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As well as teaching you in-demand tech skills, with Career Advisor we're dedicated to landing you your dream job

Our Proven Methodology

By working with a global network of hiring partners, we've got our fingers on the pulse of what companies are looking for. You'll gain an understanding of what you want from a career in tech, and we'll match you with the opportunities that are the best for you. With Ironhack's Career Advisor you don't just get a tech job. You get a tech job that you love.

What can you expect from Ironhack's Career Advisor?

We've made career guidance simple (but effective!) by breaking it down into four steps:

Our Career Heroes

Ironhack's Outcomes Team is by your side all the way!

  • AlbertCoca

    Career Coach

  • AnaisAguero

    Student Success Manager

  • CarolinaRodrigues

    Student Success Manager

  • DavidFernández

    Student Success Associate

  • KathrynNicholson

    Career Coach

  • NathaliaPetreche

    Career Services Manager

Find out where our graduates work

Our amazing alumni are all the proof we need that our methodology works. Discover how far you can go with Ironhack boosting your career:

  • AleksandraBoskovic

    Lead Coca Cola Researcher

  • SofiaDalponte

    Lead BMW Researcher

  • FlorianAube

    Lead Uber Researcher

  • MartaFonda

    Director of Engineering

  • DanielaCastro

    Lead Sony Researcher

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