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27 July 2023 - 10 minutes

10 Best Tech Companies to Work For in Spain and Why

Spain has a high demand of tech professionals, and many top companies are willing to pay for great talent. We've selected some of the best!

Juliette Carreiro - Tech Writer

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The tech industry is one of the largest employment sectors right now following the shift in many companies to remote work and data storage in the cloud. 

The best part is that they’re willing to pay for that talent and make sure to keep them happy. So with a little research, you can find the best role and company that matches what you want in a tech job. Here’s a list of some of the best tech companies to work for in Spain, and why!

The Spain Tech Scene

Information and communication technology (ICT) is considered a best prospect industry sector in Spain. The sector recovered quickly from the COVID pandemic, and governments in certain autonomous regions have taken full advantage of European Union development and recovery funds to attract foreign investment in technology. 

Spain’s 5G National Plan is going to be a key driver for mobile network and fiber optic network upgrades, something that private sector companies will want to get in on from the beginning, meaning they will be investing heavily in growing their Spain-based workforces. At the same time, Spanish telecoms companies have been consolidating to leverage their weight in the European market. 

With all the investment and changes, there is high demand for technology talent that is able to continue to adapt with the changing environment. Cybersecurity is a major issue, as are hybrid cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Spain is currently promoting public-private collaboration programs to integrate AI into multiple vertical sectors, creating opportunities for investments from all over the world, and subsequently, for employment. 

Best Tech Companies Hiring in Spain

Ironhack has done some research to identify some of the best-situated companies to consider if you’re thinking of making a career change to tech in Spain. With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, we love working in Spain and want to help you find the perfect employment partner in the lovely Mediterranean country. 


If you’re interested in a tech career in Spain, chances are you love the sun and the balmy, beachy environment of towns like Valencia or Malaga. Ravenpack, based in Marbella, just outside of Malaga with easy access to the international airport, is hiring. The company started with just 70 employees in 2019, and now boasts over 180. 

Ravenpack has a diverse international team and offers opportunities for continued professional development and growth. The company is research-driven, collecting data from various sources, and using AI and machine learning to aggregate findings and provide its clients with valuable analytical insights. They are backed by a number of powerful investors including Dow Jones and Amazon Web Services, just to name a couple. If you are interested in research and data analytics, this is your company!


Want to make cities better? Consider Cabify. Cabify was founded in 2011 and is considered the first Spanish tech unicorn. The headquarters are located in Madrid, but they have offices across the country, including Barcelona and Malaga. Some of the roles Cabify is looking to fill have titles like Head of Engineering, and Principal Backend Software Engineer, so you can really get to use your technology development skills. Plus, they even have a roll for a tech talent acquisition specialist, meaning tech workers are in high demand at Cabify!

Besides being an awesome company, Cabify also offers some great employee benefits. The company is remote work friendly, and all employees can telework at least two days per week. Once you’ve spent enough time with the company, you can go 100% remote. Employees can also choose different compensation packages, which may include restaurant coupons, transportation cards, medical insurance, or childcare. Finally, the company is fully invested in its employees and wants them to continue learning and improving. They offer internal training and tech events in the office. 


Wallapop is the main Spanish online marketplace, much like Craigslist or Etsy. It allows people to sell goods or services online. The company seeks to offer the best street trade experience to all users around the world. The company actively contributes to sustainable trade through the sale of second-hand or used items. At the same time, they help connect people seeking goods or services with vendors to grow local economies. One of the things that sets Wallapop apart from other online selling platforms is that they treat all products and services equally. You can truly find or sell just about anything.

Based out of Barcelona, Wallapop operates in Spain and Italy. Powered by technical innovation and continuous improvement, they are backed by top investors and were recently voted one of the ‘Top 100 Future Unicorns.’ Wallapop is actively seeking Product Team developers, and DevOps Engineers in both Barcelona and Madrid. The Wallapop team has a great social media presence that can give you a better idea of what it’s like working there.


Another Barcelona based technology startup, Typeform, revolutionized web forms, and the company is growing at a tremendous pace. The company’s exponential growth means if you get a job with Typeform now, chances are you’ll be at a senior level within a few years.

Typeform has a very generous benefits package. They offer employees health insurance, financial and retirement planning services, 401K plans, paid vacation time off, social events, free lunches and snacks, and of course professional development. Typeform values empathy, and is constantly thinking of how to improve customers’ user experiences. They are also a remote-first company, and they like to outfit their employees with cool swag, and budgets for home-office setup. Calling all early birds and night owls! Typeform lets you work when you’re at your best.


Google shows up frequently on our top 10 lists because it is just such a great tech company to work for. The company has its main Spain offices in Madrid, in the trendy Embajadores neighborhood, and they also have some remote opportunities. The Google campus in Madrid is also a startup incubator, so you’ll be surrounded by lots of digital creatives, and get to network with the newest startup founders and employees. The campus cultivates a culture of fun combined with serious ideation for tech possibilities and growth.

