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14 April 2021

What is Javascript and why you should add it to your initial coding stack

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If you are wondering, "what is javascript?" you have come to the right place. Javascript is a coding language used in web development. It is a text-based programming language that is used to create interactive and dynamic content on websites. It is present on almost all websites and is generally used alongside HTML and CSS, and inserted directly into the HTML code. While HTML and CSS are used to create the overall design and layout of a website, Javascript is used to build dynamic content such as forms, login buttons, and graphics-based content.

It is used in both front and back-end development, along with gaming and app development for mobile, making it an excellent coding language to have in your repertoire. If you are planning on learning web development, javascript should be among the first languages you study. It will equip you with the skills to build a wide range of dynamic and interactive content, plus will make you more attractive to employers if you will be seeking a job within web development or design.

The amount of libraries that are available for Javascript is constantly expanding, and the language has come a long way since its inception. Ten years ago, it would not have been common to use it for mobile apps, whereas nowadays it is sophisticated enough to support complex mobile and desktop apps, along with other types of computer programs.

When it comes to desktop apps, they are less common nowadays than mobile apps, though they are still required and frequently created with Javascript. The AppJS and Electron frameworks are most commonly used in desktop app creation using Javascript - with these frameworks the apps are hosted in web browsers. There are Javascript frameworks such as Proton Native available for native desktop apps. Again, these apps work on various platforms and only need to be built once for use on Windows, iOS, and also Linux.

The advantages of using Javascript

Javascript is a widely-used, text-based programming language and is simply typed into a computer via a keyboard. Some coding languages are graphics-based and need to be written using drag and drop rather than typing. Javascript offers lots of benefits over other coding languages.

For starters, it is a client-side language, meaning it runs on the client’s (or business’s) machine. It is also possible to use server-side Javascript, meaning the code runs on a server that is hosting the website or pages. Client-side javascript delivers a fast user experience as the need for a server is eliminated, and thus it generally provides a smooth experience for the end-user. This is partly the reason why it is the basis of most great responsive web design. It tends to run smoothly, regardless of the range of browsers and devices it is used on.

It is also easy for budding web developers and entrepreneurs to learn, and merging HTML, CSS and Javascript together is a very straightforward way of working. It is also ideal for simplifying the process of app development. There are lots of frameworks widely available. One point to be aware of when working with Javascript is that the extent to which it can be crawled by search engines is unconfirmed and it has been reported that it can cause issues when it comes to SEO. There are ways around this, but it is something to keep in mind before embarking on a web development journey.


Javascript for the Entrepreneur

Anyone who is wondering 'what is javascript' is likely to be starting out in the world of web development. It is possible to teach yourself the basics of web development, including how to work with Java. However, for a thorough, in-depth understanding of all the possibilities that come with this coding language, it is best to take a course or get formalized training in the area, like the Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp. This is especially important if you are considering a career path in web development or any aspect of website design- in this case, Javascript is an essential tool to have under your belt.

Likewise, if you are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea for an app in mind or an aspiring video game developer, it is one of the best coding languages to be able to work with. Highly versatile and suitable for building mobile apps, (both client-side and server-side), desktop apps, games and dynamic website content, there are many possibilities open to you when coding with Javascript. When it comes to app development, Java is often used for both iOS and Android apps- along with another coding language called Swift. Both operating systems run off the same Javascript code, so you would not need to be the same app separately for each. The Ionic and React Native Java frameworks are popular choices for app development.

If you are a video gaming entrepreneur with a great idea for a new game, Javascript will let you create it in either 2D or 3D. Gaming engines like and Physics JS can be used to build a superb video game with audio. These frameworks also support general graphics-based web tasks like simulations.

Javascript and AI

Other areas of use for Javascript include AI - the Tensorflow Javascript library is available for machine learning tasks. You can also take your presentations to the next level by using Javascript. The and frameworks are especially impressive and can be used to quickly create excellent slide presentations. In addition to all of that, you can use it to write software that can run on an embedded system. When we ask the question- what is Javascript and what can it do? there are many possible answers. It is a versatile coding language that can support a huge range of functions. This makes it appealing to any entrepreneur who wishes to develop their own app, game, or website.

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