Alumni Stories

Learn about the Ironhack experience directly from those who have already lived it and survived to tell the tale.

Society, Science, Tech and the world in general are changing so fast, that it’s nearly impossible for universities to react accordingly.

Karolin Siebert
Web Development Bootcamp, -

When you complete the course you always have resources to help you along your journey, whether it is coding help or helping you find a job.

Ryan Morrison
Web Development Bootcamp, -

I started without experience or a design education. This bootcamp has given me a solid foundation to meet the challenges of the UX/UI field of today.

Chris Peterson
UX/UI Design Bootcamp, -

Even after finishing the bootcamp, I know there is so much to learn. Ironhack gave me the tools to learn on my own for my web development career.

Sarah Abogabir
, -

I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat. Even the hard times, the late nights, every moment of it brought me where I am today. If you love software and need a place to start, you really don’t need to look any further.

Crystal Jones
, -

I enrolled in Ironhack not to become a developer, but because I wanted to be the best at what I do now.

Tabi Vicuña
Web Development Bootcamp, Madrid - February 14

Between university and job requirements there's a gap, but not with Ironhack. Here you're inside the job market because you're living with professionals within the design community.

Silvia Menéndez
UX/UI Design Bootcamp, Barcelona - January 17

Joining Ironhack was one of the best decisions of my life. I coded over 12 hours a day and loved every second of it. I learned more during two months than in 5 years of college.

Elina Neonen
Web Development Bootcamp, Barcelona - March 16

At Ironhack, I learned all that I didn't learn in the university. They taught me good practices and how to code properly.

Anais Engelmager
Web Development Bootcamp, Madrid - October 16

The camaraderie of learning so intensely with 20 other people going through the same sleepless nights and struggles is also something very unique and special.

Alice Guan
Web Development Bootcamp, Miami - January 17

Undoubtedly, Ironhack has been an open door. Now the key is to seek how to take advantage of all the opportunities that appear. And the more you move, the more they appear.

Laura Amber
UX/UI Design Bootcamp, Madrid - October 16

I decided to get ahead of this curve before I’m 35 years old and a computer replaces my job and yours.

Andrew Ettinger
Web Development Bootcamp, Miami - June 15

...I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat. Even the hard times, the late nights, every moment of it brought me where I am today.

Crystal Jones
Web Development Bootcamp, Miami - May 17

The UX class has a lot of moving parts, with new professors every week, professional mentors coming and events outside of the program, and she managed it all with genuine enthusiasm.

Sarah Nohe
UX/UI Design Bootcamp, Miami - June 17

Student Projects

Web Development

UX/UI Design

Data Analytics

KittyBus, a public transportation chatbotWith a background as an aerospace engineer, after Ironhack Ignacio is now working with Geoblink as a software engineer. During his time at Ironhack, he created a chatbot called KittyBus that provides users with real-time information about public transportation.
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Reyes del Chollo, the place to discover discountsWith more than 35,000 users daily, Adrian’s Ironhack project Reyes del Chollo helps many people find big discounts on everyday products.
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