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May 18, 2023 - 4 minutes

From Architect to UX/UI Designer with Ironhack Miami

Learn how Cuban-American Ariel fulfilled his dream of entering the UX/UI design field.

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Today’s spotlight is on Ariel Carmona Muñio.  He’s an architect who immigrated from Cuba and found his calling in UI/UX design. After completing Ironhack’s 9 week part-time UX/UX Design Bootcamp at Ironhack Miami, Ariel is now able to combine his love for design with practical skills essential to the tech industry. Check out his story here:

My name is Ariel Carmona Muñio, I am a Cuban architect and have worked in this profession for the last 4 years in Cuba. I have always felt inclined to other branches of design and especially to how a product can positively or negatively affect people's behavior. UX/UI design is the space where I can combine all my passions: drawing, graphic design and, although it seems unlikely, also architecture.

The Ironhack Experience

 What was your experience with the enrollment process? 

Immediately after arriving in the United States, I began looking for ways to prepare myself to be part of the world of technology as a designer, since Miami was becoming the main tech hub of the Americas. Ironhack instantly moved up my list of possible options, not only because of its renowned quality, but also because of the scholarship opportunities that would allow me to have access to a high-level education, after being in this country for only two months.

I am grateful for the eMerge Americas scholarship, which offered an immigrant like me the opportunity to achieve my dreams, have equal opportunity to others, and be part of a community that I am very proud of. Before, during and after finishing the bootcamp, I told myself: “I want to be an ambassador of this experience for my community and for the world”

What was your experience with the full-time UI/UX Bootcamp at Ironhack Miami? 

I learned to work in a team, negotiate, meet customer requirements, empathize, how to use color, fonts, grids, shapes, new softwares, wireframes, prototypes... the list is endless! But Ironhack is not just about acquiring new skills, it's also about the connections you create, the relationships with your classmates, your instructors. Throughout the program you’ll feel like you belong in this place.

Life After Ironhack

As an architect, I feel that I have not changed my career at all. UX/UI design is an extension of my path and every past experience is important, but in this new field all design parameters are involved. I envision my future designing life-changing products.

I guarantee you will learn, cry and laugh, sometimes be frustrated yet frequently proud of your achievements, but you will be 100% a true designer after this.


A big thanks to Ariel for sharing her thoughts about Ironhack’s UX/UI Design bootcamp. We loved hearing about how he found a sense of belonging with our community after moving from Cuba. 

You can connect with Ariel on LinkedIn or check out his website to follow his journey and learn more about his current projects.

If you’d like to upskill to enhance your current skills and be part of Ironhack’s supportive community like Ariel, we encourage you to check out our UX/UI Design Bootcamp, in addition to our Web Development and Data Analytics Bootcamps.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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