Google is proud of its employee longevity and growth. They help people grow within the company to retain top talent. They also employ a “no heroes” policy, meaning that there are sufficient processes in place so that no single person is working overtime to fix bugs or help clients. The company also provides immense levels of support to its employees. As manager Shawn Hurley put it, “Google is the first place I’ve been that is really serious about work-life balance… This is a team of naturally high achievers, but we need to enjoy our life outside the office too”. If you’re a high achiever who likes to play hard as well, Google Madrid is going to be a great fit for you.


Renting a house or an apartment can be a serious pain, especially if you aren’t physically located where you want to rent. Spotahome seeks to transform that experience by sending professional spotters to check out rentals before you get there. Following a holiday rental model, Spotahome can help you find a home for stays of 30 days minimum, perfect for digital nomads who are constantly on the go. They eliminate communication and language barriers between local landlords and foreign tenants. Based in Madrid, they have been highlighted in publications like El Confidencial, TicBeat, and Telva. 

Spotahome has four core values: they feel you, they’re sincere, they adapt to win, and they seek to create a better tomorrow. They boast a flexible, open culture, with full remote options and flexible work schedules. Spotahome offers employees optional health insurance and gym membership opportunities, and even offers stock options. When you join Spotahome you’ll also get extensive training so you never have to feel like you’re flying solo. 


Workato is all about tech stack integrations. They help build complex workflows across organizations using their low-code platform. The whole idea is to take code and make it user friendly so stack integrations don’t require a lot of coding knowledge. They are focused on fast, simple integrations, and were even mentioned as a part of the Cloud 100 sponsored by Bessamer, Forbes, and Salesforce. They are a company on the cutting edge of cloud technologies. 

As far as benefits go, the company offers flexible working arrangements so employees don’t burn out. They have a hybrid remote model, and provide every employee with the best available technology. They have an employee assistance program, offer health insurance, provide referral bonuses, and offer stock options. They are invested in their employees’ long-term professional development, and to that end set aside training programs and budgets for continued learning. Their Spain headquarters in Barcelona will have you chilling at the beach while you simplify tech stacks. 


Gympass is a corporate wellness platform that offers organizations access to the best fitness centers and applications with flexible plans for employees. If you want to combine your tech education with the world of fitness, Gympass may be the perfect place for you. Founded in 2012 in New York City, the company has grown exponentially and now has offices in Madrid, and other locations across the globe. 

For starters, Gympass offers its employees and their families access to the platform for free. Get personal training, access to in-person fitness programs, sleep and meditation guidance, mental health support, nutrition resources, and more. The company offers employees cash incentives based on company and individual success, and an equity program for top performers. They have a hybrid work structure, and provide workers with a home office stipend. They also give all employees 25 days of paid leave annually, and you get your birthday off!


BackMarket is another tech-based marketplace focused on reselling technological gadgets that have been reset. They use a proven system to ensure that the product speculations are communicating adequately with the buyer, and guarantee 100% functionality. Before joining the community, each vendor goes through a rigorous selection process. Technical teams physically go to device reseller locations to ensure their products meet the market place’s high quality standards.

BackMarket began with just three founders in 2014 and has since grown to over 600 employees. Their Spain offices are in Barcelona, so add them to the list of trendy tech startups on the Mediterranean hub. Working with BackMarket means you’ll be contributing to the elimination of thousands of tons of electronic waste. They offer attractive salaries, company equity, health insurance, meal tickets, relocation packages and support, and lots of internal tech skill development events. Help the earth when you join BackMarket. 


Domestika, is an online course platform, but with a quality that sets them apart from other websites who let creators make their own courses. Domestika empowers creators, providing the support to produce and launch professionally produced courses, while nurturing the community they started out as. Domestika also has a job board for creatives! Initially based in Spain, a lot of their employees are still in Madrid and Barcelona, though, like many other companies, they've opened the door to remote roles, too.

Domestika is a great fit for people who are passionate about online education, particularly on the creative side. They often have open roles in many tech areas, from programming to UX/UI, in several countries or remotely. A big element of the workplace culture in Domestika is their community spirit: being spread across several hubs and backed by an online community of millions, their creative perspective and originality feeds on collaboration and open communication.

How to Land Your First Tech Job

Landing a job at great companies like these in Spain is definitely achievable. All you need is a little knowledge and some practical experience. Most companies in tech aren’t too worried about whether you have a Master’s from Harvard or a Ph.D. They want to know that you are able to learn and adapt to a fast-paced environment. A degree from a legacy brick-and-mortar school isn’t going to cut it. 

Ironhack teaches the skills that these companies are looking for, and we know how to get you ready for the job so you can hit the ground running! So if you see yourself strolling through, for example, Madrid’s Google campus on your way to a user interview, or joining Glovo’s rockstar development team, check out Ironhack bootcamps. Nothing is more important for getting one of these gigs than practical experience and a vast network within the industry. You’ve got this!

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