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24 May 2024 - 5 minutes

How Learning Data Analytics Can Change Your Life

More data knowledge will help you–both personally and professionally. 

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

Retraining for a career in web development or data analytics is more than just a change in the way you work. For many people, learning data analytics techniques can totally change the way they view the world, with consequences that go way beyond their professional tasks. If you choose a career change to data analysis, you can expect generous pay checks, plenty of choice about where you work, who you work for, and even how many hours you work. All of that is pretty much guaranteed. But in this article, we’ll be looking at benefits that are much more important. So let's dive in and explain what we mean.

What Is Data Analytics and why is it so important?

Before we go further, it helps to set out exactly what we're talking about. Data analysis involves taking huge datasets which often include millions of data points and turning this raw material into information that can shape the way we live. Doing this isn't simple. You need some knowledge of math and statistics, as well as coding skills and familiarity with analytics tools. All of that can be acquired via a good tech boot camp. And learning those skills can have huge implications for you and those around you.

1. Understand Public Policy at a Totally New Level

One of the biggest immediate benefits of a career change to data analysis is that the world instantly becomes easier to understand. So many of the big questions that confront us are data driven. Think about pandemics and vaccine uptake, greenhouse gas emissions, inequality, and the way information spreads on social media. With an under-the-hood awareness of how data is created, you'll be able to pick out fake news and gain valuable insights into how the world works. That's a big deal for voters, investors, and ordinary citizens alike.

2. Become a Marketing Guru Overnight

Another huge plus related to data analytics is the way it opens doors in the marketing world. So much of modern digital marketing revolves around data. Large and small companies need to know about click throughs, engagement rates, conversions, pay-per-click prices, keyword reach, and myriad other data points. Most managers aren't savvy when it comes to data, so they have come to rely on professionals to lead the way. So with a bit of data analysis experience, you could easily find yourself steering marketing campaigns and saving the fortunes of local businesses.

3. Gain a Totally New Appreciation of Pro Sports

As any sports fan will confirm, data has always been a major part of the fan experience. Whether you're talking about batting averages, rushing yards, or 3-point accuracy, data and sports have a long relationship. But, the development of analytical technology in recent years has taken that relationship to another level. With strong data analysis skills, you can find ways to outfox friends in debates about Super Bowl contenders, or even find your way onto the ever-growing roster of data professionals at NFL teams. You can dominate Fantasy Football leagues as well, using your data awareness to leave competitors in the dust.

4. Become a Better Local Citizen

Wherever you live, your local government is probably using data to inform its decisions about crime, zoning, environmental protection, housing, and - most commonly of all - traffic management. But, it's also likely that they are using this data inefficiently, failing to take advantage of the potential that data analytics holds. This means that when you make a career change to data analysis, you can also change the way you relate to local democracy. You might volunteer to help with civic campaigns, or even find work at City Hall. And if you want to go further, you could even put your data skills to work on election campaigns. These days, every election is data-driven, from the county level to the White House.

5. Make Your Workouts Go Further

There's nothing geeky about data analytics. In fact, data analysis is also making a huge contribution to the way we exercise and stay healthy, and the more data skills you learn, the more effective your workouts can be. You can map your running distances, calories burned, heart rates, and routes to find a varied and effective cardio routine. Or, you could use similar data to work out how to peak for competitions, bringing in nutrition and sleep to complete the picture. And with the right tools, it's even possible to minimize the risk of injury and fatigue, helping you stay healthy for longer.

6. Pass on Key Skills to Your Kids

Data analysis is also the kind of skill that children need to know about. They are going to live their lives in a world dominated by data, so understanding how it is collected, analyzed, and used is an incredibly valuable skill. Can you be confident that kids will learn data awareness and the skills needed to launch careers in this data-driven world? Perhaps. But if you have those skills and pass them on, your children will be in the pole position from the start.

7. Change Much More Than Your Career by Learning Data Analysis

Everyone knows that this is the age of Big Data, but fewer people appreciate how data can change the way they live on a personal, day to day basis. As we've seen, making a career change to data analytics isn't just about job security or corporate progression. It opens a huge range of doors in everyday life from watching or playing sports to being a democratic citizen or helping out struggling businesses. The good news is that analytics aren't hard to learn, even for novices. Just enroll at Ironhack for an intensive Data Analytics Bootcamp, and you'll soon see the world in a totally new way.

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