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November 21, 2023 - 6 minutes

10 Milestones in Tech Over the Last 10 Years

Let’s look back at this incredible decade.

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We always say that tech moves at a dizzying pace and there’s a reason why: it does! And the last ten years have been no exception, filling our lives with an incredible amount of progress and development. Think back to where you were ten years ago: would you imagine you are where you are now? Multiply this by a hundred and you’ll see how much tech has blown past our expectations in recent years. 

If we tried to list every tech development in the past decade, it would be impossible–there have been so many and every single day we’re learning about a cool new advancement or tool that’s blowing our mind, facilitating our day to day work, or transforming our daily lives. So instead of keeping you here for an exceedingly long blog post, we’ve chosen ten of (in our opinion) the most transformative developments that have taken place in tech over the last ten years to help you understand the depth of the innovation over the last decade. Ready? Let’s jump right in. 

10 Milestones in Tech Over the Last 10 Years

Remember, there are a lot more that we could include on this list, but we’ve chosen the ones that we think have had the greatest impact on the world (not just tech!). 

AI and machine learning advancements 

(2010s - 2020s)

Think about tools like ChatGPT–when it was first released a year ago, the general population was taken aback by its way of mimicking human speech, answering questions, and even telling jokes. While this was a use of artificial intelligence that reached practically every person, the application of new artificial intelligence technologies in the tech world has led to significant advancements in automation, image recognition, natural language processing, and much more. 

The rise of cloud computing 

(2010s - 2020s)

As technological advancements in artificial intelligence allowed companies to collect more and more data from clients and even competitors, the issue of storing and protecting this information became quite the challenge; in the face of growing cyber threats and the rising costs of maintaining costly physical server centers, the cloud proved to be a high-quality solution that offers customizable, flexible, and cost-efficient storage solutions for practically any company. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency 

(2010s - 2020s)

If tech could take over other areas of everyday life, why not finance as well? Blockchain technology, which provided secure and protected ways to conduct business online, allowed for the introduction of new forms of technology, such as Bitcoin and Etherum which not only skyrocketed, but also led to an increased focus on technology-powered finance solutions for everyone.

Renewable energy tech 

(2010s - 2020s)

The mistaken belief that technical solutions don’t have a negative effect on the environment went out the window as more and more studies focused on the environment and the potential consequences of using up all non-renewable resources, leading to the introduction of solar and wind power and attention centered on prioritizing sustainability in every part of our lives. UX/UI design, in particular, has taken a stand in taking the environment into account during the design process instead of simply the user experience, figuring out ways to create great user designs without damaging the environment. 

Space exploration and commercial space 

(2010s - 2020s)

Even two decades ago space exploration and the idea of actually sending everyday people and not skilled and trained astronauts to space for a specific task would have seemed like a fever dream and although it’s still far off, companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic have focused tons of resources and studies on the idea of commercializing space travel and seeing what in the universe could be used to help and advance life on Earth. Cool, right?

Facebook acquires WhatsApp


The shift from companies focusing on major tech developments such as computers or laptops and instead focusing on and prioritizing the tools and apps that users use everyday, such as mobile messaging apps, was highlighted by Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014. This change brought users to the forefront of what companies were focusing on, emphasizing the importance of the day to day experience that regular people have with tech, not just major companies. 

Pokémon GO


Although it seemed like a fun and simple game to many, the 2016 introduction of Pokémon Go into the hands of non-tech professionals brought augmented reality technology to everyone, showing how technology had advanced to the point of permitting video game designs to be seen in our everyday surroundings and even allowing us to interact with them. Through bringing the latest advancement in AR technology to the world, more and more people became familiar with tech and what it can offer. 

Equifax data breach


As we mentioned above, the increased amount of data that companies were able to collect from clients about the personal and identifying information, in addition to their preferences and browsing habits, meant a higher risk for cyberattacks and cyber threats. The 2017 Equifax data breach, which led to the publication of tons of private data, showed everyone, companies and individuals alike, the importance of investing in cybersecurity solutions to protect user data. 

Introduction of 5G networks


If you look back even ten to fifteen years, you’ll see that tech was limited to giant companies or wealthy individuals who had the time, money, and resources to investigate all that it had to offer. In the past decade, however, tech has become widespread, reaching to almost every corner of the globe and transforming the way every single person lives. No longer limited to just wealthy citizens or countries, tech is a widespread innovation that has changed the entire world and the introduction of 5G networks was no exception; it brought internet connectivity to completely new areas, making technology normal in every area of our lives. 

COVID-19 pandemic accelerates tech adoption


You definitely remember where you were in March of 2020 when the world shut down: offices were closed, schools sent kids home, and many people weren’t even allowed outside to go for a walk. Thankfully, most of us were familiar enough with technology that the switch to remote work and learning or even remote events was not too difficult; however, imagine if the pandemic had hit before WhatsApp or Zoom was introduced to the world? Tech adoption was rapidly adopted, albeit in a bit of a forced manner, thanks to the pandemic. 

The past ten years have been an incredible ride and there’s so much more that we didn’t even mention! That’s the beauty of tech and the wonder of the past ten years–there have been so many incredible developments that have brought tech to the hands of everyday people and led to the widespread adoption of these fantastic tools that can help us with our day to day. 

The best development, however, has been that of the ability for more and more people to get into tech, breaking down previous barriers to entry that prevented many from taking advantage of everything tech has to offer. Because the field moves so fast (just look at what you just read above!), we’ve seen the following trends come to the forefront of the tech industry:

  • Employers are moving away from requiring applicants to have university degrees, favoring instead practical experience, certifications, and bootcamps. 

  • Hiring managers are looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds, hoping they’ll bring their previous experience to the table.

  • Bootcamps are seen as legitimate and great ways to get into tech, thanks to their ability to teach what students need to know in an efficient manner in just a short period of time. 

  • Bootcamps make tech more accessible to more groups of people, thanks to their flexible schedules, short durations, remote options, and financing options.

For those looking to get into tech, there’s no better way than with one of Ironhack’s bootcamps, which are expertly-designed to teach you what you need to know in just a few months while simultaneously preparing you for the job hunt with interview prep, CV review, and portfolio assistance. 

If getting into tech is the way you want to spend your next ten years, you’re in the right place! At Ironhack, we offer bootcamps in web development, UX/UI design, data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOPs, and cloud computing: no matter your area of interest, we have something for you. 

Don’t waste another second and contact us today to find out how you can begin your tech career today and make the next decade of tech all yours. 

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