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April 3, 2023 - 8 min

Why Frankfurt is the city to start your tech career in 2024

Diana Blaum - Ironhack Germany


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The new year is almost here. New years often come with new starts and perhaps you are thinking about changing your career come January. Whether that career change comes from relocation or is fueled by the desire to start a new career in tech, Frankfurt could be the city for you. 

Tech companies in Frankfurt make up a large part of the local economy. The city might be known for finance, but it's quickly becoming one of Germany's most exciting tech hubs. 

It's no secret that tech is a booming industry in Germany and the sector generates annual sales revenues of over €230 billion. It’s no surprise then, that every major city is trying to grow its tech community to attract investment, improve services and generate jobs.  

Frankfurt is no exception; it has been a player in the German tech scene for a while now, which is why it's one of the best cities for you to start your tech career in 2023. 

With incredible infrastructure, a thriving economy, and a rich history and culture, Frankfurt has plenty to offer you as you embark on your tech career. 

In this article, we will dive deep into Frankfurt's tech scene. We will explore the current state of the economy, what the job market looks like, what there is to do outside of work, and how the local community operates. By the time you have finished this article, you should know for sure if Frankfurt is the city for you. 

Tech jobs in Frankfurt

If you're thinking about moving to a new city to start a new career, the first thing you want to know is if there are actually any jobs there. Frankfurt has a strong economy that has historically been associated with the financial sectors. 

But in recent years, numerous tech enterprises have also set up locations in the city, along with many fintech and startups.

So, just how tough is the job market in Frankfurt? 

According to the European Commission, in 2022 the unemployment rate in Hessen (the state in which Frankfurt is located) was at 4.6%, which is almost a full percentage point lower than the national average. A quick search on Linkedin shows us that there are currently (Dec 2022) 3,147 vacant “developer” positions and 25,247 “IT” positions in the city. 

Overall this paints a nice picture for you and indicates that finding a tech job in Frankfurt won’t be too difficult. There is also the nationwide IT skills shortage to consider. Currently, skilled tech workers are hard to find, so businesses are quick to snatch up the talent that lands in their interview room. It's, therefore, possible you will find the hiring process is also speedier than what you are used to. 

Tech companies in Frankfurt  

Frankfurt is one of Germany's largest cities and is home to big names in tech. IBM and Dell both have national offices in the city. But it's not only tech companies you need to think about when you look at job prospects in Frankfurt.

Almost every major organization in the world has some dependency on tech. Frankfurt is the finance capital of Germany, and surprisingly this makes it ideal for tech workers. The finance industry is currently undergoing a major shift to digital. Financial services firms across the nation are growing their IT teams, which makes Frankfurt a great place to find a tech role.   

The city also recently developed its TechQuartier. This hub serves as a creative arena and melting pot for entrepreneurs and innovators. Enterprises and startups alike use this hub as a valuable network to connect with other startups, corporates, investors, talents, and mentors, from the financial industry and beyond.

The growing startup scene in Frankfurt 

Initiatives like TechQuartier have been instrumental in driving growth in Frankfurt's startup scene. In addition, Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank – so it should come as no surprise that it leads the way in fintech and cybersecurity startups. 

Being such an important financial center with a high concentration of banks, investment funds, insurers, and other large corporations, many startups have seen Frankfurt as a strategic location. With access to such institutions, finding investment can be easier and this has become a significant deciding factor for many startups choosing to locate themselves in Frankfurt. 

The network of established financial institutions not only brings with it the opportunity for capital but also knowledge. There is huge potential for collaboration between incumbent institutions and innovative startups that bring forward-thinking solutions to the table.

If you’re looking to take your newly founded tech career in the direction of finance or security, Frankfurt should be at the top of your list of cities to relocate to. With such a concentration of fintech and cybersecurity jobs, you will struggle to find a city globally, let alone in Germany, that can outmatch Frankfurt for career opportunities in these sectors. 

Where is Frankfurt and what's it like to live there?

Tech job opportunities are rife in Frankfurt – but work isn’t everything. You also want to know whether or not the city fits your vibe, is easy to get around, and has good infrastructure. 

Here's your quick guide to everything you need to know before moving to Frankfurt. 

In Frankfurt, the locals take a work-hard-play-hard approach to life. As a key financial center, you will find tech workers and other residents moving with order and efficiency in the day but to balance this there is also thriving entertainment and nightlife. And you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy it as many companies offer generous time off and holiday allowance. 

Public transport in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is well connected to most of Germany and other European cities. It has a great train network, extensive autobahn (metro), and a busy international airport. Whether you are looking to take a weekend trip home over the holidays, a vacation to Amsterdam, or just make it to another part of the city in time for your work meeting, the transport will be a breeze.  

On a side note, we don’t recommend bringing your car with you to Frankfurt. Some of the city is pedestrianized and parking is very expensive. You can always opt for a bike instead, as many locals prefer to get around this way. 

Frankfurt is a great hub for exploring Germany. And while we’re sure you'll fall in love with the city, don’t forget to take advantage of the train network and leave once in a while. The high-speed rail network will have you in Cologne in a little over an hour, and in summer, you can explore the surrounding countryside and take a stroll through some of the traditional German towns.

How much is rent in Frankfurt?

There is a wide range of housing options in Frankfurt and rents vary a lot based on what you're looking for – just as in any city. But to give you a rough idea, the average rents in Frankfurt are: 

  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in the City Centre: €1,135.00 

  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of the Centre: €872.00

If you are starting a new career in tech, your first role will be junior and you can expect to earn around €42,000 annually. After taxes at this salary, you would take home €2,313.00. Housing will be affordable for you and there will be options to choose from. With the great transport network, you can also live outside of the center and cheaply and quickly get around. 

What is Frankfurt like for international arrivals?

Moving to a new city, especially when you don't know anyone, is hard. You leave your network of friends, colleagues, and family behind. So how easy will it be for you to make new friends in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a global cosmopolitan city. Its residents come from every corner of the globe, which is a welcome relief for many newcomers. You have probably heard that Germans can be hard to make friends with, they don't talk about life outside of work in the workplace and have an international reputation for being a little colder than some other nationalities. But this is not always the case, many Germans are extremely welcoming – you simply need to find common interests. We recommend signing up for classes or clubs around your hobbies to meet new people when you arrive – whether you love pottery or piano you will find a local community around it in Frankfurt.

The large international population means it will also be easy to find other newcomers to get to know the city with. You might even find some other locals from your city to share a nostalgic meal with when you are feeling a little homesick.

Should you start your tech career in Frankfurt?

With a ready supply of tech jobs, Frankfurt could be the city for you to start your tech career. If you are looking to work at a fintech or in cybersecurity this is almost certainly the city for you. 

But there are a lot of other tech jobs going too. Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan city and there is more of a corporate vibe than with some of Germany's other tech hubs. However, there is also a bustling startup scene and ready access to finance, and a developed business network that makes a startup job in Frankfurt feel more secure than in other locations. 

Frankfurt has something to offer for everyone and if you're ready to kickstart your career in tech, why not sign up for one of our bootcamps? Our tech school offers a range of immersive courses from UX/UI Design to Cybersecurity that are delivered in formats tailored to your needs: online or on campus, full-time or part-time. Apply today.

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