Data Analytics

Gain the skills and the hands-on experience you need to become a Data Analyst. Wield core data tools, build your portfolio, and launch your career!

  • 9 weeks full time or 24 weeks part time
  • On campus / Remote
  • Beginner-friendly, no previous experience required

Ironhackers now work in:

Our bootcamp graduates are soon hired as Software Engineers, Product Managers, Front End, Back End Developers, UX Designers, Data Analysts, and in Cybersecurity departments. They are hired by big companies and startups all over the world. We make sure our alumni learn the most popular and latest technologies to develop their career in tech.

Data Analytics: Making Sense of The World Around You

Data is everywhere. It can be powerful, it can be misused, and it can even be beautiful. By harnessing the power of raw data, you'll be able to discover new insights, provide answers, and influence decisions wherever you go. As a Data Analyst you'll be capable of spotting trends before anyone else, and there's hardly a company out there that won't have a need for your new data skillset.

An Ironhack bootcamp can teach you the most in-demand data skills in as little as 9 weeks. In our immersive environment, both online and on campus, you'll be assigned real-world projects and collaborate with your fellow Ironhackers. Not only will you walk away with key hard skills like SQL queries, Scikit Learn, Python, and Tableau, throughout your bootcamp you'll develop your communication and critical thinking skills. If you're breaking into the data industry for the first time, our Career Advisor will help you understand and navigate the job market and identify your place in it.

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