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Who are we?

Ironhack tech talent

Ironhack: a global EdTech company

We've been disrupting education since 2013, with 14 campuses and a growing community across the world. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, start-ups, and agencies we help companies hire and develop corporate talent, and elevate the diversity of their workforces. Our students are hired at top companies worldwide.




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Tech talent recruitment

    We understand the challenges you face

  • Attracting tech talent is costly
  • Increasing recruitment costs & times
  • Talent retention increasingly difficult
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a focus

    and we have solutions

  • Untapped pool of tech talent
  • Large network of Alumni and recent grads
  • Mentoring, feedback and support on placement
  • Social Impact programs

What are you looking for?


Emerging Talent Pool

End-to-end Emerging Talent management: attraction, training and career growth

    Low churn rate by design
    Target top performers
    Bootcamp training in Ironhack
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion criteria

How does it work?

Ironhack finds top talent for you according to your specific needs, and then trains them in our Java Microservices and Distributed systems, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics, and/or Cybersecurity bootcamps. Once trained, they contribute to your development goals during a 24 month placement, during which Ironhack supports their development and career growth.

The details


Candidates: Exclusive selection of top talent according to your required profiles


Volume: Creation of a private class of up to 25 people


Channels: Alumni Network, partnerships with Universities and organizations


Selection: Logic test, skills, languages, code and personal interviews


Salary: Salaries planned for 2 years. Semi-annual reviews


Career Plan: Ironhack does mentoring, training and monitoring of all talent


Rotation: Low turnover, and replacement warranty


Diversity: Guaranteed diversity goals


Access our Graduates

Gain access to our diverse and talented global alumni network

    Receive qualified resumes in under 48 hours
    Host exclusive employability events
    Publish your job vacancies to our Alumni network
    Speed interview events

How does it work?

We match our graduates' profiles to your company's technical needs and then provide those hand-picked profiles to you. We also co-host recruiting events that allow you to meet and network with our Alumni.

The details


Candidates: Ironhack Graduates


Volume: Individualized hiring


Channels: Alumni Network


Selection: In your hands


Salary: Wages subject to market inflation


Career plan: Under your control


Rotation: The company's own for junior profiles


Diversity: Subject to your selected profiles

A story to remember

Ironhack Graduates Talent Recruitment
Housfy Ironhack Graduates Testimonial

'This is the second time we have onboarded an Ironhacker into our development team and we couldn't be happier. We will certainly continue to count on Ironhack when we have to expand our tech team!'

Claudia Boluda - HR Generalist @ Housfy

Train my employees

Add value to your employees, increase their skills, and boost your employer branding

    No firing expenses
    Stay competitive
    Reduce turnover
    Increase employee satisfaction

How does it work?

We foster and enhance the digital culture within your organization. We create your Innovation Committee, empowering your staff to become more tech savvy and data-oriented.

A story to remember

Reskilling Ironhack services
Media Markt logo

'Ironhack successfully reskilled over 30 MediaMarktSaturn employees with a very diverse skill set, flexibly adapting to our specific tech stack. The bootcamp allowed us to retain valuable workforce and saved our organization substantial time and money.'

Tom Maurer - VP Technology @ Media Markt

Why should we partner up?

Accelerate Onboarding

Accelerate Onboarding

Have fast-track access to Top tech talent, through scalable onboarding programs. We attract, select, and train the right profiles for you!

Digital transformation plans

Digital transformation plans

Empower your workforce with digital and technological skills to improve the digital transformation plans of your bussiness.

Social impact programs

Social impact programs

Close gender gap, reduce unemployment, integrate underrepresented minorities and foster Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

Learning programs

Learning programs

Develop programs with business impact, increasing employee engagement, retention, and productivity

Empower your workforce


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