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Learn Web Development, UX UI Design, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity, and let us guide you through our extensive global hiring network. Change your life with Ironhack!

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What sets Ironhack Remote apart?

After years of experience with in-person classes, we have ensured that our remote classes have the identical learning outcomes, the same level of individual attention, and the same engaging experience as on-campus classes.

Join our live virtual classroom

Our Remote programs consist of live virtual classrooms where your classmates and instructional staff all interact together. Just like any other classroom, you can raise your hand and ask questions, collaborate in breakout rooms and review the classes with our recorded sessions. Teaching Assistants will be available during all the learning sessions and also during open office hours to support you on your journey.

Benefit from a blended learning methodology

Benefit from an innovative learning methodology that allows you to apply these skills to join a fully remote or a hybrid company. In 2018, 16% of the companies worldwide were fully remote, and 70% of the companies allowed employees to work from home at least one day per week. Get started today and join the digital remote workforce!

Learn from (virtually) anywhere you want

Digital Nomads around the world flock to Ironhack Remote to continue their passion for tech while traveling the world. Don’t let the classroom walls tie you down, the world is your classroom! Immerse yourself in new areas while training for you new tech career.

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Our Courses

Web Development

Code meaningful applications from scratch by becoming a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn Front-end design and Back-end architecture fundamentals, using top-notch technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and many more.

Data analytics

Help make sense of a complex world by becoming a Data Analyst. Learn to cultivate tools & languages such as Python, SQL and Tableau, in extracting and interpreting valuable and meaningful insights from a wide range of datasets.

UX/UI Design

Learn to design and build app experiences for the digital world. Learn user-centric Design Thinking processes, and validate your ideas through user research, prototyping, user testing, and heuristic evaluation.


Help protect our increasing shift towards digitalization, by becoming a Cybersecurity Professional. Learn about Operating Systems, Network Admin, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking, Risk analysis and much more.

Our Ironhack Remote Team

Following a career change, Vicky has discovered her passion for the digital industry. Her experience in the UK and in Argentina, her homeland, has allowed her to get to know different cultures and work methodologies. With more than 4 years of experience in the education sector and being aware of the importance of continuous training, she enjoys helping people transform their professional careers.

Victoria Fernández

Admissions Manager

Sara is passionate about EdTech and innovative learning. She loves student stories and connecting them to new skills and careers!

Sara Stivers

Admissions Manager

Gabriela was born in Brazil and moved to Portugal 3 years ago. Her very first job was as an English Teacher but her professional background is also related to event management, educational marketing and international partnerships with foreign institutions. Very happy and positive person. Loves pets (especially if they are puppies and kittens) and loves knowing about people's life history. She speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Gabriela De Mattos

Admissions Manager

Dirk has a background in teaching Economics, managing educational projects - and graduated from our Data Analytics bootcamp.

Dirk Gruhne

Admissions Associate

An educational expert (10 years experience), Ariana discovered her passion for the digital industry and become a UX-UI designer.

Ariana Quintana

Admissions Associate

Born and raised in Barcelona. After graduating in Design, she, just like you might, studied at Ironhack and solidified her experience in visual design and user experience. Then she fell in love with tech and with supporting students on their life-changing journeys. Now, as a Program Manager at the Remote Camp makes things happen! Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Hel·lena Prat

Program Manager

Born and raised in France, I have spent almost 10 years working in the tourism industry and traveling the world. Because I was looking in a change of career, I then studied web development with Ironhack and in the end joined the team to help students achieve their goal and take the next step in their life. I am passionate about learning languages and never say no to some wine and cheese.

Julie Nonnenmacher

Program Management Associate

Fernando is a psychologist who first joined Ironhack as a student and later worked as a TA for a few cohorts. Along with a background in Human Resources and teaching, he makes sure that every student has a successful journey during their Bootcamp. He is interested in data analytics and is passionate about languages.

Fernando Costa

Program Management Associate

Jan loves working with data in all its forms and finds that analysing it satisfies his curiosity. He worked as a database administrator, IT consultant, developer, team lead, department head and CTO. Teaching allows him to combine working with data and helping people grow. In his spare time he likes to draw (anything), paint (portraits) and sing (opera).

Jan Molendijk

Lead Teacher, Data Analytics

Loves to explore data, create, and diagnose models beyond performance metrics. On his free time, he loves to fly paragliders with his friends or going to the countryside with his MTB.

Ignacio Soteras

Lead Teacher, Data Analytics

Passionate about tech and the UK, Gabriel has a passion for community growth, marketing and events. In London since 2007.

Gabriel Pizzolante

Growth Manager

Marina is a marketer with more than 10 years of experience. She joined Ironhack after a broad career working in many industries - education, spirits, telco and more recently at hospitality - always in Marketing functions but from different angles. Now she is back at education eager to transform people’s lives.

Marina Pastor

Growth Manager

Marta has vast experience in startups, e-commerce and digital companies within different markets. Among others, she had her own company in the online food industry and worked for the leading platform for home remodeling and design. If she's not working on Ironhack Remote, you'll most probably find her doing yoga, traveling or playing with animals.

Marta Dalda

Director of Student Experience

Driven by people and their stories, Vero has worked in sales and education for 10 years, aiming for the best students’ experience.

Verónica Moncada

Regional Sales Manager

A world explorer, Anna is enthusiastic about the best education formats and business models. She has joined Ironhack to support future students in boosting or transforming their careers. After starting her professional career in China and launching a start-up in Shanghai, she has been working in the education industry for five years.

Anna Vilardell

Regional Sales Manager

Coming from a background in communications and recruitment, Inese is truly passionate about people. Especially helping them to become their better versions both professionally and personally. She even has a Happiness project to discover what makes people happier. When Inese feels like disconnecting from that, she travels, paints and cuddles cats.

Inese Muceniece

Student Success Manager

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