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    In 2024, the tech industry in Germany is expected to speed up its growth. New job opportunities, startup investment, and industries outside of tech embracing tech’s disruptive power will all contribute to a bright 2024 for German tech workers.

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    Salary Talk: What are UX/UI Designers Earning?

    Juliette Erath - 2023-03-13

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    You’ve probably heard about tech salaries and that you can expect to earn a nice salary in the tech field. And while tech salaries vary significantly based on country, you can expect lots of room for growth, flexibility, benefits, and that salary you’ve dreamed of. Are you aware of all these benefits? After we dive into some average UX/UI design salaries in some major European countries, we’ll explore other advantages - like bonuses! - that you can expect from a career in tech.

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    5 FemTech Startups to watch in Berlin for 2023

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    Female technology (FemTech), has historically been viewed as a niche market. Many FemTech startups struggled to get their first rounds of funding with investors skeptical of how much success they could attain.

  • 10 Best Tech Companies To Work For In Germany And Why

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    The tech industry is one of the largest employment sectors right now following the shift in many companies to remote work and data storage in the cloud.

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    What Is a Tech Lead?

    Juliette Erath - 2023-06-17


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    Interested in being your software team’s go-to for technical questions? Dream of becoming a leader in your department? Excited about utilizing new technologies to guide innovation within your department? If these all sound familiar, then tech lead could be the perfect role for you. In this article, we’ll break down the responsibilities and requirements of a tech lead to figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

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    How to Leverage Your Network to Find Your First Tech Job in Germany

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    Anne-Lore De Vreese is a Freelance Career Coach who focuses on helping mid-level professionals in tech land interviews so they can get the remote, high-paying roles they have been dreaming of – fast. She does this by helping them craft a compelling career story and master smart networking and we were lucky enough to sit down with her and pick her brain on the subject of finding your first job in tech in 2023.

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    The Gender Gap in Tech…Let’s Talk About It

    Juliette Erath - 2023-03-09

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    You’ll often see us talking about how great the tech industry is ( naturally ), and we truly believe it is. It’s a place where we see all kinds of people build the careers of their dreams, no matter their background, socio-economic status, demographic, or even personality type.

  • 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn

    Ironhack - 2023-05-27

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    Let’s be real: there are tons of programming languages out there and choosing just one to learn (at first, at least!) can be quite the challenge. And while there aren’t any wrong choices when it comes to learning, we think that you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck if you choose one of these ten programming languages . But before we dive into each of them and what they offer, let’s first go over the basics of programming languages.

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    A Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS for Web Development

    Ironhack - 2023-07-09

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    You’ve decided front-end web development is for you; you’d love to focus on the client-side of web development, creating intuitive and efficient interfaces that facilitate client use . And you probably already know this, but both HTML and CSS are absolute necessities for any front-end developer. What are they? How do they differ? Are both really necessary? How can you learn them? We’ll discuss this and much more in this article.

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    Is UX Design a Good Career Path?

    Juliette Erath - 2023-11-15

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    As of 2022, there are almost a billion active websites in the world with new websites and apps being built every day. It’s a user experience (UX) designer’s job to make those websites and apps easy to navigate , and enjoyable to use. It’s no wonder LinkedIn featured UX/UI designers on their list of the 10 most in-demand tech jobs in 2022 .

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    How to Get into Cybersecurity in 2024

    Ironhack - 2023-11-11


    The realm of cybersecurity is looking to greatly expand in 2024, presenting an opportune moment for cybersecurity professionals to immerse themselves in this field. Regardless of your background in technology or your overarching career aspirations, embracing the world or cybersecurity holds great potential.