Careerhack: Ironhack's Career Services

Careerhack is Ironhack's Career Services program. It's designed to help Ironhackers identify their ideal outcome, and reach it as fast as possible. We've helped thousands of students land their dream job in tech. Discover how we will help you!

A Proven Methodology

Careerhack comes after 5+ years of helping students achieve success, we've developed a thorough understanding of what it takes to land a job in the digital ecosystem. The program is a standalone course in the student portal, combinied with individual support from our coaches. It is divided into three different stages to be completed in different moments: Before, during, and after the course.

Behind our success is a strong network of hiring partners, a dedicated outcomes team, and a deep knowledge of the tech job market and how to navigate it.

Career Services

What can you expect from our Careerhack?

Careerhack - Stage 0: Discovery

The discovery stage is designed for students to gain internal and external clarity and understanding before they start the bootcamp. Students perform different exercises to better understand their motivation and skills, start working on designing their personal brand through Ironhack’s Personal Branding Canvas, as well as research about the job market and potential roles. Designed for all students, regardless of their desired outcome. To be completed during pre-work, before the Bootcamp starts.

Ironhack Career Week

Careerhack - Stage 1: Digital Foundations

The Digital Foundations Stage is designed to prepare students to enter and navigate the digital market. It is heavily focused on profile building and networking. During Stage 1, you will have an individual meeting with one of our Career Coaches. Together, we will review and approve your profiles. Also, we will talk about your career plans or goals after the Bootcamp to support you with personal guidance to succeed in the next stage. To be completed during the Bootcamp.

Careerhack - Stage 2.1: Job Hunting

Phase 1: Warm Up Before starting our Job Search, it's essential going through a full job hunting drill, so you can replicate it once you start looking on your own. The Warm-Up phase is a week full of workshops, webinars and challenges designed to train you and improve your job searching skills.

Ironhack Career Services

Careerhack - Stage 2.2: Job Hunting

Phase #2: Sprint Once we're all warmed up, It's game time! Throughout the job search, we provide weekly one on one guidance with support and access to our Hiring Partners through different channels. Our Sprint phase is designed to support you until you get your desired outcome. During the Stage 2.2 and once you graduate, we will connect you with the hiring partners who are actively looking for new talent. You will jump straight into the interview stage and introductions will be made based on affinity. We want to ensure each interview is as productive as possible. For this reason, we ask both companies and students their preferences regarding language, location, hard skills, and soft skills, matching based on this criteria.

Careerhack: Ironhack's Career Services

Where do our graduates work?

In our effort to provide the best opportunities to our students, we partner up with the most relevant companies in the industry.

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Career Services

Our outcomes team

Our dream team is dedicated to helping you achieve success on your terms. They’re responsible for providing personalized career support and nurturing hiring partner relationships to provide relevant opportunities.

Passionate about working with people, graduated in Psychology from PUC-SP. Since then, she became interested in the Career Advisor area. She worked in several HR consultancies with Recruitment and Professional Education companies. Also, she is fascinated by subjects such as Diversity and Inclusion and Employer Branding. You can come to her to talk about arts, books, animals, culture and, of course, career and technology!

Mariana Reis

Career & Partnership Manager

Hang's brain is wired around coaching, L&D, and creating positive people experiences. Having transitioned from hospitality to Tech Recruiting, as a Career Coach she now enables new Tech talent to position themselves effectively - not just as another dev, analyst or designer - but as a Tech professional contributing to the tech ecosystem. She also is a big fan of free brain food and loves bringing people together through knowledge sharing.

Hang Vu Thi Thu

Career & Partnership Manager

Catarina is an anthropologist by heart but the last 4 years of her life were spent recruiting awesome people for awesome companies. This passion for the possibility to change people’s lives brought her here and she is ready to prepare our students for the tech market helping them with career services.

Catarina Costa

Career & Partnership Manager

Kevin is a Miami local that has been involved in the South Florida tech ecosystem for over 6 years. After getting a degree in Finance from FIU, he joined the small team at eMerge Americas to drive the mission of making Miami a tech hub of the Americas. At Ironhack, he is passionate about forming partnerships to reduce unemployment for underrepresented groups while providing the in-demand tech talent companies are after. In addition to being an MBA candidate at the University of Miami, Kevin loves learning about the latest tech trends like crypto and NFT’s. On the weekend, you can catch Kevin out boating with friends, at the golf course or at the dog park with his best friend, Remi.

Kevin Perez

Talent & Partnership Manager

Kathryn joined the Ironhack family in 2020 as the intern where she played an essential role each step of the student journey. This is where she found a passion for coaching and helping graduates find their dream jobs so she stayed on as our Career Specialist! She comes from a background in International Affairs, language studies and multiple teaching experiences. She has always been passionate about access to education and life-long learning.

Kathryn Nicholson

Talent & Partnership Manager

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I (try to) live my life with a grateful attitude. Throughout my entire career I’ve helped companies find and hire talented digital candidates and I strongly believe in the potential of everyone if the right opportunity is given. Today, as Partnerships Manager, my main focus is to connect Ironhack Talent with Digital Companies looking for Junior Talent.

Sara Mondragon

Talent & Partnership Manager

Elise has previous experience in Recruitment at Amaris and then worked in a B2B event agency as New Business Manager where she was in charge of partnerships & community building. She is now in charge of partnerships for France.

Elise Delorme

Talent & Partnership Associate

Made in Colombia. Knowmad, lover of books, arts and makeup. She was a lawyer at some point in her life, (yes, one of those who wear a suit and heels). But when she had the opportunity to work on projects with HR, she decided to leave everything, become a coach and accompany others to discover that bitter but also very sweet taste of reinventing yourself to pursue a professional dream. I believe in empathy as a change driver.

Natalia Garcia

Talent & Partnership Associate

Born and raised in Barcelona. She, just like you, made a career change. Carla switched from Tourism to Human Resources in the IT sector, that means you already have something in common. She believes in positivity as a tool for success and in a smile as an accelerator of results so yes, you will see her laugh very often and trust in your capacities all the time.

Carla Martín

Talent & Partnership Associate

With a BA of International Business and experience in the startup scene as a Talent & Business Developer associate, Kosta joined Ironhack's team to help students get their dream job and succeed. Kosta is committed to preparing all Ironhackers for the job market and partnering with companies to create opportunities for them.

Kostadin Mitkov

Talent & Partnership Associate

After five years in the digital industry matching top-performing talents with the right career opportunities, Gemma has joined Ironhack with the aim of helping change people's lives. She not only coaches and trains Ironhackers to launch brilliant careers but also works with companies to fill the existing digital talent gap.

Gemma Garriga

Global Outcomes & Partnership Lead

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