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2 December 2023 - 5 minutes

The Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 2024

Check out most in-demand tech skills in 2024

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer


What will the most in-demand tech skills be in 2024? This year has brought around lots of changes: from introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022 to a widespread adoption of the tool in 2023, we can expect 2024 to be full of incredible developments in the tech industry. 

If you’re one of the 74% of international workers who wish to learn new skills or make a total career change in order to remain employable in the future, this post is for you. Maybe you even believe it’s your responsibility to update your skills rather than relying on any employer, just like 3 professionals out of 4.

Whether it's to seek professional advancement, look for a better-paying job, or simply keep performing at your current job, this article seeks to lay out the hard and soft skills that you’ll need to start mastering this year.

The Top 10 In-Demand Jobs for 2024

According to LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Bloomberg, today’s top jobs to land a well-paid tech role this year are:

  1. Software Developer

  2. Data Analyst

  3. Business Analyst

  4. Financial Analyst

  5. Project Manager

  6. Information Security Analyst

  7. Customer Service Specialist

  8. Systems Administrator

  9. IT Manager

  10. UX Designer

So, what do you need to learn to be good at those jobs? 

Web Development Skills

Web development has become essential in the tech landscape. Having basic skills in coding, such as reading and writing simple code, understanding HTML and CSS, or being able to talk with developers or IT managers about a common project, is very useful in many professions, like in growth marketing or IT project management. 

If you want to go even further, Ironhack's Web Development Bootcamp will make you a skilled coder in 9 weeks. 

Check out today’s most popular coding languages: 

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript in base

  • React.js in front-end 

  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, in the back-end

Full-stack developers, who master the client and server side, are very versatile and therefore highly sought after by recruiters. All you have to do is take the plunge! 

Data Analyst Skills 

With a solid set of data science skills, you'll be able to work in several roles, such as Data Analyst, Data Architect, Business Analyst, or Financial Analyst.

The most sought after skills are : 

  • Cleaning data sets

  • Data analysis

  • Ability to interpret data and communicate about it

  • Machine learning

  • Data storytelling

In Ironhack's Data Analytics Bootcamp, you will get all the keys to start your career in data analytics in just 9 weeks. You'll start with a great refresher course in Python and end with a full module on Machine Learning–with some artificial intelligence thrown in there as well! 

UX/UI Design Skills

With a solid set of design skills, you will be able to work in several roles: 

  • Product Designer

  • Graphic Designer

  • UI & Visual Designer

  • UX Designer

  • UX Researcher

  • Motion Designer

UX researchers are becoming increasingly sought after in tech. Demand is expected to rise by 14.9% over the next decade. These roles are user-facing and particularly creative; they are perfect for those who want to mix technology with their more artistic side. 

Cybersecurity Skills 

Computer attacks are on the rise all over the world; because of this, cybersecurity professionals have a bright future ahead of them. With hackers becoming more numerous and inventive, cybersecurity is at the forefront of tech jobs. 

Demand grew 2.4 times faster last year than the rest of the U.S economy, Cyberseek has found. In the United States alone, the cybersecurity job heatmap shows that 68% of available positions only are filled. More than 750,000 cybersecurity experts are still wanted in IT security. This leaves you plenty of room to thrive in a career!

Here are some exciting discoveries you’ll make in Ironhack's Cybersecurity Bootcamp: 

  • The challenges of cybersecurity

  • The overview of the OWASP

  • The network security principles

  • How to configure and use a firewall

  • How to build a full security program

  • How to create your own detection and prevention system

  • How to detect vulnerabilities to secure any tech environment

In this practical program, you will even manage computer security attacks in real time. There’s no doubt you will become a versatile and desirable cybersecurity manager.

Ready to throw a wrench in the hacker's path?

A Set of Soft Skills 

To top off your hard skills, soft skills will make all the difference. 67% of employers would prefer to hire someone with excellent soft skills and teach them what they need to know technically. 

The most popular soft skills in 2024 will be: 

  • Adaptability: the market is going to change dramatically and automation is taking over. So, you'll need to adapt to ride the wave.

  • Pedagogy: the role of data storyteller is growing. Today, knowing how to interpret data to make it accessible helps making business decisions. And being able to communicate and explain well will be just as important.

  • Learning fast: more than ever before, we now need to be life-long learners to keep up with our jobs. Therefore, the ability to learn continuously is something HR professionals focus on during interviews. 

  • Good writing: more and more organizations are adopting part-time or even full-remote setups; documentation is becoming more and more important. Thus, the ability to get your ideas across in writing is key in tech.

That's a wrap! Now you know what skills are useful for the hottest jobs of 2024 in terms of employability, job security, and wages. Now, you just have to decide which ones you want to develop. How about starting with our JavaScript free course, a skill you'll inevitably need in tech?

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