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February 21, 2023 - 5 minutes

ChatGPT for Web Developers

You’ve heard about ChatGPT, but how does it affect web development? 

Juliette Erath - Tech Writer

We’re sure you’ve heard of ChatGPT by now and there’s a reason why: this artificial intelligence powered chatbot was created by OpenAI and based on the Generative Pretrained Transformer language model, using deep learning techniques to provide users with human-like answers to the text they enter. Launched in late November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, prompting lots of conversations about the future of similar AI-powered tools. 

ChatGPT is posed to revolutionize the world in various ways: 

  • Customer service: ChatGPT could provide customers with personalized and accurate information regarding their order, request, and more. 

  • Research: ChatGPT could give users the exact information they need incredibly quickly.

  • Idea creation: ChatGPT could give creators ideas for pieces of artwork, recipes, birthday presents, and more. 

  • Parents: ChatGPT could write a chore schedule, plan vacations, and give parenting tips.

  • Coding: ChatGPT could help developers with its knowledge of languages such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and others. 

Just like with any new tool and especially one that’s so revolutionary, there are some drawbacks and it’s important to recognize them; ChatGPT’s factual accuracy isn’t 100% and the tool sometimes can’t handle all potential users at the same time. But we’re intrigued by its uses and how it can benefit us and more specifically, web developers. Here’s some aspects that set ChatGPT apart from similar tools:

  • It remembers previous inputs from the same session, allowing it to become increasingly personalized as the session progresses. 

  • It can try to remove harmful or deceitful answers, adding in modern perceptions of historical events. 

  • Its answers are detailed and human-like.

Let’s dive into some of its uses in web development. 

ChatGPT for Web Development 

One of the most known uses of ChatGPT is writing code and its expertise in programming languages. In addition to its knowledge of programming languages, it can help with debugging, summarizing information, and problem solving. Ths radical tool can write code and build a website with just one request, especially skilled from the backend. Of course, there are some functionalities that still require human knowledge, but this is just the beginning. 

Different from other versions of GPT previously released, ChatGPT can admit mistakes, answer conversationally, answer follow-up questions using information previously entered during the session, challenge inaccuracies, and control the answers it gives. 

You’ve probably seen some doomsday comments on the internet, predicting the erasure of web developers, but the truth is there’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, the development of highly-skilled AI tools will actually benefit web developers. Here’s why: 

  • At least for now, ChatGPT’s coding abilities are limited to basic code and can’t handle the complex coding that, for example, bank applications or websites require. This means that ChatGPT will be able to take care of the basic coding that software developers could do in their sleep and instead focus their time and energy on more complicated tasks. 

  • Due to the fact that ChatGPT’s code is based on code that it’s previously seen, it can’t promise code that’s bug-free, safe, easy to maintain, and well-documented. 

  • Web developers don’t just code; they have to build the structure of a program, apply changes, take requests into consideration, and generate exactly what is needed. A future where ChatGPT can do all of this is quite far off. 

  • ChatGPT may lead to the creation of new roles, such as AI experts. 

Even as it expands and improves, ChatGPT will become a skill and tool for web developers to master, allowing them to focus more on more complex tasks. 

ChatGPT Prompts for Web Development 

If you’re looking to harness ChatGPT’s power and use it to your advantage, you’re in the right place. Let’s sort our prompts into a few categories: requests, advice, and questions.

Requests for ChatGPT

  • Create a website for a local festival using JavaScript.

  • Continue writing this code (enter code). 

  • Search this code for bugs (enter code).

  • Find mistakes in this code (enter code).

  • Give me 5 reasons to use JavaScript. 

Advice for ChatGPT

  • Tell me the most important part of web development. 

  • What’s the best code for this kind of website? 

  • Give me ideas about website design.

Questions for ChatGPT

  • What are the best practices for web design? 

  • How do I (insert design aspect here)? 

  • How can I correct this code’s bugs? 

  • What factors should I consider when writing code with Python? 

The future of web development with ChatGPT 

ChatGPT’s groundbreaking technology has led to quite the reaction from the world. While it can seem powerful and able to take on practically anything, we have to keep in mind the following: 

  • ChatGPT outputs should be limited to guidance and advice and not be taken as fact. If you ask ChatGPT to write code for you, use it as a reference, not something to copy and paste into your work. 

  • Even if you see practically anyone enjoying ChatGPT on the internet, the tool’s incredibly powerful range means that in professional settings, it should be used strictly by experts who know what they are doing. 

  • ChatGPT is capable of handling the basics, but that doesn’t mean that knowledge is beneath you or not important; new programmers might be tempted to use ChatGPT for the basics, but web development builds on previous knowledge and abusing this could create a serious knowledge gap. 

  • Remember that even as the technology expands and develops, it will never be able to think for itself, understand complex human emotions, comprehend your personal experiences and situations, or understand your business context. 

ChatGPT is an incredible tool for web developers that will allow for more advancement and time spent on complex issues, but just like any new technology, should be used within reason and cautiously until it is fully understood. So if you’re interested in diving into web development, don’t be scared! Your job is here to stay.  

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