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Become a UX/UI designer: Learn all about User Experience (UX) and Interface Design (UI). From User Research to testing. In full-time or part-time format.

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Your path to a new design career



Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

UX/UI design prework

40-hour online training

Take the first steps of your journey by learning the basics of design thinking, interaction design and state-of-the-art design software. After setting up your tools and completing the introductory exercises, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running during bootcamp. During prework, you will create your first usability evaluation and site redesign, as well as develop your design sensitivity in a number of engaging activities. You will also be introduced to the basics of HTML and CSS, which is an essential foundation for the bootcamp’s design implementation section.

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Who is our UX/UI design course for?

Career changers

Free yourself from a dissatisfying job by signing up for Ironhack’s Bootcamp. This course will help you change careers over to one of the fastest-growing jobs in the tech industry. Architects, community organizers, marketers, psychologists, sociologists, librarians, customer support workers, and many more have found a new career through this bootcamp — so can you!


Want to design your own web or mobile app? This training will give you the tools to not only gather essential user feedback through high-fidelity prototypes, but also implement that feedback into your idea. Join our bootcamp and build your MVP!

Career boosters

Are you a professional in a traditional design role (graphic designer, photographer, creative director, advertising professional, etc.)? We can teach you about the latest tech and methodologies being used by innovative design and digital production companies. Join our course and get a leg-up on the competition.

Web and mobile developers

Reinforce your programming skills with . Join this course and become a 360º digital product professional by learning how to create captivating and scalable user experiences.

Why should you learn UX/UI design?

Adopt the industry’s leading frameworks and mindset

Design thinking, agile organization and lean management — these methodologies are essential to the ever-evolving tech industry. They are an essential part of any high-quality tech team. Mastering them will let you develop innovative solutions for both users and stakeholders.

Grasp new tools and enhance your collaborations

Learn to use state-of-the-art and production tools. From the beginning to the end of each project, utilize these tools in conjunction with the skills learned in our course. You’ll be able to document business requirements, user input and balance them with technical constraints. But above all, you’ll optimize the workflow of your collaborative projects.

Implement the end-to-end production cycle when developing digital products

Bring your designs to life in the real world by mastering fundamental technology. Understand the users’ desires while working within your project’s constraints and goals. Build confidence in your collaborations with developers by sharing jargon and knowledge of the project as a whole.

FAQs about the UX/UI Design course

Do I need prior design experience before enrolling in the course?

Any prior design experience is quite useful; however, it is not required for admission. On the other hand, solid social skills are a must, as any great UX/UI designer listens closely, empathizes and communicates clearly. These soft skills are essential — in order to find a product’s most effective tech solution, designers must work well with their colleagues and connect with their users.

What are the pre-requisites to access the UX/UI Design bootcamp?

To access the full time or part time program of UX/UI Design, you don't need any previous requirement: it is enough if you love learning, you are motivated and willing to work. We recommend this program to those candidates who have a great eye for design, empathy, creativity and communication skills - also, you should be passionate about websites, apps and the digital environment.

I don't know anything about UX/UI Design but I love it, could I join the bootcamp?

Of course! You should always learn more about this area, you can join our webinars and make sure that UX/UI Design is for you. It is not necessary to have any previous training but you should demonstrate this is the path you want to follow.

What is the typical profile of a UX/UI Designer?

There are as many profiles as students! Some of the most common backgrounds are: psychology, marketing, architecture, design, arts, and media... but it is not necessary to have a university degree or any specific education. Remember that at Ironhack we are specialized in teaching students with really diverse backgrounds.

What does the structure of the UX/UI Design Bootcamp look like?

The program has the same structure both in the full-time or part-time formats: the only difference is the duration of each module. The program is divided into modules and projects: there’s a module for Visual Design and UI Design, one for Coding, one for UX Design, and one for Project Management. All the modules are introduced at the beginning of the Bootcamp to allow you to integrate the learnings throughout the bootcamp. The projects connect the different module concepts through hands-on experience. They will put you in a real-world scenario to prompt you to apply the techniques learned in class to solve problems. By the end of the program, you will have a professional UXUI Portfolio with 3-6 projects, done using state-of-the-art tools and methods in the industry, to start your job search.

How many hours per day should I dedicate to the UX/UI Design bootcamp?

In the Full Time program, you should go to class from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, and then you will have a lot of extra work after class. It is a really intensive program that is not compatible with any other activity such as work or studying.

In the Part Time program, you will have class two weekdays during the evening and on Saturdays. It is compatible with your full time job or any other circumstances, but remember that all your free time will be dedicated to the program. We estimate that you should invest at least 15 hours per week, besides the attendance to class.

How will I get the skills of UX/UI Design?

The training will be hands-on, guided by experts who combine teaching with their own projects and work. You will have to develop your own projects and exercises based on real life cases since day one. The best learning tool is feedback: this is key for learning at Ironhack. There are no grades or exams, this is disruptive education focused on the real job market.

Is it possible to learn all this is 3 months (Full Time) or 6 months (Part Time)?

Yes, it is possible! You will need to dedicate a lot of work, show true passion and make sure this is for you.

What is the average salary of a UX/UI Designer?

The salary range of a UX/UI Designer depends on the level of expertise and specialization, as well as the specific country they are looking for a job. Usually, at Ironhack, our students have a Junior profile and get jobs that don't require any previous experience. You can ask your Admissions Manager in the specific campus you choose, to know about the estimated salary in the country where you want to study.

What kind of job will I be able to get after graduating from UX/UI Design?

Usually, the profile our students have is Junior UX/UI Designer. According to your expectations, experience and interests, you can specialize after or use the learned skills as a complement to your current profession.

I have never worked in tech neither I have a designing background, can I apply for the UX/UI Design Bootcamp?

Sure! Ironhack is designed for those who want to start their career in the tech sector. Please, check our syllabus and gather all the information for each of the programs. Keep in mind that our bootcamps are pretty intensive. You will need to develop your creative and visual abilities. If you have true passion and the committment that the program demands, we want you!

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