The algorithm is female

Tech has no gender · Tech has no borders · Tech has no age. That’s why at Ironhack we're fighting against the gender gap by offering a 10% discount to every woman interested in studying our Web Development and Data Analytics bootcamp.

The story behind "The Algorithm is Female"

In 2013, the millennial population in Spain was experiencing a whopping 55% unemployment rate. Our founders launched the first Ironhack campus in Madrid, aiming to change the status quo in the education system.

Six years later, we are the leading tech school with 9 international campuses and have changed the lives of over 5000 people around the globe.

In 2018, only 25% of the students in STEM undergraduate programs were women. Our biggest role models in entrepreneurship and tech are still mostly men and if we look at it from the professional point of view, 70% of the jobs are currently held by men in the tech industry in Europe.

Ironhack wants to fight the current gender gap by creating an equal and accessible tech educational system. We believe tech has no borders, tech has no gender, tech has no age.


The gender gap in the tech industry

The advantages of working in tech are infinite. Salaries are 30% higher than in other fields, the unemployment rate is almost at 0% and you can enjoy remote and flexible schedules. Every day, technology is making a big impact in our lives and in society. As a tech school, we want to give our best committing to the cause:

We want to increase the percentage of women in the tech industry with a 10% scholarship for our Web Development and Data Analytics bootcamp.

Providing space and a voice to women in the tech industry while helping to create new female role models.

Establishing partnerships with tech companies internationally and nationally with the objective of fighting the gender gap in the digital industry.

Come to our events and join a thriving tech community

The "Algorithm is Female" is a growing community that focuses on empowering individuals regardless of their nationality, gender or age. We are celebrating Women's Month with a series of events to connect tech and innovation with a growing community that believes in fighting the gender gap. Choose your preferred location and join the TAIF community!

Ironhack Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ironhack Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Ironhack Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Ironhack Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Ironhack Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Ironhack Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico

Ironhack São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Our IronWomen work at companies like:

Meet some of our Ironwomen

Manon Pellat Bravo

I don't think there is an industry "for men." What is really important is to stop making gender differences and fight for women to pursue what they like and achieve their goals.

Manon Pellat Bravo

General Manager Ironhack Paris

Claudia Rivera Gómez

We don’t need to have hope to understand that the future in tech is female. We must be that hope and foster it now and always.

Claudia Rivera Gómez

Data Scientist & Engineering at Ironhack

Sandra Bošković

I learned that it is completely fine to feel uncomfortable most of the time. Uncomfortable makes you move, makes you grow. A new career or in general a new opportunity in life doesn’t always come when we feel ready to embrace it. New opportunities are risky and challenging, but they will take out the most and the best from you.

Sandra Bošković

Web Development Curriculum Manager

Kimberly Krüger

I believe that the power in re-shaping the current landscape lies mainly within ourselves and how much we engage to drive changes. We tend to underestimate the impact we can have if we understand the problem and unite forces to raise a voice ALL together. Education, self-value, inclusion and endurance are some of the key factors that foster the odds of diminishing the gender gap.

Kimberly Krüger

Event & Community Manager at Ironhack Berlin

Rocío Pérez

Through my role as a career advisor, I help our graduates to be aware of the gender pay gap and can use all the tools we provide to make sound professional decisions.

Rocío Pérez

Outcomes Manager at Ironhack Mexico

Floor Banga

More than anything, I believe in helping people grow and breaking down barriers together. That is why I am happy to work together with amazing people on the #TAIF initiative and spread the word that tech should be open to anyone. In my eyes: the more you deviate from the status quo, the more interesting your story gets.

Floor Banga

Growth Manager at Ironhack Amsterdam

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