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4 February 2022

11 Great Jobs in Tech for Creative People

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A career in technology can offer you excellent opportunities if you enjoy innovation. Whether you want to develop products for companies or design new-age video consoles for studies, there are many roles for creative people in technology. This article highlights some of the best creative jobs for those who want to pursue a career in tech.

What's the Definition of Creative jobs?

Creative jobs are specific tech roles that require specialized skills and creativity combined with technical know-how. Creative roles in areas such as graphic design and digital marketing support companies in creating essential solutions that allow their projects or business to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Here are some of the creative jobs that you can find in the dynamic tech industry:

1. Graphic Designer

With a UX UI design degree, you can create computer programs that help develop and design art and images many businesses use to promote their products and ideas. Graphic designers can partner with different organizations and companies, provided they have the right skillset that gives them an edge. Alternatively, they can offer their freelance services to clients.

2. Video Game Designer

Video game designers utilize their skills to assist at different stages in video console and game development. This includes areas such as animation, graphic design, story creation, computer coding, and much more. They frequently work with other talented designers to create virtual games that cater to their target audience.

3. Social Media Manager

By working as a social media manager, your primary role would be to promote the company's products and services via multiple social media platforms. Social media managers create targeted social media posts, update the company's pages and create effective marketing campaigns intended to increase the company's revenue and interest.

4. Digital Marketer

As a professional digital marketer, your primary role is to develop effective marketing campaigns. These promotional efforts have the goal of enhancing consumer interest and brand awareness. Digital marketers make the most of the company's social media pages, creating promotions, blog posts, and digital content to market a brand more effectively.

5. Web Developer

Web developers often use their programming skills and computer coding expertise to create websites for individuals and businesses. As you well know, companies use websites to showcase their services and goods using online stores, blogs, and more. For this purpose, web developers create websites with an interactive user interface to allow easy navigation as potential customers browse their pages. Like graphic designers, this job requires some level of creativity to stand apart from the competition and to find innovative solutions to problems.

6. Animator

Animators are creative professionals who use art to create vivid images. Based on their talent in art and design, digital animators will maximize the use of multiple computer software to design animations for businesses, including television, film, plus video consoles. Moreover, they may partner with private companies or offer freelance services to video producers. Animators require creativity and artistic vision to excel in their jobs.

7. Copywriter

Let’s say you want to pursue a career in copywriting. It's essential to hone your writing and communication skills. Expert copywriters use their writing skills to create targeted promotional content for a variety of companies. Their primary roles include creating blog posts, commercial dialogue, social media posts, newsletters, marketing emails and more. Likewise, copywriters can work for companies that offer marketing services, where they can offer their services freelance to individuals.

8. Digital Producer

A career as a digital producer is rewarding as it entails the creation of digital material for organizations and companies, including videos and advertisements. On their workday, digital producers come up with concepts, cost estimates, and campaign ideas—leading other creatives to deliver targeted content. Assuming you plan to pursue a career in digital production, you need to enhance your communications skills and know-how of related computer software.

9. Brand Manager

Another job you can consider in the tech field is working as a brand manager. Their primary role is to maintain the public image of different businesses and companies as they seek to promote their products and services. On a typical workday, brand managers monitor the market trends and analyze competitors' positions to create impactful campaigns.

10. Market Analyst

Among the typical jobs in the tech field, marketing analysts also play an essential role. Marketing analysts support businesses determine marketing decisions, including what to sell, which customers to target, and the different prices of products or services. In addition, they create multiple customer surveys and questionnaires. These initiatives help analyze the current market trends, which is essential when creating marketing campaigns or strategies.

11. UX Designer

As a UX designer (user experience), you use your UX UI design skills to create user-friendly products for the target audience. For instance, if an organization wants to create a mobile app, a UX designer can help analyze the benefits of the specific product and how customers can access the solution with ease.

Due to the dynamic setting in tech jobs, you get a platform to express your skills in a competitive market. For an individual who has a knack for innovative ideas, a career in any of the mentioned fields can broaden your technical know-how in the long run. Don't limit yourself!

Attention to detail and a willingness to learn are coveted skills in the tech world. Applying for the jobs described above can help kick-start your tech career.

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