We’re Back on Campus at Ironhack Madrid!

After a long wait, we are finally back to our in-person activities in Madrid! We continue to offer our range of Part-Time and Full-Time courses that will change your life and boost your career. With our ongoing commitment to inclusion, we are also proud to introduce our Deferred Payment Plan. Let us guide you through our extensive network of alumni and hiring partners in Madrid and the rest of the world. Now is the time!

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Why now, why Madrid?

Job Landscape

The pandemic created a new job landscape in a city where hospitality and tourism are huge. Many people need to change their career, and with tech job opportunities on the rise in Madrid and surrounding areas, there’s never been a better time to get into tech. Let us teach you the skills needed to take advantage of these new opportunities!

Growing start-up ecosystem

Ironhack started in Madrid in 2013, becoming the first school in the country focused on teaching tech bootcamps. It quickly became a hub for startup companies and has since partnered with companies such as Deliveroo, Cabify, Geoblink or Jobandtalent. With a network of hiring partners and a strong reputation in the city, Ironhack is the number one option for recruiters when looking for talent in tech. The community keeps growing and we can proudly say that our events are coming back to the campus in Matadero!

An open city

Madrid is one of the cities in Europe that combines amazing history, art, gastronomy and nightlife. In the heart of Spain, this city attracts Spanish speakers from all over the world, especially now that our courses are once again taught in-person, in one of the most important cultural spots in the city: Matadero Madrid.

Financing options in Madrid

Life after COVID-19 is not the same: new job opportunities have been created and most people need support to get the skills they need to take advantage of these new opportunities. In an effort to make learning the skills needed in tech more accessible to everyone, Ironhack recently launched Deferred Tuition, where you only need to pay 15% tuition to enrol in one of our courses, and pay the rest once you land a job, or 8 months after graduation. Now really is the time!

Our Courses

Web Development

Code meaningful applications from scratch by becoming a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn Front-end design and Back-end architecture fundamentals, using top-notch technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and many more.

Data analytics

Help make sense of a complex world by becoming a Data Analyst. Learn to cultivate tools & languages such as Python, SQL and Tableau, in extracting and interpreting valuable and meaningful insights from a wide range of datasets.

UX/UI design

Help best design digital worlds by becoming a UX/UI Designer. Learn user-centered design by applying the Design Thinking process and validate your ideas through user research, prototyping, user testing, and heuristic evaluation.


Help protect our increasing shift towards digitalization, by becoming a Cybersecurity Professional. Learn about Operating Systems, Network Admin, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking, Risk analysis and much more.

Our Ironhack Madrid Team

Valentín es licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Su trayectoria profesional se inició en el sector financiero, que incluyó tanto su paso por la sede londinense de Morgan Stanley como por Bankia (Madrid). Posteriormente, dio un salto al ámbito de la educación superior, como Director del Departamento de Ayuda Financiera y Servicios al estudiante en IE Business School. Ha sido Director de Ventas y Desarrollo de la Universidad Europea de Madrid (2016-2019), Director Comercial en Universidad Villanueva y consultor externo en el sector de la educación.

Valentín Cortés

Campus Lead

Luan has been working in the education industry since 2012 and has work experience from Brazil, US, and Spain.Working in education gives him the chance to feed his own curiosity and work with like-minded people. But most important of all, it is still giving him an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Luan Oliveira

Admissions Manager

Ana has a Business background and has worked in the education field for 5 years. She loves helping people to find their true passion! Her main hobby is to travel, and every moment she can she is off traveling the world. The further, the better. She is very friendly and talkative, so do not hesitate to email us and tell her your story.

Ana de Ondarza

Admissions Manager

Luan trabaja en el sector de la educación desde 2012 y tiene experiencia laboral en Brasil, Estados Unidos y España. Trabajar en este sector le ha dado la oportunidad de alimentar su propia curiosidad y trabajar con personas con mentalidad similar. Pero lo más importante de todo es que le sigue dándole la oportunidad de marcar la diferencia en la vida de los demás.

Luan Olivieira

Admissions Associate

Ana tiene un perfil orientado al mundo de los negocios, y ha trabajado los 5 últimos años en el sector de la educación. Su pasión es ayudar a que la gente encuentre la suya propia. Su hobby es viajar, y a cada momento libre que tienes está recorriendo el mundo, cuanto más lejos mejor! Además es muy cercana y habladora, así que no dudes en enviarnos un correo electrónico y contarle tu historia.

Ana de Ondarza

Admissions Associate

Victor joined the Ironhack team in 2017. After attending the web development bootcamp, he stayed on as a teacher's assistant and has worked his way up to become our program manager. He is the secret keeper of Ironhack, always taking the time to lend a caring ear to our students and appreciate their stories.

Víctor Rodríguez

Program Manager

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I (try to) live my life with a grateful attitude. Throughout my entire career I’ve helped companies find and hire talented digital candidates and I strongly believe in the potential of everyone if the right opportunity is given. Today, as Partnerships Manager, my main focus is to connect Ironhack Talent with Digital Companies looking for Junior Talent.

Sara Mondragon

Talent & Partnership Manager

Made in Colombia. Knowmad, lover of books, arts and makeup. She was a lawyer at some point in her life, (yes, one of those who wear a suit and heels). But when she had the opportunity to work on projects with HR, she decided to leave everything, become a coach and accompany others to discover that bitter but also very sweet taste of reinventing yourself to pursue a professional dream. I believe in empathy as a change driver.

Natalia Garcia

Talent & Partnership Associate

Germán has been teaching people from all backgrounds for 10 years, guiding his students on their transition into the web development field. He's a MERN-stack specialist and has led training at companies such as Mercedes, Ikea and Tragsatec, among others. You'll start his class as a digital consumer and leave as a digital creator.

Germán Álvarez

Lead Teacher, Web Development

Después de trabajar 7 años en EEUU, donde descubrió el concepto del diseño desde una perspectiva humana, Daniel fundó varias startups y encontró la forma de construir casas bioclimáticas que no requieren mantenimiento. Su trayectoria profesional está muy vinculada con el área de diseño y el desarrollo de productos físicos y digitales. A día de hoy, Daniel tiene la misión de formar a la próxima generación de diseñadores UX y de crear nuevos conceptos de diseño para las futuras interfaces humanas con modelos cognitivos.

Daniel Gasco

Lead Teacher, UX/UI Design

Amanda estudió comunicación audiovisual y electrónica. Hizo el bootcamp de Análisis de Datos de Ironhack y tras terminar pasó a formar parte Ironhack como profesora del curso de análisis de datos. Debido a su experiencia y estudios previos, también tiene conocimientos de gestión de redes sociales, fotografía, edición de video y sonido, y conocimientos básicos de diseño gráfico.


Lead Teacher, Data Analytics

Victoria Díez

Growth Manager

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