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Become a full-stack web developer: learn to code your own web applications from scratch and start your career in tech. In full-time or part-time format.

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Ironhack Prework: Get ready for your Web Development bootcamp

Prework: Get ready for your Web Development bootcamp

Remote prep

As an official Ironhack student, you will be granted access to our platform’s preparatory materials. This introductory part of the bootcamp will guide you through the fundamentals of coding with JavaScript, HTML and CSS in approximately 50 hours. Consuming and understanding this background information is the foundation to your success during the bootcamp. The prework also includes guidelines to set up your environment on your computer. We understand that this can be challenging — but don’t worry! If you have any questions, experienced teacher's assistants will be available to help by talking you through everything by email or on a Slack channel. During the prework, you will (1) gain the skills to kickstart your coding bootcamp experience, (2) get to know the Ironhack community and team, and (3) optimize your mindset for success. All of this will enable you to thrive on our fast-paced campuses!

Web Development Instructors at Ironhack


Who is our Web Development bootcamp for?

Career changers

Are you looking to transition into a technical career? Ironhack’s bootcamp is specifically designed to develop your skills to land you a job as a junior developer or get you started in another technical role.


Thinking of launching your own tech company? This coding bootcamp will give you the technical skills to build a minimum viable product (MVP) or manage a technical team.

Career boosters

Take this course to complement your existing skill set and move into more tech-focused roles, such as product management, growth hacking, etc.

Recent graduates

If you’ve just graduated from high school or college, this bootcamp is sure to give you the fundamental skills to launch your career in tech or to start your own business.

Why Web Development at Ironhack?

Develop the most-valued tech skills:

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Gain expertise in frameworks such as Express-back-end and React-front-end

Become adept at version control with Git and GitHub

Increase your knowledge of servers and hosting

Get a grasp on working with databases

Adopt the agile methodology

With a balanced methodology:

Ironhack incorporates teaching theory and practice with hard skills. Our coding bootcamps keep pace and accelerate your learning ability to help you achieve your short-term goals and transition to long-term professional growth after graduation and employment.

Develop the industry’s most-valued soft skills:

Strengthen your problem-solving and analytical thinking skills

Exemplify the persistence and attention to detail needed to complete complex projects on tight schedules

Display your creativity with the bootcamp projects

Continuously learn as part of the Ironhack community after graduation

Learn how to learn, and how to collaborate both within a team and cross-functionally:

While self-learners gain their knowledge from solitude, we develop your skills by emulating real-world scenarios. Daily pair-programming exercises and collaborations with our other bootcamps, UX/UI and data analytics set you up to work fluidly in the tech jobs you want.

FAQ about the Web Development Course

Do I need any coding skills or experience?

Above all else, you will need to be extremely motivated and have a genuine interest in tech and coding. While we work continually to ensure you don’t lose a step, the bootcamp moves very quickly, so your dedication is essential. A previous introduction to coding, either through an introductory course in college or an online course, will be useful for you. But don’t get discouraged if you haven’t taken one — many of our students started without any previous knowledge and still became great developers. Nothing is more important than your mindset and your determination.

Why do you teach full-stack JavaScript?

JavaScript continues to be the most popular coding language because it can be executed in both the back-end (server-side) and the front-end (client-side/browsers). How amazing is it that you can become a full-stack developer by learning just one coding language? Moreover, JavaScript has one of the most expansive and engaged developer communities in the world. This means you can easily find the right mentors who will happily share their knowledge and experience. And, if this wasn’t already enough, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb and many other international companies build their apps with JavaScript, making it perhaps the most in-demand technical skill today.

If I already know how to code, is the web development bootcamp right for me?

Absolutely. As it turns out, many of our students already have computer science degrees or previous education. This is because the bootcamp teaches more than just coding. You’ll learn to utilize professional tools like GitHub, as well as the specific workflows that startups and software companies around the world are using. On top of that, you’ll learn software development best practices, SOLID principles, and technologies like MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS and React.

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