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December 24, 2021

Best European cities to start a job in tech

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The tech scene is thriving all over the world, in particular, in European cities. With a strong start up scene along with some well-established tech companies, places such as Barcelona, Stockholm, Munich and Dublin have a booming IT industry.

Tech professionals and those starting out in the industry have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere. There is an abundance of jobs in the tech field and skilled candidates are in high demand. There are many jobs and opportunities available for those interested in all areas of the tech field - from cybersecurity to machine learning and data mining. Language skills teamed with a Bootcamp qualification or certificate in coding, data analytics, machine learning or developing will ensure you are a very attractive candidate for jobs in tech.

After completing a course such as a Bootcamp in cybersecurity, data analytics or web developing, you will be well-equipped to apply for a vast range of jobs with companies all over Europe. A tech qualification can quite literally take you anywhere. Some of the best places to start a new job in the tech industry include the following:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a thriving center of the tech scene, as well as one of the best cities for quality of life. The IT industry is strong in Amsterdam with niche areas such as biotech also thriving. The Dutch truly value innovation and this is reflected in the spectrum of start ups that are based there. It is home to many highly successful start ups and has a vibrant tech scene. Additionally, initiatives such as "Startup Amsterdam" are available to support new companies. These initiatives offer resources including job search boards, industry insights and tech events listings.

Amsterdam is a great city to kickstart your career in tech with a plethora of companies and start ups based there. Plus, with excellent biking infrastructure, superb coffee shops and some of the best international tech talent, it's hard to think of a better place to start a career in tech and put your new skills into practice.

Berlin, Germany

Steeped in history and full of cool art, fashion and culture, Berlin has long been an up and coming hub in the start up space. The city has become a dominant centre for tech. From apps to fintech, e-commerce brands and websites, there are lots of large and small tech companies based in Berlin. Skilled professionals are in demand across the city. Most tech companies in Berlin are English-speaking. Berlin is also still one of the more affordable cities in which to live.

The tech scene is now well-established in the German capital and a lot of start ups have been around for a decade or more. If you are hoping to apply for jobs with more established tech start ups, it would be a great place to base yourself. Conferences like the International PHP Conference, DevOpsCon and IFA take place there each year. These are a great way to network with other professionals in the field while scoping out new companies to work with.

London, United Kingdom

Although it is no longer part of the EU, London is still a major player in Europe's tech scene. Many tech organizations still have an office there and there are many job opportunities in tech across London. It is one of the best places in the world for start ups, coming in a close second after Silicon Valley, according to the Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem 2021 report. There are also a lot of finance companies based in London and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is also very high in this city.

Although is it an expensive place to live, jobs in tech jobs in London tend to be very lucrative and employees in this field can easily cover the high living costs.

Dublin, Ireland

Home to Silicon Dock and headquarters for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Indeed, and many other major players in the digital space, Dublin has a thriving tech scene. It is one of the best places to start a job in tech as the opportunities are plentiful. There is massive demand for developers in Dublin - both front and back -end, as well as full stack developers - and there are also lots of opportunities in AI and machine learning.

The cost of living is high in Dublin, but again, jobs in this area are lucrative. Many tech companies may also provide temporary accommodation for new employees, along with relocation costs. This can help you get set up quickly while settling in to a new role.

The Dublin Tech Summit, which is one of the world's fastest-growing tech conferences, takes place annually. This is an excellent event to check out for anyone working in the industry.

Stockholm, Sweden

Also known as the "unicorn factory" of Europe, there are many billion-dollar start ups and companies based in this cool, charming city. Tech Week and Tech Fest both take place each year in Stockholm and many entrepreneurs in the tech scene flock there for these events. With hackathons, the possibility to meet potential employers at job fairs, networking opportunities and lots of other tech events, Stockholm is a superb place to base yourself when starting out in the tech industry. It is one of the most prominent European tech hubs.

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