack Berlin's data analysts students: Phine & Lilla about the Data Analytics course, their advice for new students and how they intend to use their new knowledge after graduating.

#24 - Delivering Digits w/Jen Lim

Jen Lim has been Director of Digital Delivery at a cinema software company for the last year and in that time she (pretty much) single handedly delivered huge monster of a project for them. In this episode, Jen joins us to chat about how the hell you do something like this as well as discussing the concept of deep work and how it can be applied to learning and working.

#23 - Putting Humberto to the (COVID) test

This week we chat with Humberto Buniotto about his covid testing labs, his secret underground laboratories, space launches and more. 

#22 - Buttering it up w/ Jakob Knutzen

If you're about to start your bootcamp and you're thinking "how am gonna accomplish so much so fast?", or are interested in how to get an MVP launched to fully functioning, or how to make working from home work for you or how some of the challenges you might face getting your start up off the ground... then this is the episode for you! 

#21 - Bots and Us and Martin Moen

This week we're joined by senior software engineer at Bots and Us, Martin Moen.  Bots and Us is a London based company with a mission to create autonomous service robots to work alongside people in public spaces. We chat to Martin about his journey into robotics and how accessible it is for junior developers (spoiler... It's very accessible)

#20 - The inner circle w/ Elias Groll from CodeSphere

 CodeSphere is an online code editor that lets you code directly into your browser, collaborate with team members with zero configuration and devOps support behind the scenes. We tackle the serious issues of beer, coding in the cloud, why metal laptops are sexy as well as nerding out about CodeSphere.

#19 - Co-operative coding w/ Joe Friel

Joe Friel, founder of Yalla Co-operative, joins us this week to talk about what it's like working with a team spread across the globe. With developers, designers and producers in Europe, the UK as well as Gaza, Yalla helps non-profits and impact-driven businesses drive positive social change in the tech sphere. Join us as we grill Joe about the ups and downs of working in this world, why web developers should always be thinking about skateboards and find out if a time credit is a future currency.

#18 - Women's month special!

The wonderful WebDev women of Dan's cohort join us for a Women's month special to discuss their inspiring success since graduating from Ironhack.

#17 - Gonzalo explains it all

Ironhack's very own Co-founder and Co-CEO Gonzalo Manrique shares how it all started, what's in store for the future and some of the challenges they faced along the way.

The Ironhack Podcast: Chapters 1-16

To listen to the previous chapters of the Ironhack podcast, go straight to our Spotify channel

Also, if you would like to be interviewed in the program or if you have any feedback for us or suggestions, contact us at [email protected].

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