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We help companies like yours to transform workforces through cost-effective and scalable solutions, such as Recruitment & Onboarding, Upskilling, Reskilling, and Digital Transformation.

What is Ironhack

Ironhack is a Global tech school, disrupting education since 2013, with 9 campuses across the world. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, we bring Tech Enterprise Solutions around strategic challenges HR and tech teams face in this constantly changing environment.

Our mission is to help companies hire and develop corporate talent, increasing business innovation and diversity in workforces. With a placement rate of 90% audited by PwC, our students are hired at top companies worldwide!

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Some of our partner companies

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Why should your company partner with Ironhack?

Ironhack Students

Accelerate Onboarding and shorten time to productivity

Have fast-track access to Top tech talent, through scalable onboarding programs. We help you attract, select, and train the right profiles who will drive change within your organization.

Accelerate and execute digital transformation plans

Empower your workforce with digital and technological skills to improve decision making.

Ironhack Students

Build social impact programs that impact both the society and the business

Connect HR strategies with CSR programs launching pro to close gender gap, reduce unemployment, integrate underrepresented minorities in your workforce, foster Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and allow your staff to apply for a career change, improving their future.

Learning and development programs with real outcomes and business impact

Increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity with Upskilling and Reskilling programs.

Your go-to partner for Tech Talent

Transformative solutions to help scale your teams, optimize L&D strategy, and increase business ROI.



Invest in your biggest asset, your people, empowering them with the most in-demand skills, and a new career path in tech departments


Enhance the expertise of your existing employees and boost the tech growth of your company.


  • Increase retention
  • Fill tech job openings
  • Improve employee satisfaction, boosting their career
  • Increase employer branding and attract new talent

Recruitment & Onboarding


Outsource Tech Talent hiring. Count on our expertise to source, qualify, and onboard the right talent for technical roles.


Hire Tech talent at scale and ramp up your company’s productivity.


  • Access to a big pool of highly qualified tech candidates
  • Save costs & time of recruitment
  • Evaluate student performance (hard and soft skills)
  • Increase productivity with job ready profiles

Digital Transformation


Foster and enhance the digital culture within your organization.


Create your Innovation Committee, empowering your staff to become more tech savvy and data-oriented.


  • Bridge the tech gap
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Elevate your Brand value in the market

Our Education Portfolio


Become the mastermind firewalls of your business keeping it safe from vulnerabilities by detecting, troubleshooting, and analyzing cyber attacks.

Data Analytics

Perform complex data analysis by extracting and analyzing data stored in databases, combining Python programming skills and statistics.


Build robust Java applications- full circle closed: from database management to building complex servers and component-based interfaces, all spiced with Test-Driven Development


Empower your workforce by teaching them about digital transformation and create your innovation committee.

UX/UI Design

Adopt the design-thinking process to develop digital products, learning about user research, visual design, and frontend web development skills.

Web Development

Design and develop JavaScript web applications - from logic with databases to eye-appealing user interfaces wrapped in scalable Single Page Applications.

Your challenges, our solutions

Companies Challenges

  • Attracting new tech talent

  • Hiring costs and hiring time

  • Talent retention

  • Lack of tech employer branding

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ironhack Solutions

  • Access an unveiled pool of qualified candidates

  • Outsource Talent Acquisition and onboarding at Scale

  • Invest in the right profiles for the right job roles

  • Increase employee satisfaction and your company’s reputation

  • Launch Social Impact programs

Enterprise Success Stories

Banco Santander > Reskilling

A Ironhack voltou a lançar um novo programa com o Santander, desta vez de Reskilling, em Janeiro de 2021, para captar estudantes, desempregados e profissionais que pretendiam reorientar a sua carreira na área da tecnologia.

Desafio: O Banco Santander pretendia criar um impacto social aumentando a empregabilidade e impulsionando a progressão na carreira de estudantes e profissionais de qualquer idade.

Solução: A Ironhack lançou dois programas de bolsas de estudo (em espanhol e inglês) para formar os participantes com conhecimentos práticos e competências de programação.

Impacto / Resultados

  • Mais de 11.000 candidatos registados para o programa de Reskilling, em 2 meses

  • 450 pessoas foram convidadas a completar o pre-work: um Curso Introdutório à Programação 

  • 50 pessoas de Espanha, Portugal, Reino Unido, Polónia e Alemanha estão a ser formadas no Bootcamp de programação: Web Dev Full-Stack

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SANITAS > Upskilling

In November 2021, Ironhack launched a partnership called Sanitas Data Academy focused on empowering their workforce to become a more data-driven company.

Challenge: Sanitas was looking for a partner to help foster its data-centric culture at a time of deep digital transformation within the company.

Solution: Ironhack prepared an Upskilling academy where 500 employees from different business units and levels of hierarchy were introduced to topics around data analytics and learned how to use business intelligence tools. 

Outcomes / Results

  • 500 employees upskilled in 6 months

  • 18 groups of employees over the course of 7 months

  • 6 different business units involved in the program

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BANCO SANTANDER > Recruitment & Onboarding

In the end of April 2020, Ironhack launched a pilot onboarding program with Santander focused on attracting new tech talent.

Challenge: Find and recruit Java Tech profiles at scale, with urgency: 15 profiles

Solution: Ironhack prepared a Recruitment & Onboarding program focused on capturing the Right Talent, training the 15 profiles with strong technical skill sets

Outcomes/ Results

  • 400 expected candidates. We had more than 560 people applying for the pilot program in one week

  • 20 were selected for the bootcamp (June till August 2020)

  • Santander hired 16 profiles in September, instead of the original 15 needed

  • 3 profiles have been promoted internally, in only 7 months since they've joined Santander

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Social Impact programs run by Ironhack in Collaboration with Brands, ONG’s, and associations

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Media Markt

\“Ironhack successfully reskilled over 30 MediaMarktSaturn employees with a very diverse skill set, flexibly adapting to our specific tech stack. The bootcamp allowed us to retain valuable workforce and saved our organization substantial time and money by empowering our employees to start new careers in our product team.\”

Tom Maurer, VP Technology Media Markt


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Miami’s Ironhack wins $250,000 from tech giant for diversity fund

Business Telegraph - 2019

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