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  • What is UX/UI Design and What Does a UX/UI Designer Do?

    Ironhack - 2021-07-16

    Have you noticed how many of the things you experience have been carefully planned for your comfort? We live surrounded by user experiences, both in the analog and digital world. It is very rare for a product to not be designed based on a reflection of our behavior with a service, on the way in which we seek information, or on our perception. UX/UI Design is the future, being that the UX and UI profiles are among the most demanded jobs today, with an annual growth of 18% according to several studies.

  • 5 minutes

    What Does a Career in Web3 Look Like?

    Ironhack - 2022-11-11

    The internet is evolving, and fast. On the web as we currently know it, information is stored on servers, which we can read on our computers. Today, we're moving towards a new type of internet called Web3; where data is decentralized and stored in many different places.

  • 5 minutes

    ChatGPT: What's with All the Noise? 

    Ironhack - 2023-02-02

    Samantha . This is the name of the artificial intelligence that Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with in the movie “Her”. He does precisely that because of his own solitude, but also because the software has been configured to be frighteningly human. Doesn't that sound familiar?

  • 26 minutes

    The Gender Gap in Tech…Let’s Talk About It

    Juliette Erath - 2023-03-09

    You’ll often see us talking about how great the tech industry is ( naturally ), and we truly believe it is. It’s a place where we see all kinds of people build the careers of their dreams, no matter their background, socio-economic status, demographic, or even personality type.

  • Is a coding bootcamp worth it?

    Ironhack - 2021-10-13

    As our world becomes more intertwined with technology, many people are considering a career change to the tech sector because of its in-demand job market. For many, being in technology is an enticing field because you can start without previous experience and it’s a flexible market where diverse experiences and skills are valued. However, for those thinking of changing careers, enrolling in a university to complete a degree related to a computer science, software development, UI/UX design or any other tech field might not be an option. Taking the traditional university route into tech can be cumbersome for some people who don’t have the time or financial means. As an alternative option many people wonder if joining a coding bootcamp is worth their time to transition careers. Regardless of where you are in your research, it's important to consider all your options.

  • The differences between HTML, CSS and Javascript (and some great tips to build your first website!)

    Ironhack - 2021-07-30

    Ever nodded your head to say you understand something, but secretly you didn't? And then you're like, OMG, why did I do that? And the next thing you know, you are being asked a question about that thing that you said you knew about or worse, you've been assigned a task to do that thing you said you knew about . Nightmare! Well, lucky for you, if you continue reading, you won't have that problem when it comes to CSS, HTML and Javascript. But maybe you still will in other aspects of your life, like trying to impress someone on a date. You: "oh yeah, I love that band" - *googles band in the bathroom* (by the way, you should really stop doing that), but hey, one thing at a time, we're only human ;).

  • 5 minutes

    What Is a Tech Lead?

    Juliette Erath - 2023-06-17

    Interested in being your software team’s go-to for technical questions? Dream of becoming a leader in your department? Excited about utilizing new technologies to guide innovation within your department? If these all sound familiar, then tech lead could be the perfect role for you. In this article, we’ll break down the responsibilities and requirements of a tech lead to figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

  • Data science vs. data analytics

    Ironhack - 2020-08-24

    In such a faced-paced world, it's not surprising we sometimes confuse certain technical terms, especially when they evolve at such dizzying speeds and new scientific fields seem to emerge overnight. That's why in the world of big data, which involves working with enormous and complicated amounts of information, some people still confuse certain concepts, tasks and roles found within this emerging and growing discipline.

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    11 Great Jobs in Tech for Creative People

    Juliette Erath - 2023-07-08

    For those who enjoy innovation, a career in technology might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to develop products for companies or design new-age video consoles, there are many roles for creative people in technology–even ones that don’t involve math or extreme computer knowledge! In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best creative jobs for those who want to pursue a career in tech, but aren’t totally sold on the technical side.

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    How to Begin a Career in Cybersecurity Without Previous Knowledge

    Ironhack - 2021-05-04

    We’ve all felt the effects of when companies don’t make cybersecurity a priority. You might even have had to bear the brunt when companies don’t invest in their cybersecurity yourself: personal data gets leaked, sensitive information is spread across the web, and life savings can be lost if you give the wrong company your bank details.

  • 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn

    Ironhack - 2023-05-27

    Let’s be real: there are tons of programming languages out there and choosing just one to learn (at first, at least!) can be quite the challenge. And while there aren’t any wrong choices when it comes to learning, we think that you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck if you choose one of these ten programming languages . But before we dive into each of them and what they offer, let’s first go over the basics of programming languages.